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A Selling Edge February 12, 2008. 2 Agenda  State of Television  Changing the Mindset  Where the Opportunity Lies.

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1 A Selling Edge February 12, 2008

2 2 Agenda  State of Television  Changing the Mindset  Where the Opportunity Lies

3 3 Is Television Dying?

4 4 State of Television- English Canada Source: Fall 2007, Ad 18-49 AMA, Cdn stations

5 5 Reflecting a Changing Media Landscape Can we change how we think about the medium, and how advertisers use it?

6 6 Think of What Media Does vs. What it Is

7 7

8 8 Success Requires a Shift in Focus Integration across platforms - one voice to the consumer New and specialized skill sets are required to navigate today’ expanding media universe  Blurring lines between offline and online; winners will organize for a video world Winning strategies will be grounded in deeper consumer insight and will delve more deeply into creative and content  Content is not limited to TV but available on multiple platforms Counting heads is no longer an option, measuring effectiveness is critical  Accountability and measurability are at the heart of continuous understanding and learning Key will be identifying what are new contact points and who are the new partners

9 9 Redefining TV to Video The “new”  OOH (Dundas Square, 1 Richmond Street)  In-store – i.e. Wal-Mart, Couche-Tard  Video on demand (VOD)  Broadband

10 10 Portable Television/Video Players Archos 605 Video Player Apple 80 GB iPod Touch Archos AV700 Mobile Digital Video Recorder iRiver Clix Media Centre Apple iPhone Creative Zen Vision Digital Media Player Redefining TV to Video

11 11 Changing Competition Consumers are controlling their media, particularly video to an increasing degree  We need to ensure our clients are where the consumer is?  Your competition is not limited to your fellow broadcasters; in a planners mind:  OOH, Internet, New Media are all competing for traditional TV investment

12 12 Are You Ready? Canadian Broadcasters have competed in a closed environment with stable growth Today new technology has introduced more media choice, with opportunity for media owners to create new revenue streams  Vertical integration of content over multiple platforms is where the industry is going but are advertisers ready to embrace them?  Talent cost for advertisers is presently limiting the usage of the broadband and mobile opportunities- not glamorous but an issue which needs solving to grow When the talent issues are resolved pricing by both content distributors and media owners must reflect the “pioneering” relationship involvement should generate

13 13 Are You Ready? Broadcasters who have focused solely on the threat of TV as your sole competitors may have underestimated the evolution of other media options The defacto approach that no other medium delivers the reach of television is short sighted, there is always a caveat- at what cost?  There is no tolerance for inflation in a soft or recessionary marketplace  Conventional television has continued to see inflationary increases which do not reflect the weakened performance of their programmes- Specialty has been forced to offset New research in Radio and, the prevalence of online usage are all going to challenge the reach of TV if not today, certainly in the near future

14 14 Are You Ready? What impact will the unbundling of the Specialty Channels have, and will they continue to be a viable mitigating factor balancing the inflation in conventional? Will the inflation of conventional be minimized due to subscription fees paid by the viewer, or is it merely a method of sustaining generous profit margins……

15 15 Clients are questioning the traditional approaches:  There is so much fragmentation and clutter, should I be first in pod, why can’t you guarantee it?  Is anyone watching commercials with PVRs?  Why can’t I buy commercial minute audiences?  Do I need conventional?  Do I need Top Twenty  Do I need Top Twenty at this cost?  Why is X station on my buy?  I don’t want to be associated with reality programming  Why should I pay the same for repeat programmes?  Is this branded opportunity worth it, will it deliver more than a GRP buy in sales?  Why won’t the broadcaster value my assets? Clients are asking….?

16 16 What Clients Value in TV Today A good performance in the SMART Report  Association with properties that create buzz  Added value  Specialty Channels- personal favorites and those that align with brands ie. HGTV and Lowes  Integration, when it goes smoothly  Positive sales results?

17 17 Getting Ahead of the Curve Broadcasters need to ensure the “value” of television is supported  Innovative products  Supported with ROI research  Recognize the value of engagement, and support it with research  Listen to the viewing consumer  The consumer may be far more tolerant of change and innovation than we suspect- take risks  Timing is everything

18 18 Integration in Content What is a smooth integration?  A natural alignment between the brand and the programme- the same DNA  All parties are on board with the idea and are flexible- where multi media is involved each constituent must understand the role of their medium  Let the integration evolve, it is unlikely to directly reflect the original pitch  Listen- The various team leads must be able to improvise and work with change -NO is not the first answer the agency/client should hear  No’s should be related back to the agreed upon objective not arbitrary rules  Measure the results against specific media and business objectives and evolve them as you learn

19 19 Integration in Content What is a smooth integration?  Value- define and rationalize the value of the property at the outset so it is clear to agency and client  Understand we are typically selling a product; show us why the opportunity has value and let us all evaluate the success of the media against this value  Put in place 3 rd party research which will evaluate measurable success  Expect full activation from the client and let them know from the outset  Packaging, contesting and in store will aid in the success of the integration- build in the time and resources to develop this out  Seek out a messaging plan from the client/agency with clear communication goals- it will help you understand the clients goals

20 20 Integration in Content Where has integration failed ?  Cheesy endorsements that make the audience cringe- don’t force fit  Too much scripting  Too many messages  Too many chiefs  Unclear objectives precluding evaluation of success

21 21 A recent success MTV FRESH : MTV FRESH : The program is designed to engage consumers with relevant content while serving up Value Picks as the content provider. Each week, MTV creates a 4-minute program featuring the most talked about moments from MTV Live, highlights from original MTV shows, exclusive aftershow moments, new and hot music videos, live music performances, exclusive interviews PLUS: the ‘PICK of the Week’ brought to you by McDonald’s Value Picks Menu The show is packaged for our viewers who are ‘on-the-go’ and available on a number of new media platforms: 1) 2) mobile phones 3) podcast download (modified version)


23 23 Have You Got the Right People? Sales organizations for years have been seeded largely with media agency buyers  Buyers today have different backgrounds in both education and breath of experience vs 10-15 years ago  Integration opportunities need to be managed by those who are strategically sound, an excellent listener and a problem solver- not the priority list for your average sales representative  Consider seeding integration teams with marketers…..A weak idea in a pretty deck is still a weak idea which will not past muster at most agencies and clients  A rep who is focused largely on protecting the media owners interests as opposed to brokering a successful execution will ultimately lose

24 24 The Risk  Status quo approach means the continued vulnerability of traditional TV investment, particularly conventional  Integration in Canada; due to the predominance of U.S. programming, cannot be the only solution to building a stronger video business  Selling to the right people at the right time will be even more important as the business evolves

25 Canadian Agencies have changed Successful Media Agencies have stepped up their game  Sophisticated Planning Tools  Media Specialists  Leveraging Global Insights and Research

26 Traditional TV Traditional TV is no longer strictly used in a traditional manner Buy TypeGRP Buy Strategic/ Integrated Buy Environment Buy Timing3 Buy Seasons Annually Planning (Feb/July) Planning (Feb/July) Decision MakerMajors – Super/ Sr. Buyer Sr. Planner – input from Buy Manager Client Involvement0Varies – brief to ultimate approval Strategic only Client ExposurePre-BuyPitched short list or final reco only by agency Approval at planning stage only % of investment0-25%

27 27 Relationship Building With the development of email; sellers have feared the loss of the relationship with the buyer, and rightly so Today sales representatives spend less and less time in their agencies

28 28 Relationship Building Frequency of visits is not the most telling statistic when it comes to sales When reps are with their agencies weekly they are more than likely visiting and not selling They aren’t selling to everyone, largely the buyers they enjoy/have fun with The planner is the forgotten decision maker

29 29 Relationship Building When management was challenged last October to get their people in more often and share the love, only one sales rep made any significant change in their behaviour

30 30 Making the Traditional Buying Decision What the buyer knows: Product Tone/Theme of creative Target Group- broad and bullseye Share of ratings allocated to conventional PMB insights

31 31 Making the Traditional Buying Decision What the buyer values from a sales rep:  Accuracy- Confirm understanding of the request and deliver what is asked for  Speed- We are looking for responses within 24 hours- don’t be the last in, consistently  Initiative-Did you understand the request and provide more than the basics ie. Suggestion of a type of show, or an OTO opportunity

32 32 Making the Traditional Buying Decision What the buyer values from a sales rep:  Sell- Have you done more than send an email with the submission? Don’t become email wallpaper  Follow Up- check in with the buyer, do they have what they need? Is there anything new to add?  Consistency- from rep to rep, region to region and from sales rep to sales administration  Give the buyer a Win- We merchandise what we negotiate to our clients; added value or bonus is brought to our clients attention- you can share that halo

33 The Integration Decision Understand the agency structure- we are not all alike Our clients have planning cycles which do not align with broadcast years; get to know them and work around us- the clients will not change for you At OMD the decision to participate in an integrated opportunity lays with the planners  The smart representatives will build inclusive relationships with both the planning and buying team- let buying facilitate when it is a rep initiative For generic opportunities present to the agency and ask for representation from both planning and buying  Share opportunities with everyone and give equal opportunity, we may surprise you

34 34 Timing is Everything Be Patient  It often requires more than one year to “sell-in” an opportunity to a client for a number of reasons:  Timing  Budget  Competition  Resources

35 35 The Challenge- Again! The truth is the media industry has done shockingly little to help answer client questions and build confidence in the medium  What research has been done is often viewed as proprietary  We will use your research to help sell our clients innovation The industry needs to allay fears with solid research and case studies- Proprietary you say?  Make a deal with a client that allows YOU to share the results, you will reap the benefit 10 fold by using the research as a basis for future sales

36 36 Follow at Your Peril! Prepare yourself and your organization for a video world Understand your competition outside of broadcast and how you can maintain/build share Answer our questions, build confidence in the medium through research and innovation The integration will only be as good as the people working on it Mitigate risk for agencies and clients to be innovative Understand the evolution of agency structure and needs Remember selling in a soft market is not only about friends

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