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GIST 19: GGSPS Planning GGSPS Development & Review Planning Andy Smith GGSPS software project manager.

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1 GIST 19: GGSPS Planning GGSPS Development & Review Planning Andy Smith GGSPS software project manager

2 Overview of issues GIST 19: GGSPS planning With current funding, no effort is available for development work in the following areas: Data Re-Ordering Level 2 monthly averaging Data Re-Processing plus a number of known non-conformances New work has arisen due to unanticipated problems: geolocation stray light The above plus ramp-down of most development effort continuation of product processing development and validation leads to uncertainty over Acceptance and System Test plans

3 How did we get here? GIST 19: GGSPS planning Tight funding from the outset Launch delay/IMPF delay: loss of team members and background knowledge extra work to deal with SEVIRI header generation Operations: development team effort used to support commissioning and calibration urgent need to fix “real data” software problems unanticipated problems, e.g. geolocation, stray light little or no time to plan for continued development Operational experience required to determine the scope of sub- systems such as Data Re-Ordering

4 Data Re-Ordering GIST 19: GGSPS planning Data Re-Ordering: detect missing/corrupt data and order from UMARF (L0) documented design exists for an automated system experience shows that rate of loss of L0 data is low (~2.5%) most L0 data loss is through isolated events a minimal, manual ordering system would be sufficient? (would give us >99% L0 coverage for May-Aug sample period)

5 Data Re-Processing GIST 19: GGSPS planning Data Re-Processing: ability to perform bulk reprocessing of the entire data set with improved algorithms or calibration generation of a consistent archive of science products development work was delayed from the outset - low priority pre- launch no formal design exists at present builds strongly on the finalised NRT processing software

6 L2 monthly averaging GIST 19: GGSPS planning Level 2 monthly averaging averaging of L2 flux products into monthly and “monthly 15- minute binned” products documented design exists requires a change of RMIB L2 products archived by GGSPS?

7 Reviews: background GIST 19: GGSPS planning The planned “end point” of GGSPS software development is the Acceptance Test and Review AT is validation of the software against User Requirements GGSPS was reviewed in July 2002: - based on Release 2 System Test Following further development, Release 3 System Test took place in November 2003 Release 3 was the operational system for “first light” data “OR3” development has seen further changes to the Operational Release 3 system.

8 Current position Most software development activity stops in Oct 2003 - unless further funding is found Product validation and Product Processing software development continues into 2004 Do we need a further review? If so, when? Review now, but exclude product validation? Wait until validation complete? (Most GGSPS staff unavailable) Several large areas of development require waivers - Data Re-Ordering, - L2 averaging, - Data Re-Processing, - plus known software problems that will not be tackled GIST 19: GGSPS planning

9 Review options Existing System Tests have been done against URs: - no need for specific Acceptance Test activity? - base an Acceptance Review on a System Test Report Options available IF a review is required now… Option 1: OR3 System Test and Review - little or no effort available to carry out testing (trade-off against further development) - “wrong” effort available: Test Leader no longer funded Option 2: Release 3 “delta” review - Release 3 Test Report is in preparation - review the R3 report plus work since: NCRs fixed etc. N.B. Acceptance should be driven by the customer GIST 19: GGSPS planning

10 Summary GIST 19: GGSPS planning Additional funding is needed to develop Data Re-Ordering L2 Monthly Means Data Re-Processing Geolocation fix Stray light fix (?) and to address some known software problems (NCRs) If we don’t get extra funding, we need to consider how to handle Acceptance

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