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To Kill A Mockingbird/Chapter 13

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1 To Kill A Mockingbird/Chapter 13
Presented by: Tommy Abraham, Breanna Fitzwater, Rose Gutowski, Bo Riddle and Nick Wolfe

2 Chapter 13 Summary In chapter 13, Aunt Alexandra is discussed and developed further. Aunt Alexandra is going to stay with the Finches “for a while.” Scout tells us that “for a while” meant anything from three days to thirty years. Aunt Alexandra stirs up some drama in Maycomb, ecspecially the Finch household. In this chapter, the history of Maycomb is discussed. This involves both the Winston Swamp and Sinkfield’s Tavern.

3 No new characters were introduced in chapter 13.

4 Developing Characters
Aunt Alexandra- In Aunt Alexandra’s first few weeks in Maycomb, she joined the Maycomb Amanuensis Club and became the secretary. Her character is also developed as you read about her daily life with Scout. On pages 129 and 130, it discusses how she always has a “little comment” to say about everything. This ranges from Sam Merriweather’s suicide to a girl giggling in the choir at church. Cousin Joshua- Cousin Joshua makes a brief appearance on page 132, when they discuss his book that he wrote. Uncle Jimmy- On pages 128 and 129, we learn that he is staying at the landing and keeping things going there. We also learn that Aunt Alexandra doesn’t really love him, because she won’t miss him at all, because he doesn’t really say much.

5 Important Quotes “Well, your father and I decided it was time I come to stay with you for a while.” “For a while” meant anything from three days to thirty years.” (Lee 127) This quote shows that Aunt Alexandra is visiting, and she might be here for a very long time. “Get more like Cousin Joshua everyday, don’t I? Do you think I’ll end up costing the family $500.” (Lee 134) In Maycomb County, $500 is a lot of money and it is rare to find a family with that amount of money.

6 Real World Connection

7 Questions Did Uncle Jimmy come to Maycomb County with Aunt Alexandra?
What day was Aunt Alexandra “positively irritable” on? Was Aunt Alexandra welcomed in Maycomb County? Where did Maycomb County begin to grow from? What specific place?

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