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Xορωδία « Η Φωνή της Κερύνειας» The “Voice of Kyrenia” Choir “Phoni tis Kerynias” Chor.

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1 Xορωδία « Η Φωνή της Κερύνειας» The “Voice of Kyrenia” Choir “Phoni tis Kerynias” Chor

2 Establishment Starting point Turkish invasion and occupation of Kyrenia in 1974. Originally established in 1982. Worked under a different name for 10 years. Established with present name “The Voice of Kyrenia” in 1992.

3 Objectives To keep alive the memory of the occupied homeland. Strengthen the struggle for return. Preserve our music and cultural heritage. Promote civilization through music and cultural activities

4 The Members Refugees from Kyrenia district and friends of Kyrenia. Adults of both sexes. Amateurs not professionals. People who like music. People who share the Choirs aims and objectives

5 The Emblem ( Three basic elements) Three basic elements: 1.The Pentadaktylos (Five finger)mountain, 2.The wild cyclamen, a flower that grows in abundance in Kyrenia district, 3. The barbed wire, describing the occupation of Kyrenia

6 Kyrenia District A΄

7 Kyrenia District Β΄

8 The Choir Repertoire Originally, songs of struggle and songs of memories of the occupied homeland. Cypriot and Greek folk music Traditional and national anniversary songs Religious and byzantine hymns. Contemporary Greek music. International classical repertoire

9 Kinds of Activities A΄ Concerts and other activities organized by the Choir itself. Activities upon invitation. The Choir’s “Memory and Struggle” Festival. Concerts in other countries. Cooperation with orchestras. Participation in Festivals, radio and TV programs in Cyprus and abroad.

10 Kinds of Activities Β΄ - Choir’s Festival “STRUGGLE AND MEMORY CHORAL FESTIVAL” Serves the main objectives of the Choir. Started in 1994. Pancyprian. Since 2000 also one choir from Greece. Usually around 15 th of November. Originally every year, now every second year Up to now, 10 Festivals.

11 Kinds of Activities C΄ - Songs-Text- Slides It enlightens the audience on the problem of Cyprus.. It describes the beauty, history and traditions of Kyrenia and Cyprus. Linking of songs, text and pictures is a successful performance model which has become a tradition! Enables the choir to pass on its messages more effectively. It touches the thoughts and hearts of the audience more easily. It is mainly used for performances abroad.

12 Countries Visited FOR CONCERTS Greece, England, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Germany FOR OTHER REASONS Israel, Syria, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Czech Republic, Turkey

13 Other Activities Cooperation with other similar organizations. Exchanges with other Choirs. Preparation of CDs and editions Social work. Humanitarian work. Recreational work. Everything having to do with Kyrenia and its people

14 Final Objective Is to continue our operation until the blessed moment, when we shall sing the Freedom Song at the picturesque harbor of Kyrenia

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