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Bellringers 2nd 9 weeks.

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1 Bellringers 2nd 9 weeks

2 #1 Determine word meaning through context clues
#1 Determine word meaning through context clues. The malicious girl wanted to hurt the puppy. a. ugly c. spiteful b. innocent d. caring The old man was very wealthy, but he continued to cheat people out of their money. He wanted to have more wealth than anyone he knew because he was so avaricious. a. stingy c. ambitious b. greedy d. frugal Jarod is known for procrastinating. As a result he often has to hurry through his studies or doesn't finish them by his deadlines. a. postponing action c. being a perfectionist b. taking too much time d. not being organized

3 #2 Determine word meaning through context clues
#2 Determine word meaning through context clues. We could tell by her pallor that she had been sick. a. eye color c. medical records b. fever d. unnatural paleness The incorrigible child would hit everyone in sight when he did not get his way. Nothing we did helped him become more accepting. a. cannot be reformed c. determined b. cannot understand d. stubborn difficult words So that he would not be seen, the robber lurked in the darkness until the family left their house. a. hid c. shot b. spaced d. fell

4 #3 Identify the correct noun form. The sky is filled with____________
#3 Identify the correct noun form. The sky is filled with____________. a. goose c. geese b. gooses d. geeses She found the_______________ lost key. a. principal c. principals b. principal's d. principals' The article did not include the ___________ name. a. heros c. hero's b. heroe's d. heroes He removed the four ___________ from the counter. a. knife's c. knives b. knifes d. knive's The _________ stood patiently in the field. a. oxes c. oxen b. ox's d. oxens

5 #4 Determine word meaning through context clues. Joe worked hard on the problems, but he could not find the solution. a. beginning c. end b. answer d. book Most animal owners love their pets and have much compassion for animals. a. hate c. sympathy b. anger d. intelligence We had a hearty breakfast of juice, bacon, toast, and pancakes. a. plentiful c. friendly b. bad d. quick

6 #5 Determine word meaning through context clues.
The driver maneuvered the bus through cars that were stopped for the accident. a. expertly moved c. sped quickly b. backed d. aimed The football team was in a somber mood after they lost the championship game. a. jolly c. colorful b. special d. sad An earache plagued Tom all night, and he could not sleep for the pain. a. played c. diseased b. bothered d. heard

7 #6 Identify the correct pronoun form.
Jeff and Gary did not complete their joint project. a. There c. They’re b. Their d. They I admire Jeff and Gary for their diligence. a. them c. they b. their d. those Mom picked up Jeff and Gary’s clothes at the cleaners. b. their d. his Darlene cannot complete the homework. a. She c. Hers b. Her d. They

8 #7 Identify the correct pronoun form. Alice and Mary are half sisters.
a. me c. she b. her d. him Please take Cathy and Jack with you. a. her c. him b. she d. he The Joneses were seated directly behind the Davises and the Smiths. a. him c. they b. them d. he The poor kitten had hurt the kitten’s foot. a. their c. it’s b. its’ d. its

9 #8 Determine word meaning through context clues.
The things the spy told will jeopardize our plans. a. increase c. forget b. neglect d. endanger Because he violated the rules, Brad was dropped from the team. a. recorded c. broke b. rewrote d. misunderstood Because he wanted to win the case, the man hired a very astute lawyer. a. dumb c. smart b. criminal d. amateur

10 #9 Determine word meaning through context clues.
The police know who committed the crime because of their constant surveillance of the area. a. total unconcern c. careless negligence b. watchful observation d. cruel hatred Her mother was very ill, her father had lost his job, and her grades were falling at school. Naturally, Alice was nervous and distraught. a. upset c. funny b. kind d. interesting Before you begin any project, it is best to reflect on its purpose and its outcome. a. deny c. avoid b. gather materials d. think about

11 #10 Identify the correct verb form. What time will the sun _________?
a. raise c. rose b. rise d. risen I asked him to ________ the flowers down. a. sit c. set b. sat d. setting He ________ into my room with excitement. a. busted c. bust b. bursted d. burst The choir __________ a variety of songs yesterday. a. sing c. sung b. sang d. sings

12 #11 Identify the correct verb form.
Mark should have _______ his chores. a. do c. done b. did d. done did I _________ an interesting movie last week. a. seen c. see b. saw d. have saw All of the students have_________ toys for the children who are in the hospital. a. brang c. brought b. brung d. bring He _________ across the lake yesterday. a. swam c. swimmed b. swum d. swims

13 Determine word meaning through context clues. #12
If Jan had scrutinized her essay more closely to catch any mistakes before she turned it in, she would have made a better grade. a. added more words c. torn up b. carefully examined d. copied from the book I knew the problem was too complicated for me when I got the wrong answer. a. easy and short c. difficult b. easy but long d. hard to read Her room was kept meticulously so that she never had to worry about inspection. a. neatly c. disorderly b. secretly d. loudly

14 Determine word meaning through context clues. #13
Mom asked him to comb his disheveled hair. a. long c. messy b. short d. straight The court’s schedule was fraught with problems. a. free from c. without hope of b. full of d. behind with The farmer disdained the pesky insects which ate his crops. a. destroyed c. hated b. fought d. denied

15 Identify correct subject-verb agreement. #14
Neither the instructor nor the band members_________the music. a. has heard c. is hearing b. have heard d. was hearing Both the forwards and the guards___________ more preparation before the game. a. are needing c. need b. needs d. is needing ______________ were selected for their brilliant colors. a. The jersey c. The pants b. The shirt d. The hat Each of the rooms ___________ new paint. a. need c. are needing b. needs d. have needed

16 Identify correct subject-verb agreement. #15
The theater classes of the high school _________ several plays each year. a. attend c. is attending b. attends d. was attending Are ___________ leaving with us at noon? a. the bus c. the manager b. the three teams d. Coach Elkins On the desk ___________ the lost notebook. a. are c. is b. were lying d. were seen I’m surely glad ___________ is leading the choir. a. Alan and his brother c. the Bakers b. he twins d. Van or his sister

17 Identify correct subject-verb agreement. #16
Maria and her coach ___________ to the Olympics. a. are going c. is going b. was going d. am going The painting ____________ much creativity. a. illustrate c. illustrates b. illustrating d. has illustrate Neither of them ____________ capable of repairing the car. a. are c. is b. were d. have been Clint and Jonathan __________ friends for over five years. a. have been c. is b. has been d. was

18 Identify correct subject-verb agreement. #17
The _________ have gone home after a long vacation. a. cousins c. child b. boy d. tourist The student nor the teacher __________ early. a. are leaving c. leaved b. leave d. is leaving Jane or her friends _________ to call you about the party. a. are going c. was going b. is going d. am going Each of the children __________ to the party. a. were invited c. are invited b. is invited d. invited

19 Identify correct pronoun-antecedent agreement. #18
Joe’s prom clothes did not match _______ shoes. a. its c. him b. his d. he They could not look _________ in the mirror. a. himself c. theirselves b. herself d. themselves ________ running in the hallway got me in trouble. a. I c. My b. Me d. Mine Our books all had pages torn out of _________. a. it c. them b. its d. themselves

20 Identify correct pronoun-antecedent agreement. #19
Each girl is responsible for doing _______ own project. a. she c. its b. her d. their Neither girl did _______ best work. a. their c. his/her b. her d. hers If anyone stays after school, I’ll be glad to help ______. a. them c. us b. hey d. him Each of the boys drove _________ own car. a. his c. their b. her d. your

21 #20) Determine the main idea of the passage
#20) Determine the main idea of the passage. Being neat often saves much time. John was late for school because his homework was lost in a pile of paper. It took Mindy ten minutes to find her keys in her purse. Jean could not find her scarf in the drawer because it was beneath several stacks of photographs. a. It is important to be on time. b. Much time can be saved by being neat. c. John was late for school. d. Alice does not keep her drawer neat.

22 #21) Determine the main idea of the passage.
Almost anyone can see how a robot could be a tempting purchase to an organization. For one thing, robots can be moved from one job to another without much hassle. Humans seem to resist change. Robots can easily be taught new tasks, sometimes with only one adjustment. Humans need time and care and repetition to master tasks. Robots can work several shifts without a rest while humans need frequent breaks, vacations, or sick leaves from monotonous routines. Robots do not argue with the boss; humans just must have their say. Robots are practically error free and are not affected by environmental concerns like humans are. a. Learning to do a robot’s job is essential to keeping some jobs. b. Organizations are looking for ways to save money. c. The value of humans is greater to organizations than the value of robots. d. Robots are economical for organizations.

23 #22) Identify the correct adjective/adverb form.
Janice eats her food _______________ than her sister does. a. more fast c. more faster b. most fast d. faster The tailor always mends each garment _____________. a. good c. well b. gooder d. more good Of the two tales, Helen’s is the _____________. a. strangest c. stranger b. most stranger d. more strangest Margeret didn’t say ______________ to the group because she was embarrassed. a. not anything c. anything b. not nothing d. nothing

24 Determine the sequence of events. #24
Upon this world of uneasy prosperity the first blow fell in late October. Like the sound of gunshot which starts an Alpine avalanche, a minor panic on the New York Stock Exchange began on the twenty-third among stocks that speculators had pushed to fantastic heights. The next day, “Black Thursday,” saw hysteria rampant. Brokers wept and tore off their collars trying to keep abreast selling orders; sightseers jammed the Wall Street district, ogled the arrival of great bankers in their limousines before the House of Morgan, and under the rumor of mass suicide gathered to watch an ordinary workman on a scaffolding in morbid expectation of his plunge. The first blow to the economy fell a. when the Alpine avalanche started. b. on the twenty-third of October. c. when broker wept. d. when the great bankers arrived at the House of Morgan. Sightseers jammed the Wall Street district a. after the Alpine avalanche started. b. after the workman plunged from a scaffold. c. the next day, “Black Thursday.” d. before the twenty-third of October.

25 Identify the correct sentence. #25 Running
a. Running as hard as he could. b. Because he ran as hard as he could. c. He ran as hard as he could d. Since he ran as hard as he could. Eating a. Of all things, the child likes turnip greens! b. Before setting the supper table. c. Eating a good meal. d. Until he eats his turnip greens. Storm a. During the absolutely terrible storm. b. At a table across the hall. c. Close the shutters tightly. d. Tightened her grip on my hand.

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