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Problem Solving and Decision Making

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1 Problem Solving and Decision Making
Dean Beuglass

2 Objectives Understand the relationship between problem solving and project management Learn five steps that help you to analyze a problem Learn a systematic problem-solving process Put into action the skills and ideas you have learned during the course Prepared. For Life.

3 Where do problems come from?
Independent of projects First Aid emergencies Leader recruiting Unit elections Within larger projects Camping/Trekking/Summer Camp Popcorn Sales Eagle Project


5 Project Planning Recap
STEP 1 Project Overview STEP 2 Activity List STEP 3 Activity Plan & Assignment STEP 4 Execute The Plan STEP 5 Project Closeout Goals and Objectives Tasks Responsibilities WORK!!! Compare Goals to Outcome

6 The Five Steps of: Project Planning Problem Solving Project Overview
Activity List Activity Plan & Assignments Execute the Plan Project Closeout Problem Solving Describe the problem Gather information Determine the most important factors that contribute to the problem Visualize what success looks like Create action steps that will lead to success

7 Advantages of Systematically Solving Problems
Adherence to those five steps increases your odds of success because you have completed a full assessment of the problem Improved speed and efficiency with continued use Time savings – organized approach yields a quick and orderly solution

8 Systematic Problem Solving
Describe the problem Gather Information Determine the most important factors that contribute to the problem Visualize what success looks like Create action steps that will lead to success EACH STEP DEMANDS DECISIONS

9 Decisions, Decisions…

10 Decision Making Brainstorming
Encourage all to participate – every idea is valuable Think outside the box Beyond the obvious Agree at the outset not to be critical of the ideas of others Piggyback Ideas – build on the ideas of others Remember the past… Have you solved a similar problem (team or other group) No need to reinvent the wheel

11 Decision Making Consensus Multivoting
Discussion results in an agreement without a vote Potential solutions are assessed and evaluated to make sure that they align with the vision of success Must agree to abide by the group decision Multivoting With many potential solutions this can help reduce the list to a manageable size Each member has equal votes Cast votes – total scores, repeat as needed…

12 Decision Making Parking Lot
Allows you to table a part of a discussion if not directly related to the immediate problem Acknowledge as a group that the item is not immediately relevant Allows all members to feel that their ideas are/will be heard Write a brief description of issue/thought – ensure that the item is captured in enough detail to return to the discussion FOLLOW-UP!!

13 Barriers to effective Problem Solving
Indecision Stalling Overreacting Vacillating Half measures Avoiding decisions because they are unpleasant - risk, fear, and anxiety Refusing to face the issue; obsessive gathering of endless facts (analysis paralysis) Letting emotions take control; knee-jerk reactions Never fully committing to the decision or Reversing decisions Making the safest decision to avoid controversy but not dealing with the whole problem

14 Sample Problem Solving Post Beading Menu Planning
Describe the problem Need a menu to satisfy the most discriminating staffers Gather information Scope limited to menu planning-not shopping, cooking, serving…just the menu Only have 5 minutes during WB2011 to decide Needs to be a group decision Determine the most important factors that contribute to the problem Don’t have much time Need to involve everyone Visualize what success looks like Quickly come up with a great menu Create action steps that will lead to success Divide work into patrols, brainstorm & multivote

15 Brainstorming & Multivoting Practice
Your patrol is asked to suggest a dish Fox-Appetizer Buffalo-Main Course Bear-Soup Antelope-Vegetable Bobwhite-Salad Owl-Dessert Eagle-Main Course Beaver-Dessert Brainstorm as many ideas as possible in the next 2 minutes and record on sticky notes Take 1 minute to collapse duplicates Then multivote with dots (dotmocracy) to determine your final choice Number of votes each person gets is approximately 1/3 of the number of possible choices You can only vote for a single item once You may have to vote multiple times – reduce # of votes each time Report out

16 Review: Five Steps of Problem Solving
Describe the ___________ Gather _______________ Determine the ______ ____________ ___________that contribute to the problem Visualize what __________ looks like Create _______ _______ that will lead to success problem information most important factors success action steps

17 Review: Systematic Approaches
Recognize the value in a systematic approach to problem solving Follow each step Make it second nature – realize time gains Utilize decision making protocols (like brainstorming & multivoting) to build consensus decisions

18 Final Rule of Thumb M A R F aintain bsolute igid lexibility

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