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Process Management Pitfalls and Potential David Edwards, MFQ.

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2 Process Management Pitfalls and Potential David Edwards, MFQ

3 m f Q 2 Process Management Functional based organisation ContractsProc’tProjectsOps CEO Process based organisation ContractsProc’tProjectsOps Process Owner Gain Business Develop plans Execute Projects De- license Sites

4 m f Q Some questions  Why is process design so difficult?  Why are core processes sometimes so difficult to identify?  Why do process development projects so often go wrong?

5 m f Q Process Management – a typical project Set up Project Step1 Identify & define processes Step2 Assign process owners Step3 Develop processes Step4 Identify and apply metrics Step5 Hide the failures Step6 Start again Step7

6 m f Q Process identification and definition PitfallPotential Overlooking what really matters Focus on customer needs and obligations Poor process definition Process design often done before a project is set up Clear standard for process definition Fully involved project manager from the outset

7 m f Q Process Definition Process Process Conditions ResourceOperation Event triggers Person or Dept responsible for Operative executed by Input & Condition Source receives from Recipient Output & Condition generates

8 m f Q Buy-in PitfallPotential Lack of top management commitment Find the right buttons to press – cost, customers, business objectives Failure to deal with middle- management resistance to change Educate Focus on the benefits

9 m f Q Project Management PitfallPotential Poorly defined responsibilities Clarity - written responsibilities for all concerned Inadequate planning Ineffective monitoring Require detailed project plans from the outset Use plans to monitor often and in-depth Lack of interventionRegular feedback and challenge

10 m f Q Process development PitfallPotential Lack of clear methodologyDefined methodology aids consistency Inadequate attention to interfaces Ensure process owners/teams work together to resolve interfaces ‘Write’ a process mentalityFocus on developing the process not writing the document

11 m f Q Process implementation PitfallPotential Lack of metrics or wrong metrics Focus on what matters to the business and the customer Inadequate maintenanceRegular reviews to maintain control Failure to build in accountability and competence Implement fully rounded processes

12 m f Q Process Measurement Potential Measures  Accuracy  Reliability  Timeliness  Volume  Cost

13 m f Q Process Triangle Accountability Well-designed process Competence

14 m f Q Final thought  Competence + attitude + accountability = effective people  control + flexibility = effective processes  effective people + effective processes = delivery of customer needs


16 m f Q Process Management Flowchart Don’t Mess With It! YES NO YES IDIOT! NO Will it Blow Up In Your Hands? NO Look The Other Way Anyone Else Knows? You’re IN TROUBLE! YES NO Hide It Can You Blame Someone Else? NO NO PROBLEM! Yes Is the process Working? Did You Mess With It?

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