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Dan Stanzione, Training lead CASC Meeting

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1 Dan Stanzione, Training lead CASC Meeting
XSEDE Training Dan Stanzione, Training lead CASC Meeting

2 TEOS Goals Prepare the current and next generation of researchers, educators and practitioners. Create a significantly larger and more diverse workforce in STEM. Inculcate the use of digital services as part of their routine practice for advancing scientific discovery.

3 Training Goals Strategic: Meet the broader TEOS Goals Tactical:
Prepare the current and next generation of researchers, educators and practitioners. Create a significantly larger and more diverse workforce in STEM. Inculcate the use of digital services as part of their routine practice for advancing scientific discovery. Tactical: Expand the scope/scale of training through expanded use of distance learning, new topics, etc. Create a simpler user experience through a single portal for all training at all sites Create an internal repository to promote sharing of materials and reduce redundancy.

4 Training Goals - Specific
Proposal Goals: In-person events: 50 per year. New online content: 10 modules per year My expectation: we will exceed this by nearly 2-1 (on pace for 85+ live events this year).

5 Training - Structurally
Administratively, training resides in the User Services portion of XSEDE Insure tight integration with user support activities Philosophically, training aligns with TEOS Coordination with education efforts, e.g. content tagging and shared banks of materials. Practically, most of the labor comes from AUSS Subject Matter Experts reside there.

6 Transition and Roll Out
More than 20 courses have/will run in the first quarter of the project (two webcasts next week). Hundreds of users have received training already (more than 250 in one course. More emphasis on online training showing already Centralized training calendar in place, registration portal under development

7 TEOS Overall – Scott Lathrop Training - Dan
TEOS Area Leads TEOS Overall – Scott Lathrop Training - Dan Education – Steve Gordon, OSC Outreach – Laura McGinnis, PSC Campus Bridging – Craig Stewart, Indiana E&O Infrastructure – Jim Ferguson, NICS Evaluation – Edee Wiziecki, NCSA Tailored needs – iPlant, Champions, Coordination with other providers – avoid duplication of effort, expand breadth of content

8 TEOS is an Established Collaborative Team
NCSA, NICS, PSC, SDSC, TACC are leaders in TEOS efforts. The Ralph Regula School (OSC) will lead education efforts. Shodor will conduct undergraduate education efforts. UC Berkeley will conduct graduate education efforts PSC will lead Outreach efforts SURA will engage MSI faculty and students. Richard Tapia;’s team (Rice) will engage under-represented communities Purdue will lead Campus Champions Program for XSEDE and OSG Indiana University will coordinate Campus Bridging efforts NICS will lead TEOS infrastructure efforts TACC will lead training efforts Cornell University will provide online training materials. UIUC I-STEM will be the external evaluator. SURA - (Southeastern Universities Research Association) SURA - One research team is considering moving applications from NERSC to TeraGrid because of the simplicity of the Longhorn User Portal would allow more rapid incorporation of students SURA – visualization workshops Working with NOAA Managing the accounts for the project team members Providing initial technical support to modeling groups for moving models to Queen Bee and Ranger

9 TEOS Strategies to Expand National Impact
Provide a smooth Transition from TeraGrid Expand scope and scale of content, delivery method and audience Institutional incorporation of CS&E curricula to prepare undergrads, grads and future teachers Campus bridging for effective use of CI resources Broaden participation among new and under-represented communities Leverage strong partnerships Conduct On-going Needs Assessment to Improve Services and Measure Impact Partnerships – iPlant, Blue Waters, Sigma Xi, CCSC, ICLCS, etc.

10 XSEDE Improvements on TeraGrid
Training will offer more quality content to address user needs to expand scope, delivery more training synchronously and asynchronously to expand scale, and offer new “Train the Trainers” program to expand scale. Education will offer curriculum development workshops synchronously, work with institutions to offer CS&E Certificate and Degree Programs, and immerse students in training, internships, mentoring and recognition programs. Outreach will work with campus staff to bridge between campuses and XSEDE resources, expand Campus Champions Program to reach more campuses and users, provide in-depth support to develop research projects among new users and under-represented communities. Campus Bridging will coordinate infrastructure coordination efforts among XSEDE and campuses Evaluation will be integrated from the outset Have deliberately not saturated budget Commit for year at a time to retain flexibility to respond as needs change

11 Integrated XSEDE Services
TEOS will directly benefit more than 2,500 people per year through live and synchronous training and education events, and more than 6,000 people through delivery of asynchronous content. TEOS will reach significantly more people through outreach awareness raising sessions. NCSA, NICS, PSC and TACC have to date reached about 2,600 people per year through live/sync events, and over 6,000 people through async resources We project the numbers will increase within XSEDE with more sync/async delivery and more and well trained Champions and campus bridging

12 Training/Event Portal
XSEDE Training/event online enrollment form A central place to allow users to enroll in any XSEDE training class: Simplify the user experience Also usable by any other event. A central place for us to track and report all the information about attendees for these events. Showing UI mockup today, production in October.

13 A couple of coming attractions from other areas:
Outreach: XSEDE Student Interns program Embed students at the XSEDE sites. Funded internships for summer or semester. Recruiting materials by SC11; ask Laura for more details. Education: Searchable tagged repository of educational materials. XSEDE Curriculum program

14 XSEDE Event Registration Portal
Distributed management, role-based access Any SP can create a new course, customize registration forms and user communications, retrieve class roll information at any time. Training administrators can query across courses for a program wide view. Users can see their list of courses Link to records about each user. Link training attended to user profile, allocations, ticket requests, etc.

15 User View – not logged in.

16 User/Admin View – logged into XSEDE Portal

17 Views of a course once created

18 Course views, continued

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