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CHARLTON VOS COLLEGE 8, Iris Avenue, Heatherdale, Akasia, Gauteng

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1 CHARLTON VOS COLLEGE 8, Iris Avenue, Heatherdale, Akasia, Gauteng
Contact no: (012) / Website:

2 Thank you for requesting information about our school.
Situated in a safe and tranquil environment, the school is based on Christian Principals. Dedicated and skilled educators commit themselves to offer an exceptional standard of Education to ensure that learners strive to the best of their abilities and beyond. Our educators are committed to educating our students to become responsible and successful members of the society. Meaningful education does not only focus on academic achievements, but also nurtures the unique potential of each young adult on his or her life path. Basic school values: Christianity, integrity, simplicity, respect and concern. Type of School: Independant school registered at the Department of Education Reg number

Fees payable monthly per Grade: Grade R - R Grade R Grade R Grade R Grade R Grade R Grade R Grade R Grade R Grade R Grade R Grade R Grade R NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION FEES R Payable with application Re-Registration current students R before 30/10/2013 Discount available: 15% - fully paid by end of January 10% - fully paid by end of February 2014 Terms and conditions apply. In the current economic environment of our country school fees play a vital role in the existence and development of the school. Therefore all parents are expected to pay money promptly and regularly. (see declaration in application form and contract)

4 We teach learners Accountability and initiative Ability to communicate with confidence To have a strong sense of caring for themselves and those around them; Personal creativity; Ability to develop and sustain meaningful relationships, to work within a group and to be an effective team player; Cultural awareness and tolerance with respect to religion, politics and gender; Ability to resolve conflict ; Ability to take responsibility for one’s own physical and mental well being; Ability to use science and technology responsibly and effectively and sensitivity towards and appreciation of the environment.

5 At Charlton Vos College we assist in discovering
Excellent education is the process by which truth; wisdom, knowledge, skills and Christian ethics are taught, discovered, learnt and applied in a tranquil environment. At Charlton Vos College we assist in discovering and embracing potential that will unlock a bright future.

6 Dedicated staff with a passion for children in a safe environment.
Curriculum: A wide subject choice is offered, with courses leading to University entrance in a strong academic environment. The matriculation class writes the National Senior Certificate. Bursaries: A limited number of learners are selected on academic performance, back ground and current financial situation. Dedicated staff with a passion for children in a safe environment. We believe that time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again. So therefore we must make the most of every moment!

7 This introduces the learners to basic computer literacy skills and encourage them to be more involved in class work. We started implementing interactive teaching in our classrooms and educators are enthusiastically adapting to this new way which all ages respond to favourably and even showing better student achievements. It interfaces well with other peripherals and attest the change for more imaginative teaching. Downloading pictures, experiments and video clips from the internet, this promises for an exciting way of presenting and experiencing lessons.

Overkruin Outfitters (012) Silver Cross (012) Cnr of Rachel de Beer & Emily Hobhouse Shop 15, Madelief Centre Street, Pretoria-North c/o Bokmakierie Street & Daan de Wet Nel, Dorandia FREE TRANSPORT available in specific areas only form Pick-up points morning and after school. Please contact Johan Joubert on or Madibana on Text books and stationery lists available from the office or website at the end of Learners can make use of kindle or e-readers to purchase or download available text books or notes. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR ENROLLMENT: Birth Certificate of Applicant; Both Parents Identity documents; In case of deceased parent- death certificate; In case of Foreign Students – passports and study permits; Identity document of relative; Latest Results; Testimonial (grades 7-12) Graduation Certificate (Grade 1) Clinic Card ( Grades 0-7) Transfer card Proof of Non-Profit

Some of the sports offered at school: Soccer, rugby, athletics and netball Some of the culture offered at school: Art, choir, drama FREE TRANSPORT AVAILABLE In specific areas only! We encourage green living, enabling our learners from a young age to recognize the importance of saving our precious planet and providing for themselves. We support sustainability because we believe that this will enable the earth to continue supporting human life. For this purpose we help recycle and at the same time help people in the community.

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