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7 What will it cost? Direct Costs salaries; operating expenses (printing, consumables); travel equipment; Etc Indirect Costs (Minimum 20%) –real costs that cannot be easily identified as specific to a particular project, e.g.: utilities; maintenance of space and equipment; security; computer services; legal services; accounting services; payroll services. management

8 Writing the bid Allow sufficient time Answer every question clearly and simply Be concise Link to needs of the grant providerHave all resources available Use a second pair of eyes Evidence based or innovativeInvolve service users Demonstrate need Case studies Use stats, figures, trends, Maiden SWPHO, JSNA Tie to local strategy Additional benefits, value added

9 Alternatives to grants Sponsorship Specific Fundraising Partnership Paid service Others?

10 Coordination Please can all grant applications be notified from the outset to the line manager and BDM. They will be recorded in a central register. Please can I see completed grant applications before they are submitted and well in advance of deadline. Applications must be signed by a member of the SMT

11 Thank You for taking part

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