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Grade 8 Information Session

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1 Grade 8 Information Session
Donald A. Wilson Secondary School Soon you will be a GATOR! Welcome to the SWAMP!

2 Learning Goals By the end of this presentation you will:
know what high school will look like how to pick your courses for grade 9. learn about the ways WE can support YOU in achieving your goals.

3 DAWSS – Bell Schedule

4 Week 1 and Week 2 WEEK 2: Week 1: Period 1 Period 2 LUNCH Period 3

5 What is secondary school all about?
CREDITS 1 COURSE = 1 CREDIT 4 credits are earned each semester Semester 1: Sept to Jan Semester 2: Feb to June

6 Ontario Secondary School Diploma
30 Credits to graduate 18 Compulsory 12 Optional 40 Hours of Community Involvement You can start the summer of your grade 9 year…more information to follow in the spring Provincial Literacy Requirement must pass to graduate – you will get LOTS of support! You will get 8 of these in your grade 9 year!

7 Choosing the Right LEVEL for You!
Consult with parents/guardians, teachers, SERT Difference between lack of understanding and lack of effort Suggested Ranges: Failing current courses – LOCALLY DEVELOPED 50 – 60% - APPLIED 70% - ACADEMIC Between 60% and 70% is a gray area NOT ALL COURSES HAVE TO BE AT THE SAME LEVEL

8 Choose the Right Level We create the timetable for your ENTIRE grade based on what YOU choose… If you don’t choose the right level initially then there might not be any space for you if you need to move levels once the semester has started

9 Locally Developed Courses
Targets important concepts not completed at elementary level Fills in the GAPS missing from Grade 8 Develop students’ knowledge and skill Emphasize practical, concrete applications of basic concepts Generally designed for workplace bound students Potential option to upgrade to applied

10 Applied Courses More hands on concrete (practical )
Directed, step by step, teacher-directed approach to learning Students recognize & describe what is heard & read College bound students There is potential to upgrade to academic! Many university programs do NOT require academic math

11 Academic Courses Drawing conclusions & making predictions from research Explaining & analyzing what is heard & read More complex & global examples More independent, student initiated, student-directed learning University bound students **Note: if you are interested in pursuing an NCAA scholarship, all Academic level courses are REQUIRED!

12 Grade 9 Compulsory Subjects
Subject Area Academic Applied Locally Developed English ENG 1D1 ENG 1P1 ENG 1L1 French FSF 1D1 FSF 1P1 Canadian Geography CGC 1D1 CGC 1P1 Mathematics MPM 1D1 MFM 1P1 MAT 1L1 Healthy Active Living Education (Female) PPL 1O4 Healthy Active Living Education (Male) PPL 1O3 Science SNC 1D1 SNC 1P1 SNC 1L1

13 Grade 9 Optional Subjects
Pick one from… Description Code Drama ADA 1O1 Instrumental Music AMU 1O1 Vocal Music AMV 1O1 Visual Arts AVI 1O1 and one from… Description Code Information Technology in Business BTT 1O1 Exploring Technologies TIJ 1O1

14 French?! In COURSE PLANNER you must choose either FSF 1D1 or FSF 1P1

15 French If you have an IEP and are FRENCH EXEMPT then you will pick another BUSINESS/TECH or ARTS course during your IPRC Review with the Special Education Department If you are not identified but have a FRENCH EXEMPTION, your teacher will notify Mrs. Roberts in Guidance and one of your alternate choices will be put in to your course selections.

16 Choosing Your Classes All of your course selections are done through CAREER CRUISING COURSE PLANNER To choose your classes you have to: SELECT your classes on Course Planner SUBMIT your choices PRINT out a copy of your classes Have your parent SIGN the sheet RETURN the signed copy to your GRADE 8 teacher

17 How to Access Course Planner…
Go to the Career Cruising website:

18 Demonstration of Course Planner
Log in here! A video if you need assistance

19 Choosing Courses Click on the for the course to choose the appropriate level.

20 Click on correct level for a description.

21 Click here to add the course

22 Choose your electives from this menu.

23 To delete a course click on the course and hit the delete button.

24 An INCOMPLETE Course Planner
This is an incomplete example of a COURSE PLANNER. Every box MUST have a selection. Electives: Choose a Tech or Business AND an Arts Course AND a Physical Education Class Alternates: Choose another Tech or Business AND another Arts Course

25 A COMPLETE Course Planner
This is a COMPLETE example of a COURSE PLANNER. Every box has a selection. Electives: Every box has a selection. Alternates: Every box has an alternate selection.

26 You cannot SUBMIT until AFTER receiving your report card!

27 Once you are able to submit this is the message you will see…

28 Course Request Sign Off Sheet
After hitting SUBMIT, PRINT this form and have it SIGNED by your parent and RETURN it to your Grade 8 TEACHER

29 You will get a copy of this sheet from your teacher
You will get a copy of this sheet from your teacher. Option sheets are due to WILSON on February 19th. Your teacher will set a deadline for you.

30 Academic Supports If you need help… Guidance Counsellors!
Subject teachers Special Education for IEP students Peer tutors Grade 9 classrooms Paid Private Tutors Credit Rescue After School Help

31 Extra Curricular Activities
Athletics – badminton, baseball, basketball, curling, football, golf, lacrosse, rugby, volleyball, soccer, swimming, track & field, hockey Clubs – Chess, Cultural Mosaic, Environmental, GSA, Gator Gazette, Pen Strokes, Run Club, DECA, STAR, White Pine, Ski/Snowboard, Weight Training Student Leadership – Relay for Life, Student Parliament, SLAM!, Leadership Camp Music – Band, Choir, Jazz Drama – Sears Festival, One-Act Plays Art – Arts Preview Night, Craft Club

32 September 8th - Lots of Activities!
Welcome to Wilson! Grade 8 Parent Night February 12th, 7:00 PM Wilson Tour May 2015 Grade 9 ONLY Day September 8th - Lots of Activities!

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