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1968 The way we were ….

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1 1968 The way we were …

2 Cost of living … New Volvo 144 motor car - £1,353
3 Bed semi-detached house - £4,344 ‘Futuristic’ twin-tub washing machine - £52 Petrol - 31p/gallon or 6.8p/litre Loaf of bread - 7p Pint of milk - 4p 1st class stamp - 2p, 2nd class 1.5p 3lb 12oz Norfolk Chicken - 53p



5 40 years of witness Compulsory Purchase Order on the 2 mission halls in Vine Street Objections raised Objections withdrawn Discussions with Local Authority for a new site and plans drawn up Compensation agreed! Foundation Stone laid 24th June 1967 Dedication of the new church 25th May 1968 2nd regeneration of Hulme commenced 1990s We are still here!

6 The cost …? Initial estimate £15,000 - £20,000
Revised estimate £37,250 Actual cost £48,000 Compensation received £40,000 RDV gifts received £8,041 Fund closed 31 December 1969 Average running costs estimated as £20/week


8 What were we doing in the late 1960s?
Regular missionary weekends: Africa Evangelical Fellowship, European Christian Mission, Unevangelised Fields Mission, Overseas Missionary Fellowship, Open Air Mission Missionary news on the first Sunday of the month Missionary Working Circle Capernwray students Week of evangelism – 60 took part

9 What were we doing in the late 1960s?
Band of Kindness Women's Guild Church outing to Harrogate/Fountains Abbey Fellowship evening – choir, holiday photos, social occasion Amplification and problems with the heating! Spring cleaning Changing the time of the morning service to 10.45am!

10 Youth activities Campaigners celebrated 25 years at Union Hall - Boy & Girl Junos, Boy & Girl Inters, Mixed Craftsmen Scripture Union Bible Contest Holiday special Children’s Christian Crusade November 1968 Children’s midweek meeting




14 Youth activities Cradle Roll Sunday
Sunday School picnics: 41 Beginners (Wythenshawe Park) 40 Primary (West Kirby) 43 Intermediates (St Annes) 22 Young People (Harlech & Portmadoc) YP weekend at Beechwood Court – 35 teenagers + 10 staff

15 Membership Baptisms 90 on church roll 77 active members
From the minutes of 9th October 1968: “The Pastor told the church that a trial filling of the baptistery would take place at the weekend and warned friends not to fall in.”

16 The New Church Fittings are being installed and finishing-touches applied, and our new Church begins to look very attractive. Furniture has been occupying the attention of the Redevelopment Committee during recent weeks and great care is being exercised in order not to overspend our budget. In view of this, priority is being observed as to what is essential, and some items may have to wait until the means are available, but we feel sure friends will agree that this is the wiser course of action.

17 The New Church We gratefully acknowledge further gifts towards equipment, and would especially mention the provision of the Communion Table given by his parents in memory of a young man who attended Union Hall whilst a student at the University and who lost his life in a car accident - Mr. David Dyer. It seems a long time since this project was first started, but looking back we see how wonderfully the Lord has undertaken for us all along the way. Surely He hath done great things for us whereof we are glad.

18 The New Church We are sure that when the whole story is told we will have cause for praise to God for His provision. Meanwhile let us remember the remaining financial needs in our prayers.

19 We do indeed PRAISE GOD for His gracious provision of this building and for His faithfulness to us. We trust Him to continue to use this building for His glory and the extension of His Kingdom.

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