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Design And Planning

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1 Design And Planning

2 Environmental psychology - University courses 1 Another description about the program is as follows: “(The program) Includes instruction in contextual theory; statistics; physiological, social, and psychological responses to natural and technological hazards and disease; environmental perception and cognition; loneliness and stress; and psychological aspects of environmental design and planning.”

3 Airplane 1 Most airplanes are constructed by companies with the objective of producing them in quantity for customers. The design and planning process, including safety tests, can last up to four years for small turboprops or longer for larger planes.

4 Information Technology Infrastructure Library - ICT design and planning 1 Key outputs from design and planning are:

5 Information Technology Infrastructure Library - ICT technical support 1 Primarily as a support to other processes, both in infrastructure management and service management, technical support provides a number of specialist functions: research and evaluation, market intelligence (particularly for design and planning and capacity management), proof of concept and pilot engineering, specialist technical expertise (particularly to operations and problem management), creation of documentation (perhaps for the operational documentation library or known error database)

6 Software performance testing - Performance testing web applications 1 Having a thorough understanding of the entire test environment at the outset enables more efficient test design and planning and helps you identify testing challenges early in the project

7 Simulation - Biomechanics 1 An open-source simulation platform for creating dynamic mechanical models built from combinations of rigid and deformable bodies, joints, constraints, and various force actuators. It is specialized for creating biomechanical models of human anatomical structures, with the intention to study their function and eventually assist in the design and planning of medical treatment.

8 Windows 95 - Development 1 The initial design and planning of Windows 95 can be traced back to around March 1992,Comes v

9 Ken Yeang 1 Yeang is an early pioneer carrying out design and research in ecological design and planning since 1971, driven by the belief in ecodesign as the basis for saving the planet

10 Ken Yeang - Early life and education 1 He received a PhD in ecological design and planning from Cambridge University Department of Architecture, writing his doctoral thesis, A Theoretical Framework for Incorporating Ecological Considerations in the Design and Planning of the Built Environment, published as Designing with Nature (McGraw-Hill, USA, 1995) (republished as Proyectar Con La Naturaleza, Editorial Gustavo Gili, S.A., 1995) that became the springboard for his work on ecoarchitecture and ecocity masterplanning.

11 Ken Yeang - Work on the theory of ecological design 1 He recognized over 4 decades ago that human's callous environmental devastations and contamination of the natural environment will adversely affect the planet's natural balance, its ecosystems biodiversity and its biospheric processes (causing global warming and climate change). It is this insight then in the early 1970s that led him to do research in this field for a doctorate in ecological design and planning at Cambridge University (UK).

12 Fixed-wing aircraft - Design and manufacture 1 Most fixed-wing aircraft are constructed by companies with the objective of producing them in quantity for customers. The design and planning process, including safety tests, can last up to four years for small turboprops, and up to 12 years for aeroplanes with the capacity of the A380.

13 Website architecture 1 'Website architecture' is an approach to the design and planning of websites that involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria. As in traditional architecture, the focus is on the user and on Requirements management|user requirements. This requires particular attention to web content, the business plan, usability, interaction design, information architecture and web design.

14 North Avenue Beach - Foster Avenue Beach 1 The design and planning for the extension started in 1947, with construction and fill beginning three years later

15 Wikis - Applications 1 Queens, New York has used a wiki to allow citizens to collaborate on the design and planning of a local park

16 Shortwave relay station - Planning and design 1 The historically long design and planning cycle for shortwave relay stations ended in the 1990s. Many advanced software planning tools (not related to the relay station design proper) became available. Choosing a series of possible sites for a relay station is about 100 times faster using Google Earth, for example. With the modern graphical version of Ioncap, simplified propagation studies can completed in less than a week for any chosen site.

17 Software performance testing - Performance testing web applications 1 Having a thorough understanding of the entire test environment at the outset enables more efficient test design and planning and helps you identify testing challenges early in the project

18 IT consulting - Management consulting and IT consulting 1 According to the Institute for Partner Education Development, IT consultants' revenues come predominantly from design and planning based consulting with a mixture of IT and business consulting. This is different from a systems integrator in that you do not normally take title to product. Their value comes from their ability to integrate and support technologies as well as determining product and brands.

19 University of Maryland, Baltimore County - History 1 Architectural design and planning of the new campus was completed at the University of Maryland, College Park

20 Environmental graphic design 1 Some examples of work produced by environmental (or experiential) graphic designers include the design and planning of sign programs, wayfinding consulting, exhibit and interpretive design, entertainment environments, retail design, information design including maps, as well as memorial and donor recognition programs. [], accessed July 23, 2006

21 Postmodernism - Urban planning 1 2, pp.119–137.Hatuka, T D'Hooghe, A 2007, 'After Postmodernism: readdressing the Role of Utopia in Urban Design and Planning', in Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm, vol

22 Jane Jacobs - The Death and Life of Great American Cities 1 Beyond the practical lessons in city design and planning that Death and Life offers, the theoretical underpinnings of the work challenge the modern development mindset. Jane Jacobs defends her positions with common sense and undeniable anecdote.

23 Landscape planning - Legislation 1 For the Europe Union as a whole, the European Landscape Convention has wide-ranging implications for the design and planning of relationships between development and the landscape

24 Landscape planning - Theory 1 before becoming practitioners in design and planning

25 University of Sydney - Organisation 1 * University of Sydney Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning|Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning

26 University of California, Berkeley College of Environmental Design - External relations 1 Frameworks magazine is published yearly by the College of Environmental Design. Each issue centers around an environmental- design related theme and features article written by CED faculty. The color magazine also includes updates from alumni and other college news. It is mailed to over 20,000 CED alumni, donors, Bay Area design and planning firms, and all accredited design and planning schools nationwide. Portions of each issue are posted online.

27 Andrews University - School of Architecture, Art Design 1 The Urban Design Studio has been recognized with a 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012 Charter Award of Excellence by the Congress for the New Urbanism for its urban design and planning work in different communities, such as Saucier, Mississippi,[ rbanDesignStudioGreatAbacoIsland/TheSaucierTo wnPlan.pdf] and Michigan City, Indiana.[ nDesignStudioGreatAbacoIsland/TheNorthEndPla n.pdf] Past projects have led to municipal adoption as well as implementation

28 Outline of architecture - Architecture prizes 1 * Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA) ndash; an architectural prize established by Aga Khan IV in 1977, awarded for achievements in design and planning in Islamic societies.

29 Tulane School of Architecture - Tulane City Center 1 5) To provide a constructive and critical voice in the ongoing dialogues on the future of New Orleans, particularly as it relates to excellence and leadership in design and planning.

30 School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi - Library 1 The two libraries of SPA Delhi together house an invaluable collection of 66,000 books, built up over a period of five decades. This library is reputed to be Asia's finest specialised library dealing with the architecture, design and planning fields along with their allied disciplines. In addition to SPA Delhi's own faculty and students, the library is used intensively by a range of visiting research scholars from various cities in India and abroad.

31 Kinkaku-ji 1 Landscapes in HIstory: Design and Planning in the Eastern and Western tradition

32 College of Architecture and Urban Planning - History 1 Architecture and Urban Planning (now Urban Design and Planning) were established as separate Departments within the CAUP by 1961; Landscape Architecture and Building Construction (now Construction Management) were established as Departments later in the 1960s

33 Architecture (disambiguation) 1 ** Website architecture, the design and planning of websites

34 Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning - First Year Program 1 CAP 101 and CAP 102 are design studio courses to introduce environmental design and planning

35 Architectural design values - The social change design value 1 (2000) Community participation methods in design and planning, New York, Wiley.

36 List of architecture schools in South Africa - Iran 1 * University of Isfahan (isfahan art), architecture, urbanism, urban design and planning.

37 List of architecture schools in South Africa - Iran 1 * University of Guilan, architecture, urbanism, urban design and planning.

38 List of architecture schools in South Africa - Saudi Arabia 1 * Qassim University, College of Architecture Design and Planning, Buraidah,

39 College of Architecture and Urban Studies - Academics 1 The College of Architecture and Urban Studies offers 13 bachelor’s degrees and 11 graduate degrees through its four schools. Programs offered within these schools are architecture, art and art history, building construction, environmental design and planning, government and international affairs, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture, public administration and policy, and urban affairs and planning. The Dean's Office is located in Cowgill Hall on the Blacksburg campus.

40 Initiatives to prevent sexual violence - Rape during armed conflicts 1 *the design and planning of camps, to reduce

41 Panic 1 Architects and city planners try to accommodate the symptoms of panic, such as herd behavior, during design and planning, often using simulations to determine the best way to lead people to a safe exit and prevent congestion (stampedes)

42 ModulArt - Industrial Design and Architecture 1 Among modern architects, the module is frequently employed as a design and planning tool.

43 Mercury Seven - NASA introduction 1 The astronauts participated in Project Mercury's design and planning. While busy with such duties and the intense training for their flights, the men also roughhoused and drank and drove fast and got into sexual peccadilloes, likely due to the dangerous nature of their work. NASA actively sought to protect the astronauts and the agency from negative publicity and maintain an image of clean-cut, all- American boy[s].

44 Nelson Rockefeller - Conservation 1 Consistent with his personal interest in design and planning, Rockefeller began expansion of the New York State Parks system and improvement of park facilities

45 Boston College - Recent history 1 On June 10, 2009, Mayor Menino and Boston's zoning commission approved the Boston College Master Plan, signaling an end to the long approval process, while allowing the school to enter design and planning phases.

46 Timothy Beatley - Academic Background 1 His 2010 book Biophilic Cities: Integrating Nature Into Urban Design and Planning advocates putting the biophilia hypothesis into practice with an outline of the essential elements of a biophilic city and examples and stories about cities that have successfully integrated biophilic elements.

47 Timothy Beatley - Publications 1 * Beatley, Timothy (2010), Biophilic Cities: Integrating Nature Into Urban Design and Planning, Island Press.

48 State Hydraulic Works (Turkey) - Services 1 As of the beginning of 2005, State Hydraulic Works supplied annually a total of around 2.5km³ domestic water complying with drinking water standards. This figure will reach 5.3km³ with completion of the projects which are under construction, or at the final design and planning stages. Water supply projects developed by State Hydraulic Works meet one third of the requirements for domestic and industrial water consumption.[ vice/icmekulsue.htm DSI Domestic water]

49 Man cave - Design 1 Places in houses which have been typically associated with male-oriented chores, such as garage (house)|garages, basements and tool sheds which haven't been particularly welcoming spaces when shared with storage items and garbage, are being fixed up to be more suitable as full-time living spaces, with more thought to design and planning.

50 Landscape - Etymology 1 and Pungetti G., Ecological Landscape Design and Planning, Spon Routledge,(1999) According to Jackson: From 1577 with Harrison's Description of Britain onwards, a new awareness of the aesthetic nature of landscape emerged as a new kind of topographical writing flourished....Jackson J.B., Discovering the Vernacular Landscape, Yale Univ, Press, New Haven (1984) Originally the term was translated landskip which the Oxford English Dictionary refers to as the corrupt form of the word, gradually to be replaced by landscape; the English word is not recorded as used for physical landscapes before 1725 (OED)

51 Postmodern - Urban planning 1 2, pp.119–137.Hatuka, T D'Hooghe, A 2007, 'After Postmodernism: readdressing the Role of Utopia in Urban Design and Planning', in Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm, vol

52 Staten Island Greenbelt - Parkway 1 Having pointed out that a method for displaying and factoring social values into highway design and planning had not been developed, McHarg set about creating just that

53 U2 Tower - Problems 1 Delays at all stages of the design and planning phases have been commented upon. The estimated cost and completion date moved from €55m and early 2008 in September 2006 to €200m and late 2011 in October 2007.

54 New Hampshire Department of Transportation - Divisions 1 *'Public Works and Transportation' - responsible for architectural and engineering design and planning of State- owned facilities other than those of the University System

55 Tri-State Transportation Campaign - Reforming state transportation agencies 1 The Connecticut Department of Transportation and New York Department of Transportation are now also considering ways to incorporate land use into project design and planning

56 Black spider memos - 2009: Further letters revealed, Prime Ministerial block on disclosure 1 Aides from the Charles's architectural charity had written to the then Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Hazel Blears, urging the government to adopt his positions on ecological design and planning

57 Liu Gang - In the United States 1 Subsequently, Liu is a member of technical staff in the Mathematics of Networks and Systems Research Department at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey|Murray Hill, New Jersey, where he worked on Optical telecommunication|optical network design and planning, routing algorithms, optimization techniques, and economic model and strategy analysis for telecommunications networks

58 J. Edgar Hoover Building - Decay and potential replacement 1 In 2007, an architectural design and planning consultant reported that the cost of these renovations and the disruption to FBI work and staff were not justifiable

59 Slash (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - 1987 TV series 1 He returned to Earth with all sorts of fancy weaponry of his own design and planning to turn everyone on the planet into turtles so that he would be the supreme turtle

60 Tychy - New Tychy 1 The design and planning of New Tychy was entrusted to Kazimierz Wejchert and his wife Hanna Adamczewska-Wejchert.

61 Brighton Marina - Outer Harbour Development 1 In 2006 CABE highlighted the development as one of four national developments demonstrating best practice in design and planning.

62 Richard Irvine 1 In the early 1950s Walt Disney asked Irvine to help construct Disneyland. He moved from 20th Century Fox to the Walt Disney Studio in 1952 and became a senior figure at Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI). Until his retirement in 1973, he headed design and planning for all Disneyland attractions including the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. Irvine became executive vice president and chief operations officer at WDI in 1967.

63 Syros - 19th century 1 The European architects (mainly Germans and Italians) and also Greeks who participated in the design and planning of Ermoupolis respected the classical and ancient Greek architecture and harmonized it with the romanticism of the West. Ermoupoli has a high density of neoclassical architecture. The prosperity of Syros was connected with the development of social and cultural life. The evolutionary cycle was completed with the creation of the first industrial units during the decade of 1860–70.

64 Flora Fountain - Visitor information 1 HQ and again in February 2009 they organized a 'Heritage Mile' running along ‘the one of its kind’ streetscape, which is an impressive example of formal urban design and planning in erstwhile colonial India

65 Barry McCaffrey - Post-government service 1 In October 2004, McCaffrey was elected by the board of directors of HNTB|HNTB Corporation to serve as the board chairman of a newly formed subordinate company, HNTB Federal Services. In January 2008, McCaffrey was elected to board of directors of The HNTB Companies, an employee-owned organization of infrastructure firms with 63 offices nationwide—known and respected for their work in transportation, tolls, bridges, aviation, rail, architecture and urban design and planning.

66 Atkins (company) - Notable projects 1 * Runway design and planning services for the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

67 Venu Thottempudi - Career 1 Entertainments banner and the other two friends were involved in design and planning

68 Maharishi Heaven on Earth Development - City of Immortals developments 1 The proposal was that the company would not own or build the development, but would advise the developers on MSV design and planning principles, and provide sales support, including celebrity endorsements, for 2.5% of the construction costs, plus 1% of the retail costs, plus a sales commission

69 Garden festival 1 The UK held five garden festivals in the period 1984-92 but blundered through not planning an after-use for the festival grounds during their design and planning phase.

70 Frederic Schwartz - Post-Katrina New Orleans 1 Disaster offers a unique opportunity to rethink the planning and politics of our metro-regional areas -- it is a chance to redefine our cities and to reassert values of environmental care and social justice, of community building and especially of helping the poor with programs for quality, affordable, and sustainable housing.[ ural_metaphor.pdf Schwartz, Frederic, New Orleans Now: Design and Planning After the Storm, in Natural Metaphor: An Anthology of Essays on Architecture and Nature], retrieved February 21, 2011.

71 Chris Bearde - Move to Las Vegas 1 In 2005, Bearde moved his operation to Las Vegas, Nevada|Las Vegas and created and trademarked Chris Bearde's International Comedy Hall of Fame, a entertainment retail restaurant and comedy tribute exhibition complex, currently in the design and planning stages. Each year there are several Comedy Awards and Induction Ceremony TV specials included in the package.

72 Vernacular architecture - Vernacular and the architect 1 Along with him, modern proponents of the use of the vernacular in architectural design include Charles Correa, a well known Indian architect; Muzharul Islam and Bashirul Haq, internationally known List of Bangladeshi architects|Bangladeshi architects; Balkrishna Doshi, another Indian, who established the Vastu-Shilpa Foundation in Ahmedabad to research the vernacular architecture of the region; and Sheila Sri Prakash who has used rural Indian architecture as an inspiration for innovations in environmental and socio-economically sustainable design and planning

73 Generative art - Visual art 1 * A. Michael Noll, of Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, programmed computer art using mathematical equations and programmed randomness, starting in 1962.A. Michael Noll, “The Digital Computer as a Creative Medium,” IEEE Spectrum, Vol. 4, No. 10, (October 1967), pp. 89-95; and “Computers and the Visual Arts,” Design and Planning 2: Computers in Design and Communication (Edited by Martin Krampen and Peter Seitz), Hastings House, Publishers, Inc.: New York (1967), pp. 65-79.

74 For More Information, Visit: e-design-and-planning-toolkit.html e-design-and-planning-toolkit.html The Art of Service

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