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2 The right children getting the right services - in the right way!

3 Ongoing Quality Improvement Enhancing evaluator input to the IFSP Improving review of IFSP plans Ensuring that evaluators use appropriate tools Decreasing time from referral to IFSP Assuring essential medical information

4 Next Step Improving the WAY services are delivered Making sure that children and families receive services that incorporate best practices in the field of EI Families as Partners

5 Families As Partners Families as Partners is an early intervention service model designed to enhance the child’s development and improve child and family outcomes by developing and supporting partnerships between families and professionals.

6 Families As Partners Two main goals of FAP Increase family/caregiver involvement Incorporate services into the natural routines of the child and family

7 The family is the child’s best and most motivated teacher Children receive more help when the therapist uses the natural routines of the child/family Principles underlying Families As Partners

8 Principles (continued) Developmental domains in young children overlap. Professional practices thus need to work in an integrated fashion. When families learn to use natural routines as learning opportunities, they can continue helping their child even after leaving EIP.

9 Goals of Families as Partners Improve developmental outcomes for children Increase parent skill and confidence in improving their child’s development Better use of available resources (particularly speech therapists)

10 Approach to Authorizing Services Family Training session will be offered a once a week to every family for the first 3-6 months of service ALL services should involve the family/caregiver, should utilize natural routines, be authorized as appropriate, and be appropriately documented Outcomes should reflect family priorities and determine what services are authorized A transdisciplinary model should be used where appropriate

11 Family Training An individual Family Training session will be offered to every family for the first 3-6 months of the IFSP To emphasize the need for family involvement To enhance the flexibility of each child’s program To provide more focused family training from the outset of the IFSP

12 Family Training (continued) Other services will be developed according to the core principle of parent involvement Family Training is NOT an ADD-ON service, but an integral part of the overall plan

13 Natural Routines The concept of Natural Routines is not new. It is found in regulations as well as literature describing best practices. The therapist will teach (coach & support) families so that they are able to use what they learn, in their daily life with the child, with minimal modification While the families are not therapists, they can take advantage of the many learning opportunities that occur between therapy sessions

14 Outcomes Outcomes will be informed by family concerns Authorization for services will be based on desired child and family outcomes

15 Transdisciplinary Model Where appropriate, a transdisciplinary model should be used. For example: A teacher can work on cognitive and language outcomes It may be appropriate with infants to have one person (OT or PT) work on all motor issues

16 Supporting the change Initial IFSPs will be written for 6 months New Forms IFSP forms Session notes Progress notes – including a section completed by the parent Calendar for parents

17 Obstacles Changing thinking – of parents, therapists, providers, and EI staff Having enough interventionists able to implement Families As Partners Parent availability/Provider availability

18 Implementing Families As Partners Training – EIP staff and providers Changing how we conduct Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) meetings, and the paperwork that drives the process Start in Queens 10/1/05; Brooklyn 4/1/06; Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island 10/1/06 –dates are approximations

19 Families As Partners The right children getting the right services - in the right way!


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