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Induction in Effective Schools Fostering quality teaching.

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1 Induction in Effective Schools Fostering quality teaching

2 QUESTIONS: take a moment to reflect…. Does your school culture reinforce solo teaching, where expertise remains within the individual teacher’s classroom? OR Do your new teachers become part of a learning community where sharing expertise is common practice? Does your induction support consist of a list of items to be checked off within the first few weeks of teachers commencing employment? OR Is it an ongoing response to teacher identified needs?

3 This presentation explores induction in effective schools What is induction? Why induction? The imperatives What induction looks like: the key elements Source: Induction in Effective Schools : Planning for Effective School Based Induction with Mentoring as a Key Strategy

4 What is induction? Induction is one stage within the continuum of teacher professional learning Effective school based induction supports new teachers to become part of a community of learners. Formal induction structures are embedded in a collaborative professional learning culture where it is not expected that new teachers will begin teaching by ‘knowing it all’, but it is expected that they will learn from and with all other teachers.

5 Why induction – the imperatives Fosters Quality Teaching at the outsetFosters Quality Teaching Develops and retains ‘great’ teachersDevelops and retains Supports the teacher to meet the VIT Full Registration ProcessVIT Full Registration Process Supports the school to meet Performance and Development Culture accreditationPerformance and Development Culture Blueprint for Government Schools has set the reform agenda and professional learning is critical; the responsibility of ensuring effective induction lies with the principal.Blueprint for Government Schools principal

6 What does effective school based induction look like? Ongoing with three distinct phases Regularly monitored and evaluated Includes: Professional learning program responding to identified individual needs Trained mentor (and mentor coordinator) Regular/Strong supportive communication from principal Common planning or collaboration time with other teachers Reduced preparation and fair allotment Participation in external networks Opportunities to observe and be observed Participation in external professional learning with opportunities to apply learning to practice Underpinned by the Principles of Highly Effective Professional Learning

7 Elements Induction support is ongoing with three key phases responding to individual needs: Pre-commencement Laying foundations Continued professional growth Mariana talks about her experience of the pre- commencement phase Mariana

8 Elements Mentoring A trained mentor is able to promote reflective practice and bring fresh insights to a teacher’s work that can lead to action. Mentoring is a two way relationship, where both the mentor and mentoree are clarifying and developing their professional identities. Helga talks about the support of her mentor Helga

9 Elements Collaborative planning with team of teachers “The team teacher structure at Fitzroy High School allows Stuart to observe teaching practice, to be observed, to discuss the effect of teaching approaches on student learning and to share expertise and knowledge through meaningful and purposeful collaborative planning” Fitzroy High School Case Study

10 Elements Participation in external networks provide opportunities for broader dialogue; an external network provides the opportunity to discuss experiences openly. Tristan shares the importance of encouraging and supporting new teachers to participate in networks at a cluster, network or regional level. Tristan

11 Elements Fair allotment/reduced timetable Time is essential for meetings with mentors, collaborative planning and observations…

12 Elements Regular/strong supportive communication from the Principal is essential Melanie talks about the power of encouragement and acknowledgement Melanie

13 Support available Regional Programs for Beginning Teachers DE&T/VIT Teacher Mentor Training Program Web and print based resources –Induction –Mentoring Refresher Courses for Returning Teachers

14 “Its not enough to hand out an induction booklet at the start of the year and think that that’s it…” “…it cannot be left to chance”

15 Imperative: fostering teacher quality “The time put in during induction really pays in the long term with quality teaching” Principal, Barwon South Western Region, Vic < Return to Main Slide Supporting new teachers makes sense. It is an opportunity to harness the new teacher’s energy, drive, commitment and their moral purpose. Through induction expertise and practice is shared.

16 Imperative: Retaining ‘great’ teachers Research shows that there is a greater chance of retaining teachers if they are supported from the outset, but it should not just be about retaining teachers, the emphasis of induction should be on developing ‘great’ teachers. < Return to Main Slide

17 Imperative: VIT full registration process To gain full teacher registration graduate teachers need to fulfill the full registration process. This process requires the support of induction, in particular the sharing of knowledge and expertise of a mentor and other experienced teachers. While the VIT process is a framework for evaluation, it also guides and supports professional growth. < Return to Main Slide

18 Imperative: high performance and development culture An accredited school has a culture and processes that contribute to continuous improvement of student and teacher learning. Induction is one of the five elements of a high performance and development culture. < Return to Main Slide

19 Imperative: Blueprint for Government Schools  The Blueprint calls for ‘transformation of our schools’: to close the gap - to offer and provide the same level of education to all our students  The Blueprint highlights the value of the teacher and the important role of professional learning in developing teacher capacity  Induction is a key stage within the continuum of professional learning focused on developing new teacher capacity < Return to Main Slide

20 Imperative: The Victorian Government Schools Agreement Implementation Guide The Implementation Guide states that ‘Principals are responsible for providing effective induction and mentoring…’ < Return to Main Slide

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