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12 Nagornaya St., 303 620028 Ekaterinburg, Russia Phone & fax: +7 343 263 71 74

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1 12 Nagornaya St., 303 620028 Ekaterinburg, Russia Phone & fax: +7 343 263 71 74 E-mail:, http://www.x-tensive.cominfo@x-tensive.com © 2003—2009 Xtensive LLC

2 Company Xtensive is software development company focused on development for Microsoft.NET platform. We develop components and products for.NET developers as well as custom software solutions for small and medium sized enterprises. From the very outset in 2003 our company was demonstrating stable growth – we’ve passed the way from the group of 3 enthusiasts to medium sized company – one of the most well-known in Ekaterinburg. Today our team consists of more than 25 professional developers. Growing success of DataObjects.Net, as well as high professional skills of our developers lead to establishment of custom software solutions development department at our company. Service- based part of our business is growing in parallel with product development during last years. Company’s evolution begins from the idea to create the product with revolutionary features based on.NET Framework and to lead it out to worldwide market. Now it’s visible it was successful. Foregoing product has been named DataObjects.Net and now it is adopted in more than 50 countries worldwide.

3 Products Combines comprehensive business logic layer (BLL) development framework, object-relational mapper (ORM) and a set of storage implementations enabling the same BLL code work everywhere – dramatically reducing the resources needed to develop generally any application dealing with persistent data. Web application development platform allowing to build rich internet applications (RIA) using DataObjects.Net faster by providing a set of commonly used components (AJAX UI controls, JS DOM, search, navigation, etc.) and patterns (MVP, DI\IoC, etc.). For now we use it only internally. Web (ASP.NET) application allowing to browse the content of.Chm and.HxS help files via internet. Powers up

4 Products Overview DataObjects.NetDataObjects.Net is our key product. It was initially designed to considerably reduce the efforts needed to develop a database application – by handling all persistence related tasks transparently for developer. Now this framework allows to almost forget that the underlying database exists – it handles even database schema updates. DataObjects.Net seems to be quite related to OR\M solutions at first glance, but its directivity in “hiding” the underlying relational storage, support for writing secure business code within persistent entities and services and wide set of commonly used extensions, such as full text indexing and search, makes it possible to relate DataObjects.Net to object-oriented databases as well – it really makes you feel there is nothing behind your.Net entity classes at all. Moreover, its forth version brings this approach to much higher level – in addition to support of several existing RDBMS platforms it contains first implementation of our own storage: full-featured integrated in-memory database (IMDB). File system storage implementation (a regular RDBMS!) is upcoming in several months. LiveObjects.Net acts as integration and common service layer for web applications providing a set of unified components and services for them, such as “default” AJAX-enabled management interface and a set of common actions (e.g. copy \ paste). Management interface design is quite familiar to almost any Windows user – they used to have some experience working with built-in Windows Explorer and Management Console. Among essential features LiveObjects.Net provides are advanced user access control management (authentication, users, roles, permissions, per-object access control lists) and ubiquitous advanced search features (search by attributes \ full text phrase, “Search Folders”, etc.). LiveObjects.Net is used only internally now. Some of its deployments include a set of document and asset management applications we developed for USTU.USTU Help ServerHelp Server helps to publish.Chm \ HxS documentation on the web with just few clicks – it is exposed on web site in the very same fashion as at Microsoft MSDN library, so user can search and navigate through it with ease. Help Server user interface is quite similar to built-in Windows Help Viewer (or MSDN Library Viewer), which is familiar to almost any Windows user.Microsoft MSDN library

5 Partner Software Solutions Built with our significant involvement MESware MEScontrol.netMESware is extremely configurable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that adheres to the principles of lean manufacturing in order to manage the production workflow on the plant floor. It completely automates manufacturing processes by solving such tasks as production planning, scheduling, execution, efficiency optimization and much more. Izenda ReportsIzenda Reports lets ordinary business users create and customize reports without needing the help from technical experts.

6 Overview What is MES? “MES” is Manufacturing Execution System. Manufacturing company can use it to measure and control its production activities. Benefits of MES solutions are increased traceability, productivity, and quality. serves as MES and is being developed by MESware nv – a Belgian company specialized in MES. We took a significant part in development of this project: MEScontrol uses our DataObject.Net as ORM technology; moreover, a part of MEScontrol is designed and implemented by our team. We’ve implemented a significant part of its business and data tiers, and partially – its user interface.MESware nv Our partnership on this project is continuing during last 3 years. The feedback from both sides is very positive. MEScontol is implemented on several plants now.partnershipimplemented on several plants features:  Complete formalization (definition) of manufacturing process. All you need to know produce any manufactured product: ingredients, packing materials, processes, equipment settings, etc. is known by MEScontrol;  Real-time management feedback – management gets a clear view of the results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) thanks to auto-generated graphs and reports;  Production process planning – MEScontrol have built-in scheduler, so loading of manufacture equipment can be planed in automatic and manual mode;  Automatic planning of orders received from external systems (from company’s ERP system for example);  Equipment control – any equipment that could be controlled by PC or PPC can be easily connected to MEScontrol. Most frequently used equipment (label printers, RFID scanners) are provided with built-in support.  Track and trace – MEScontrol gathers actual production data and allows to browse it with ease. Actually produced amounts of products, equipment operation parameters, failures and employees controlling it – it knows everything.  Operator control panels display the operations scheduled in work centers and allow to control their execution right on the site. The operator may get the information on all the orders in queue, e.g. bill of materials, equipment settings, work instructions and procedures, as well as any production related knowledge.

7 Clients  We have more than 300 clients in 40 countries all over the world. You can find some testimonials on DataObjects.Net herehere  There are some well-known companies among our clients – in particular, Parature, Inc., NetIQ, Quantum Art Parature, Inc.NetIQQuantum Art  Our local customers (based in Ekaterinburg) include Urals State Technical University and Data-CenterUrals State Technical UniversityData-Center  Our abroad clients have been visiting our trainings in Ekaterinburg. And vice versa, our developers have frequent business trips to Europe and USA.  Even some of our straight competitors use our products! For example, TechTalk GmbH has been published Genome-e documentation with the aid of our Help Server).has been published Genome-e documentation with the aid of our Help Server

8 Our Team  Today there are more than 25 developers in our team. Practically all of them are graduated from mathematical department of Urals State University – it provides the most rated computer science and mathematical education in the whole Urals.our teamUrals State University  Good background in computer science is, in fact, one of the strongest requirements for all our employees. Almost all of them are Bachelors of Science at least.  High level of technical English knowledge is also a “must have” skill for any of us – most of our clients are located outside of Russia; all the team members directly interacting with them have fluent spoken English.  Most of us have practical experience in wide range of technologies – it is definitely much wider than a set of.NET and RDBMS-related ones.wide range of technologies  As you see, we’re very technically oriented – there are almost no non-technical people there; our management team consists of IT professionals as well. We think it’s a benefit, especially for agile development.  We’re proud that during last 3 years only two developers have left our team by their own will.  We have a good web and UI designer in our team – you can see some examples of his works

9 Our Benefits  We use agile software development process: requirements specification is based on user stories, unit testing is used to test everything, build servers provide continuous integration and immediate post-commit test runs, frictionless deployment and documentation (wiki, XML comments) processes. This approach significantly increases development speed and final reliability of the solution.agile software development processuser storiesunit testingbuild serverscontinuous integrationwiki  We not just perfectly know RDBMS: we wrote relatively well-known commercial object- relational mapping tool, that means we were dealing with all the RDBMS-related issues faced by our users. So we’re experts in this area.  Obviously, we can use DataObjects.Net better than anyone – actually just this fact can ensure a really quick startup.  We are capable of producing full documentation for a complex API – even for very large projects. Check out:  DataObjects.Net v3.9 API documentation (~10000 members are documented) DataObjects.Net v3.9 API documentation  An example from preliminary DataObjects.Net v4.0 API documentation (>13000 members for now). An example from preliminary DataObjects.Net v4.0 API documentation  We provide excellent technical support – there are more than 8000 messages in our software support forum. software support forum

10 Thank you! © 2003—2009 Xtensive LLC,

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