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The Right Choice for the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Goal: 70% Clean Energy by 2030 30% Energy Efficiency 40% Renewable Energy.

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1 The Right Choice for the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Goal: 70% Clean Energy by 2030 30% Energy Efficiency 40% Renewable Energy

2 Why MVNPSmartPower? Proven National and State clean energy experts 10 successful clean energy state programs Measured results in energy efficiency and renewables 12 years of Hawaii energy experience Hawaii’s largest and oldest marketing and communications firm Statewide community outreach network Understanding of local development & EIS challenges

3 Energy Clients

4 Hawaii Clean Energy Challenge! Proven Program in 10 States Winning on Wind

5 5 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative WEB SITE COLLAGE TITLE GOES HERE At 70% Hawaii will be a National Leader


7 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Strategy #1 Stakeholder Process Strategy #2 Competition & Incentives Strategy #3 Communications Campaign Strategy #4 Community Outreach Strategy #5 Public Polling & Outreach Hawaii Clean Energy Challenge!

8 8 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative STAKEHOLDER CHART Hawaii Clean Energy Stakeholders State agenciesAppliance & Home Improvement Retailers Energy AdvocatesRealtors & Developers County LeadersHigh-visibility Business & Political Leaders Hawaii Energy Rebate ProgramHome Owner & Community Associations Environmental GroupsFaith-based Communities Low-income communitiesResort Living Opportunities Technical Community Trade Organizations

9 9 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative MVNP/SmartPower will create affinity partnerships to attain clean energy Milestones geared toward helping HCEI attain their goals. Leveraging Affinity Networks Civic ClubsDBEDT Green Business Program The Faith Community Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Youth Organizations Government Departments Hawaii Energy Hotel & Lodging Association ` Utilites

10 10 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative At the outset of the campaign the Hawaii Clean Energy Challenge will create a dynamic structure that will initially include: Field Marketing Infrastructure Field Director Energy Ambassador Energy Coach Island Stakeholders

11 11 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Clean Energy Installation Metrics Field Marketing Actions At the outset of the campaign, MVNP/SmartPower will achieve the following deliverables. What is supposed to go on this page Bullet points are redundant. What do metrics look like

12 12 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Recognition and rewards is an important element of the MVNP / SmartPower Hawaii Clean Energy Challenge field marketing and PR campaign. Recognition Recycle Bank Savings Incentives & Rewards

13 13 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Hawaii Clean Energy Challenge networks develop support for wind initiatives. Wind development projects are built upon existing support for clean energy. Strengthens HCEI’s position as a leader in the growth and development of clean energy Hawaii Clean Energy Challenge Supports Wind

14 14 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative State Issues STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR ISLANDS “Not in my backyard.” “It’s just too expensive.” “I’m not sure it works.” “Where and how do I buy it?” “It’s easier to do nothing.” “No benefit to my community.” “It’s in my backyard for Oahu, but not for me.” “Our island is developed enough.”

15 15 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Alberta De Jetley Started a community paper Lanai Planning Commission Sister to Hermina Morita  David Green Manele Bay Resident Retired CFO of Ely Liilly Only net metered home on Lanai Castle & Cooke Lanaians for Sensible Growth Uncommon Ground Lifestyle Views/Vistas Environmental Impact Impact vs. Lanai benefits Destruction of cultural resources Island of Lanai Ambassadors Issues Outreach Network

16 16 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Karen Holt Executive Director Molokai Community Service Council Island of Molokai Molokai land ownership Land use plans/priorities Island resources -- water Community control Lifestyle Molokai impact vs. Oahu benefit Community benefits Island economy Ambassadors Issues Outreach Network

17 17 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative  Mike Munekiyo President of Munekiyo and Hiraga  Dane Kane Retired County Council  Luly Ushijima Nakanishi Community Relations Specialist Island of Maui Views Maui impact vs. Oahu benefit Community benefits Protection of the fauna and flora Endangered species--including the Nene and other birds Ambassadors Issues Outreach Network

18 18 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative  Michael Tresler Senior Vice President Grove Farm Island of Kauai Bird migration Wind vs. other renewables Gas tax Endangered species Land use Lifestyle Views Cultural impacts Ambassadors Issues Outreach Network

19 19 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Issues & Crisis Management TRANSFORMER OUTAGES WAAHILA RIDGE ISLANDWIDE OUTAGES KEAHOLE POWER PLANT NAVAJO SACRED LANDS Interisland Cable Cultural concerns Interisland Cable Environmental concerns Nimby 20+ YEARS EXPERIENCE

20 20 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Hawaii is No. 1 With the HCEI, Hawaii is a national leader in the clean energy revolution. Renewable energy technologies are critical to Hawaii’s energy independence. Message targets: Local, national, and international media Media Relations

21 21 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative WHO? Policy makers, energy community, environmental advocates, community and business leaders, general public. WHAT? Success stories. Special segments, TV programs, special publications. WHEN? Major story every month on all islands. WHERE? All media, all islands: Print, radio, network and community access TV, community papers, business and industry publications, online media. Media Relations: Audiences and Approach

22 22 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative HOW? - Be prepared: fact sheets, press kits, spokesperson media training - Brief media: regular editorial board meetings - Publicize and promote: HCEI initiatives, new renewable developments, and special events - Use all angles: business, lifestyle, home, industry, environment - Leverage MNVP media buys for PSAs, segment and special programs: $50 million billings - Partner to extend funds and support - International/global reach online Media Relations Implementation: Hawaii Market


24 24 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Content management tools for cross site publishing. Tools: Contribute collaborative publishing version support xml editing WYSIWYG editing cross browser preview

25 25 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Tools GOOGLE ANALYTICS, OMNITURE, WEBTRENDS: measure the health of a site and analyse traffic providing valuable insights into user behaviour and how you can improve your architecture

26 26 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Tools INFEGY: Social Media Monitoring and Insights, Research and intelligence gathering, Sentiment and chatter tracking, influencer tracking

27 27 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative PROJECT MANAGERS: Dedicated team of technically savvy people to manage content and projects only in the digital realm CONTENT CREATORS: Designers, Writers, Illustrators, Videographers, Editors and Art Directors to create unique ownable and other relevant content for HCEI’s family of sites and other various media channels. TECHNICAL STAFF: Programmers ( to create, post / update HCEI ownable and other relevant content to HCEI’s family of sites and throughout the varios media channels) Team

28 28 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Ulu Pono Initiative

29 29 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Hawaii Visitor and Convention Bureau

30 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Blog: guest and regular bloggers engage users with up to date relevant content Organice search ranks higher with more relevant inbound links (ie from guest bloggers that post content to their own site as well as yours)

31 31 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative TWITTER FACEBOOK Hawaii Clean Energy Challenge: The conversation

32 32 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Work Plan: The First 30 Days The specifics of a work plan will be designed at the outset of the Hawaii Clean Energy Challenge. However, the following fundamentals will be created for the first 30 days of the campaign. Develop statewide stakeholder working group Develop Island stakeholder groups Create launch strategy Design and integrate websites and new media Create metrics for competitions and rewards

33 33 Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative HCEI  A unifying initiative that integrates all audiences behind a common goal  A forum to effectively communicate goals, initiatives, and progress  Channels to have open and honest communication with island communities  Measurable results Consumers:  Awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy  Change in behavior to a more energy efficient mindset  Understanding and demand for renewable energy sources  Consumer ambassadors spreading word of mouth knowledge Stakeholders:  A focused, educated audience demanding clean energy resources  A community outreach channel for clean energy messages on all islands Hawaii Clean Energy Challenge Benefits

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