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Medium Chapter Presidents July 24, 2012. ©SHRM 2012 Today’s Agenda SHRM’s HR Competency Model: The framework for developing proficiency Alexander Alonso,

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1 Medium Chapter Presidents July 24, 2012

2 ©SHRM 2012 Today’s Agenda SHRM’s HR Competency Model: The framework for developing proficiency Alexander Alonso, PhD, SPHR will provide an overview of the critical competencies needed for success in HR and how SHRM offers tools to support the development of your proficiency in the competency domains. Information about SHRM’s Competency Model, including its development and validation, will be reviewed. Finally, Dr. Alonso will provide insight into self-development tools for proficiency growth.

3 ©SHRM 2012 Today’s Agenda SHRM’s Advocacy Team Initiative: SHRM has launched an initiative to create a nationwide member advocacy network known collectively as the Advocacy Team, or A-Team, to fully engage our members in the public policy process. To develop the A-Team, SHRM’s Government Affairs Team created a strategic curriculum designed to inform and train those supporting the Society’s public policy efforts though this program. The A-Team consists of key contact leaders in each targeted congressional district, known as Advocacy Captains, as well as general activists, known as HR Advocates, who support the Captains’ efforts. Chapters within the A-Team target states are eligible to host these curriculum sessions which are worth up to 1.5 hours of strategic recertification credits. David Lusk, SHRM’s Senior Associate for Member Advocacy, will provide insight into the A-Team program, an update on its status and how your chapter can support this initiative.

4 ©SHRM 2012 SHRM’s HR Competency Model SHRM’s Commitment to YOU: > Advance the Profession > Serve the Profession Knowledge Development is one way we accomplish this. Examples: > Knowledge Center > Research > Academic Initiatives > Standards > Thought Leadership Knowledge Development

5 ©SHRM 2012 Thought Leadership

6 ©SHRM 2012 What is a Competency? Competency Model: A collection of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) that are needed for effective performance in the jobs in question (Campion et al., 2011).

7 ©SHRM 2012 Our Process 2012 2013 2011 FUTURE START Model Development Content Validation Criterion Validation & Toolkit Refinement

8 ©SHRM 2012 Research MODEL DEVELOPMENT Literature Review  35 different competency models Development  111 Focus Groups  29 cities globally  1200 HR Professionals globally Survey of 640 CHROs CONTENT VALIDATION 2012 Competency Validation Survey  32,000 HR Professionals globally at all career levels (entry, mid, senior, executive) 33 Nations represented in total

9 ©SHRM 2012 How much of HR is HR? When you think of HR you think of technical competencies, including activities like: > Compensation > Talent Management – Recruitment and Selection > Training and Development > Employee relations > Employee engagement > Compliance > Larger companies have specialists who handle these areas and smaller companies have generalists who handle a variety of HR activities. 9 Nuts and Bolts HR!

10 ©SHRM 2012 How much of HR is HR? When you think of HR you should also think of behavioral and leadership competencies: > Ethical Practice > Communication > Consultation > Critical Evaluation > Global & Cultural Effectiveness > Relationship Management > Organizational Leadership & Navigation > Business Acumen > Regardless of the size organization you are in – you need all of these skills, developed over time, to be successful in HR 10 To be successful in HR and grow your career you need more than HR Technical Knowledge



13 ©SHRM 2012 Closer Look: Business Acumen Gathers, assembles, and reports HR metrics and labor market trends Implements strategy for managing talent across business lines as well as competitive market Creates an action plan for managing talent within the confines of the labor market Defines strategy for managing talent within the confines of the labor market and the business model Executive 15 or more Senior 8-14 Entry 0-2 Mid 3-7 ProficienciesCareer Level/Years Competency: Business Acumen The ability to understand business functions and metrics within the organization and industry.

14 ©SHRM 2012 Competency Self-Assessment Free Abridged Competency Self Assessment Hello, I’m Susan, your virtual coach. SHRM HR COMPETENCY Self-Assessment: Situational Judgment Test Virtual Role Play Self-Report Assessment

15 ©SHRM 2012 The Future

16 ©SHRM 2012 SHRM’s HR Competencies Model Free Abridged Competency Self Assessment Web: https://csa.shrm.org Questions: E-mail: or Phone: (703) 535-6403 Web: Contact Information

17 ©SHRM 2012 17 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative

18 ©SHRM 2012 18  Developed to ensure when public policy decision- makers are developing workplace policy, the voice of the HR profession is heard through a “local network”  SHRM members best understand and are best suited to communicate how public policy affects employees, employers and the HR profession as a whole  Informs legislators of policy impacts upon employers in her / his district  SHRM’s Regional-Chapter structure does not align with congressional districts  Currently in year three of five-year implementation SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative Purpose of the A-Team Initiative

19 ©SHRM 2012 19 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative  Intended to build upon successful but ad-hoc efforts in place (DITB, DITD, conference Hill Advocacy Days)  Two participation levels  HR Advocate  Advocacy Captain  Four “soloist” lobbyists vs. “choir” of 260,000 SHRM activists  Members represent diverse opinions (260,000 voices of information)  Members comprise the entire spectrum of employer settings Purpose of the A-Team Initiative

20 ©SHRM 2012 20 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative WI NE KS NY WA AL AR CA ME Comprise 146 Congressional Districts FL RI 2010 A-Team Target States

21 ©SHRM 2012 21 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative IL NM PA NV OR CA DE OH TX WV VA Comprise 114 Congressional Districts 2011 A-Team Target States

22 ©SHRM 2012 22 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative Comprise 61 Congressional Districts 2012 A-Team Target States WY ID CO OK GA CA CT MD TN IN IA

23 ©SHRM 2012 23 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative  Be the voice on key HR issues in the community  Offer strategic educational programming for HR professionals  Support SHRM strategic priority while increasing visibility on “hot” HR issues  Contribute to SHAPE objectives / CLA areas of Government Affairs SHRM State Council / Chapter Benefits

24 ©SHRM 2012 24 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative SHRM Support for A-Team Effort  SHRM will provide speakers on advocacy and public policy issues for state council and chapter programs  Monthly HR Advocate conference calls to share successes/challenges and to hear from policy insiders  Advocacy Captain Toolkit to help build HR Advocacy teams will be available in 2012  Sample press releases, marketing brochures, media strategies to support local A-team program

25 ©SHRM 2012 25 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative  House Concurrent Resolution 101 (Neal / Gerlach)  Sought 100 co-sponsors; 52 co-sponsors as of early February  Launched coalition activities, letter-writing & phone campaigns  Co-sponsorship jumped to 106 in two weeks (by mid-February introduction)  Between 150 – 350 A-Team members regularly view live monthly webinars  Rise in State Council / Chapter programming  Existing annual legislative conferences providing more programming with strategic credit  Legislative conferences initiated in California, Florida, Maryland & New Hampshire, among others Measurable Results

26 ©SHRM 2012 26 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative Members of Congress DO Remember Activists Measurable Results

27 ©SHRM 2012 27 SHRM Advocacy Team Initiative David M. Lusk Senior Associate, Member Advocacy W: 703-535-6158 C: 703-597-3602 1800 Duke Street Alexandria, VA 22314 Contact Information

28 ©SHRM 2012 28 Questions

29 ©SHRM 2012

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