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Arizona Office of Tourism & Arizona Centennial April 6, 2011.

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1 Arizona Office of Tourism & Arizona Centennial April 6, 2011

2 2009 Total Visitation to Arizona 35.5 Million Overnight Visitors in 2009 Source: Tourism Economics, Office of Travel & Tourism Industries - U.S. Department of Commerce, 2007-08 Mexican Visitors to Arizona – University of Arizona, Statistics Canada 2

3 2009 Arizona Travel Impact Summary Direct spending generated $16.6 billion –157,200 direct jobs Combined with secondary employment, direct job employment totals 292,000 3

4 2009 Arizona Travel Impact Summary –$4.7 billion direct earnings –$2.4 billion in local, state and federal tax revenues 1.3 billion in local and state tax revenues Equates to more than $1,000 per Arizona Household 4

5 Impacts of Tourism Industry 5

6 Arizona Indicators Source: Arizona State Parks, National Park Service, Individual Airports, Arizona Dept. of Revenue, Northern Arizona University and Smith Travel Research 6

7 AOT’s Current Action Items Official State Visitor’s Guide (OSVG) –National Award Recognition Trade/ Media Relations –Tradeshows/ Media Missions –Familiarization Trips for Journalists and Tour Operators Marketing/Advertising –New Target Cities Advertising Campaign Target Cities –Los Angeles –Chicago 7

8 AOT’s In One Word - Arizona 8

9 9

10 10

11 AOT’s Current Action Items Multi-layered Campaign –Print, Online, Radio, Television –New Type of Media = Wallscapes PR/Media Support –Selected National Publications New Web site –Mobil Application Social Media Efforts –Facebook –Twitter –Flickr 11

12 AOT’s Current Action Items Community Relations –Community Outreach Programs –Local Visitor Information Centers (LVICs) –Painted Cliffs Welcome Center Native American Tourism Development –On staff Native American Tourism Development Manager –Relationship Building –AIANTA Conference in FY11 Research –Annual Economic Impact and Visitation Research –Community Tourism Surveys Wickenburg and White Mountain Apache Region 12

13 AOT’s Partnerships 13 Tourism Advisory Committee Tribal Tourism Advisory Council Statewide Convention and Visitor Bureaus Statewide Chambers of Commerce Statewide Local Visitor Information Centers Arizona Tourism Alliance Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association Arizona Restaurant Association Arizona Centennial Commission Arizona Commerce Authority Arizona Game and Fish Department Arizona State Parks Celebration Arizona (Arizona Highways TV) Fiesta Bowl P.F. Chang’s Rock n’ Roll Arizona Marathon and ½ Marathon


15 SIGNATURE PROJECTS Arizona CENTennial Penny Drive A Children’s Legacy Project 100 Schools representing …and counting! 15 counties…46 cities Goal to shine the dome - $65,000 Sign-up a school today!

16 SIGNATURE PROJECTS The Arizona Experience

17 SIGNATURE PROJECTS Centennial Trees Project Arizona Community Tree Council Put Down Roots Great Trees of Arizona

18 SIGNATURE PROJECTS License Plate – SB 1262

19 SIGNATURE PROJECTS Other Signature Projects Historical Markers Centennial Challenge (Volunteer Service) Team Centennial USPS Commemorative Stamp

20 Countdown to Centennial… …Arizona’s 99 th Statehood Day Celebration! SIGNATURE EVENTS

21 AZ Copper Chopper & Traveling Exhibit 30 Events to Date – 25 Currently Scheduled $14,025.00 Raised in Tickets Sales Circle K Partnership – 500,000 Tickets Potential Foundation dollars raised $2,000,000

22 SIGNATURE EVENTS Arizona Centennial Best Fest Music, Dance, Food, Traditional Arts and Crafts featuring Arizona Traditions and Cultures Prescott | September 16–18, 2011 Tucson | November 11-13, 2011 Phoenix | February 10–12, 2012

23 SIGNATURE EVENTS Arizona Centennial Best Fest National Entertainers Mormon Tabernacle Choir at US Airways Center

24 SIGNATURE EVENTS Arizona Centennial Best Fest Three Villages – Indian, Hispanic and Western Six to Eight Pavilions – Emphasis on Future of Arizona Native American WesternHispanic 5 C’s Arts & Culture Aerospac e Sports & Recreation Technolog y Bioscienc e Renewable Energy

25 SIGNATURE PROJECTS Other Signature Events Centennial Ride UP Steam Locomotive Tour Happy Birthday Arizona! Sunrise Ceremony Centenarian Brunch Fandango Arizona! Gala

26 SANCTIONED EVENTS Official Centennial Events 106 Applications received to-date 64 Approved Sanctioned Events  21 Currently Pending Approval  20 Denied

27 MARKETING & MERCHANDISE Collectibles & Wearables


29 Conclusion Mark Stanton Deputy Director Arizona Office of Tourism 29

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