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1 Welcome to a presentation on the FOG BANDIT. 2 1. Pyrotechnic method used by Military i.e. Smoke grenades 3 ways to produce fog…… Problems for security.

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Presentation on theme: "1 Welcome to a presentation on the FOG BANDIT. 2 1. Pyrotechnic method used by Military i.e. Smoke grenades 3 ways to produce fog…… Problems for security."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 Welcome to a presentation on the FOG BANDIT

2 2 1. Pyrotechnic method used by Military i.e. Smoke grenades 3 ways to produce fog…… Problems for security application: Explosion may cause harm Once started can’t be stopped Semi toxic residues

3 3 3 ways to produce fog…… 2. Freezing Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) Problems for security application: Large expensive equipment Slow delivery Fog wet and heavy so sits low to ground

4 4 3 ways to produce fog…… 3. Turning liquid glycol into gas Advantages for security application: Equipment for turning glycol into gas relatively simple & inexpensive Glycol molecules form long chains when heated resulting in very dense fog Harmless – non toxic

5 5 Late 80’s with UK Co. called GM Products The story starts……. Specialist company in fogging devices for the entertainment industry

6 6 One GM Director saw security applications for fog generators The story ……. ‘You can’t steal what you can’t see’ Left GM to start own Co. called Smoke Cloak Adapted existing entertainment product designs for security use

7 7 The story ……. How the glycol fog was produced…… Pump Heat Exchanger Fluid Reservoir Fog! This system is predominantly used in entertainment - Why?

8 8 The story ……. Very easy to refill fluid reservoir System’s steady output is adequate for this application The system is used regularly so that moving parts not at risk of degradation by standing still for long periods Because……

9 9 The story ……. So why is this ‘pump’ system not so good for security applications? System fog output slow as limited by power and speed of pump – not a problem if working with 240v but security systems based on 12v more….. System remaining inactive for extended period of time often resulted in pump failure

10 10 The story ……. 2. To aid ‘steam’ explosion to vaporise the glycol (hotplate example) 1. To reduce flammability to approved safety levels. Glycol in reservoir had to be mixed with water for 2 reasons So why is this ‘pump’ system not so good for security applications? The big problem with this was……..

11 11 The story ……. Glycol attracts fungi with growth fuelled by the very warm temperatures inside the product casing (heat exchanger) fluid reservoir and whole internal system required regular cleaning and maintenance fluid needed changing frequently due to biological breakdown caused by contact with air This meant………. Worst of all………….

12 12 The story ……. Limited pump pressure meant POOR performance: Rapid precipitation problems Large fog particle size gave: Fog production relatively slow But developments were on the way….. Low levels of visibility impairment Condensation, moisture problems

13 13 The story ……. Valve Heat Exchanger Fog! Pressurised canister A major improvement Why……

14 14 The story ……. ….the canisters advantages were Being sealed meant no biological breakdown of glycol/water mix Pressurised cans did away with the pump’s speed/power limitations & failure potential However……… Less maintenance as fungus growth eliminated Higher pressure meant faster and finer fog production

15 15 The story ……. Then we have….. Joints/seals on canister susceptible to oxidisation which gave potential to leakage & system failure Spillages occurred when canister refill replaced No way of seeing how much fluid left in the canister There were still inherent problems….. Standard aerosol canisters still pressure limited

16 16 The Bandit System Purpose built from the outset as a security product

17 17 The HY3 High Pressure Fluid Cartridge Built in leak proof valve Hermetically Sealed unit Built in electronics to indicate fluid, temperature and pressure levels - providing full diagnostic feedback to control panel State-of-the-art technology unique to Bandit….. Specially manufactured steel cartridge allows 200 psi pressure………

18 18 The biggest advantage of the high pressure cartridge is a special ‘performance enhancing’ propellant gas can be used meaning: Very high fog delivery speed of 28 cubic meters per second PLUS 10 times FINER fog resulting in: So, with the HY3….. maximum vision impairment 30% less water used giving cooler fog which spreads more evenly longer particle ‘suspension’

19 19 The BANDIT … may be set to deliver exact volume of fog for room size is completely maintenance free fire up to 18 second fog bursts = max coverage of 500 cubic metres (e.g. room size 20m x 10m x 2.5m) can produce 50 seconds worth of fog can deliver further fog bursts every 4 minutes is simple, quick and inexpensive to refill propels fog 6 metres from unit in first 2 seconds

20 20 Purpose built from the outset So why use a Fog Bandit as part of a security system?

21 21 Traditional Security systems…… Do not deter the professionals Is usually disabled at the time or intruders are masked Successfully detect and inform a monitoring station, but….. Physical barriers such as locks, bars, shutters and bollards... Surveillance equipment such as CCTV...Alarm systems

22 22 Traditional Security systems…… With most burglaries completed within the first few minutes of entry The intruders and their ‘haul’ are usually long gone And response time taking anything from 10 minutes to…?

23 23 Key holder – Police - Security response time Traditional security systems their window of opportunity So, we can overcome the problem of this gap being …. It instantly closes the window of opportunity because they ‘can’t steal what they can’t see’ With Bandit

24 24 helps deter entry from the outset reduces possibility of internal property damage to a minimum deters repeat attempts Saves time effort and money as disruption to business is minimal and trading quickly resumed helps keep insurance claims and premiums down Summary of BANDIT Features…… and Benefits Fastest, high-density fog system on the market instantly protects your stock and equipment (inc. software) from theft

25 25 A state of the art product……. Any questions before we go to the live demo?

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