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Welcome BHHS Class of 2018. BHHS Counseling Staff Diane Hale Dept. Chair/ Guidance Counselor Janice Hart Guidance Counselor Kate Marks Guidance Counselor.

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1 Welcome BHHS Class of 2018

2 BHHS Counseling Staff Diane Hale Dept. Chair/ Guidance Counselor Janice Hart Guidance Counselor Kate Marks Guidance Counselor Celeste McDonald Guidance Counselor Ali Norman- Franks Intervention Counselor Bridget Reichhart Guidance Counselor Hanna Zylberberg Guidance Counselor House AHouse B House CIntervention Counselor

3 A.History:3 years Required Courses: 1) World History/Geography or Honors World History/Geography 2) US History or Advanced Placement (AP) US History 3) Government/Economics or AP Government/Economics Honors Additional courses offered: AP European History AP Comparative Government B.English:4 years* Required Courses: 1) English 1/2 or Honors English 1/2 2) English 3/4 or Honors English 3/4 3) English 5/6 or AP Language 4) English 7/8 or AP Literature * Students whose first language is not English may be assigned to English Learner classes. BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS 225 Credits are required for graduation from BHHS. BHHS graduation requirements meet the UC/CSU A-G requirements.

4 BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS C.Math:3 years Required Courses: 1) Algebra 1/2 (may be completed in 8 th grade, but 3 years of math at BHHS are still required) 2) Geometry 3/4 (Basic Geometry 3/4 may be taken, but only if Algebra 1/2 is taken at BHHS.) 3) Intermediate Algebra/Trigonometry (IAT) or Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry (AAT) Additional courses offered: Probability/Statistics (Prob/Stat) Functions/Statistics/Trigonometry (FST) Math Analysis or Math Analysis Honors AP Statistics AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC

5 BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS D.Science:2 years Required Courses: Biology or Honors Biology Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, or Physics Additional courses offered: Physiology or Honors Physiology AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental Science AP Physics 9 th grade students may be recommended to take Environmental Science before taking Biology. If a 9 th grade student takes Environmental Science, the course will count as elective credit and the student will take Biology in 10 th grade.

6 BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS E.Foreign Language:2 years of the same language Courses offered: Spanish, French, or Hebrew 1/2 Spanish, French, or Hebrew 3/4 or Honors 3/4 Spanish, French, or Hebrew 5/6 or Honors 5/6 Spanish, French, or Hebrew 7/8 or Honors 7/8 Spanish 9/10 AP Spanish or AP French 1 year of credit will be given to students who take either Spanish 1/2 or French 1/2 in 8 th grade. Students must then complete a second year of the same language in order to fulfill the BHHS graduation requirement. A student may choose to change languages, however two years of the same foreign language must be completed before the end of 12 th grade.

7 BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS F.Visual/Performing Arts:1 year Courses offered: Art FoundationIntro Theater Art AnimationDrama Lab Beg. CeramicsTheater Arts Workshop Drawing/PaintingModern/Jazz Dance Graphic DesignDance Production Advanced Visual Communication & DesignArchitecture Photo Art Advanced Architecture Honors Studio ArtCommercial Building Design AP Studio ArtComm. Bldg. Design & Urban Concert Choir Planning MinnesingersIntro to Broadcast Comm. Madrigals Studies Piano WorkshopFilm and Video Production Band Symphonic Band Orchestra Advanced Orchestra

8 BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS G.College Prep Elective:1 year Any course listed in A-F that exceeds the stated graduation requirement can count as a College Prep Elective. Additional courses: Beginning or Advanced Journalism Advanced Photo Art Environmental Science Psychology & Counseling Principles Sports Medicine

9 BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Students must pass both the English/Language Arts and Math sections of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). Students take the CAHSEE for the first time in 10 th grade. Students must pass 20 credits of PE/Sport and the California Physical Fitness Examination (Students who have not passed 20 credits of PE/Sport and the Fitness Test must remain enrolled in PE/Sport until both parts are met.) Other electives: 45 credits Total needed for graduation: 225 credits

10 You will have opportunities to meet with your counselor periodically to plan your classes for each year, and to make sure you are meeting graduation and college entrance requirements. Approximately 95 percent of our graduates go on to further education. During your four years at BHHS, your counselor will review general college admission requirements with you. Grades earned in 9 th grade DO count towards your high school GPA and will be seen by admissions officers at colleges to which you apply. Selective colleges and universities may require more than the BHHS/UC/CSU A through G requirements for admittance. BHHS Graduation Requirements (continued)

11 9 th Grade Electives Animation Concert Choir Architecture Graphic Design Art Foundation Intro to Entrep./Robotics Band Intro to Theater Arts Beginning Journalism Orchestra Ceramics (Beginning) Photo Art Modern/Jazz Dance Audio Production** Intro to Coding** **These are new additions and are not printed on the Elective Request Form. If you are interested in taking either of these courses, please write them in. If Environmental Science is taken in place of Biology in 9 th grade, you will then take Biology in 10 th Grade. Students may be recommended for Honors World History, ASB, Service Learning, or General Studies based on current grades, state test scores, and/or teacher recommendation. Please choose your elective based on what you are interested in, as changes will not be permitted without approval once school begins. Elective Request Forms are due to your homeroom teacher by April 4, 2014.

12 Honors and AP Classes Honors – Classes that are taught at the high school level but provide the greatest challenge and preparation for college. Not all receive weighted credit. Placement is based on teacher recommendation, placement tests, and CST scores. AP (Advanced Placement) – College level courses offered in a high school setting. Students are expected to take AP exams in May. Weighted credit is received on the student’s transcript. Placement is based on teacher recommendation, placement tests, and CST scores.

13 BHHS Athletics Fall Sports Cheer, Cross Country, Football, Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Girls Volleyball Boys Water Polo Winter Sports Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Girls Water Polo, Wrestling Spring Sports Baseball, Boys Golf, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Softball, Swimming, Boys Tennis, Track, Boys Volleyball Please refer to The Foundation BH Summer Sports Clinic Brochure in your folder for more information regarding summer conditioning, or visit

14 Activities/Clubs/Organizations Being a well-rounded person is important. Our goal is that 100% of the student body will be involved in an activity, club, or organization. Activities outside of class are where you may actually acquire and practice skills like problem solving, communication skills, and teamwork. Experiment with clubs or activities to find out what is right for you; however there should be something you start and stay with for at least a couple of years. This demonstrates commitment. A complete list of available activities, clubs, and organizations is available on the BHHS website. Please contact Mark Mead, Director of Student Activities at if you have additional questions.

15 Your 9 th Grade Schedule: As a freshman at BHHS, you will be enrolled in 6 year-long classes. A typical schedule consists of: English(Regular or Honors)* Math(Algebra 1/2 or Geometry)* Biology(Regular or Honors)* Foreign Language(Level 1/2 or Level 3/4 -- Regular or Honors)* PE /Sport Elective(May include World History Honors or Environmental Science)* * Based on Middle School Teacher recommendations * If you are not currently taking a Foreign Language, or wish to enroll in a different Foreign Language for 9 th Grade, please see your Middle School Counselor

16 English Honors1/2 Algebra 1/2 Biology French 3/4 PE Beginning Ceramics English Honors1/2 Geometry 3/4 Biology Honors French Honors 3/4 PE World History Honors Band (This sample includes 7 classes) English 1/2 Algebra 1/2 Environmental Science Spanish 3/4 Concert Choir Football Sample 9 th Grade Schedules: English 1/2 Geometry 3/4 Biology Spanish 1/2 Art Foundation Football

17 Bell Schedule All classes meet daily Monday through Friday. The complete bell schedule is available on the BHHS website. 9 th grade students typically begin their day at approximately 8:00am with 2 nd period/ Homeroom and finish after 7 th period at approximately 3:20pm. (Times will vary for those students who participate on an athletic team and/or those who have an optional 1 st period.)

18 Summer School Summer school is being offered at BHHS by The Foundation BH. Session 1: June 9 – June 24 Session 2: June 25 – July 11 8:00am to 1:20pm Please check The Foundation BH website at for details and registration information, or call (310)


20 FAQ’s Where can I find useful information regarding Beverly Hills High School? The BHHS website has a wealth of information for parents and students and may be found at How do I communicate a request for an elective change after I have turned in my Elective Request Form? Requests must be received before the end of the school year and may be ed directly to your BHHS counselor.

21 Whom do I contact regarding summer school questions? Summer school registration information can be found at or you may call (310) When is Registration and Orientation? Freshman Registration will take place on the morning of Friday, August 8 th and you will receive your actual schedule at that time. Orientation (“Norman Training Day”) will also take place on Friday, August 8 th, in the afternoon

22 Whom do I talk to if I have a question about why I was recommended for a specific class? (For example, I was recommended for regular Biology but I want to take Honors Biology.) Should you have a specific question regarding recommendations, please see your 8 th grade teachers. What should I do if I have a private question or concern? Please speak with your Middle School Counselor first. If you need additional information, please your BHHS counselor directly.

23 How do I contact my counselor? Diane Hale, Dept. Chair/Guidance Counselor Janice Hart, Guidance Counselor Kate Marks, Guidance Counselor Celeste McDonald, Guidance Counselor Ali Norman-Franks, Intervention Counselor Bridget Reichhart, Guidance Counselor Hanna Zylberberg, Guidance Counselor

24 Upcoming Events BHHS Open House – April 3rd Deadline to return Elective Request Form to homeroom teachers – April 4 th Freshman Registration and “Norman Training Day” August 8 th First Day of School Monday, August 11 th

25 Break-out Meetings by House: House A A – DaMs. Marks De – HMs. McDonald House B I – LeeMrs. Hart Lef – NMs. Reichhart House C O – SheMs. Zylberberg Shi – ZMrs. Hale

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