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Sport and art as a driving force of school's development.

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1 Sport and art as a driving force of school's development

2 Project realized with the support of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System

3 Partnership Group Lower-Secondary School No. 3 in Tarnobrzeg Tarnobrzeg Municipality Kotwica Yacht ClubTarnobrzeg Cultural Centre

4 PE classes are a very valuable experience for the students, who can develop routines and skills, which may help to maintain fitness and good health in adulthood. Sports at school

5 Let’s go outside! Scientific research confirms that most of our youth are having serious health problems. By organizing outdoor activities, the teachers of our school try to develop physical strength and fitness in every student. Kite Day On the local sportsfield

6 Keeping fit during summer and winter winter camppublic marathons

7 Keen on skiing

8 Team sports serve to develop group relations, teach cooperation and help to establish a community based on mutual trust and understanding. Sports develop team-work skills

9 Forms of physical activity most popular among the youth Nordic walking is gradually gaining popularity among our students. They are also becoming fans of ice skating.

10 Dance – complete integration of music and motion

11 Sailing – a new hobby of our students Thanks to the cooperation with Kotwica Yacht Club, pupils can take their first steps in developing sailing skills.

12 Arts at school The knowledge of cultural norms and values is an indispensible part of our lives. A person equipped with the so called cultural competence can adjust quickly to the constantly changing global environment and inspire others to creatively shape the world.

13 „Fermata” school choir Since 1996 – the year of its establishment, the choir gives regular performance for the pensioneers of the Health and Care Center in Tarnobrzeg. It has also gained numerous awards during the competition called „Singing Poland”.

14 The school’s atelier One of the school’s main goals is to stimulate creativity and inspiration in its pupils. This can be achieved with the support of the local partner – the Tarnobrzeg Cultural Centre.

15 The world seen through the school’s camera lens Individual work with the camera is the best way to develop skills in the art of film making.

16 Awaiting its debut…


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