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1 Dublin 22 April 2013 Dr. Mike Murphy. Creation, validation and organization of information into new knowledge lie at the heart of the research mission.

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1 1 Dublin 22 April 2013 Dr. Mike Murphy

2 Creation, validation and organization of information into new knowledge lie at the heart of the research mission of the university; validation, organization and dissemination of knowledge in the form of new information define its teaching mission. Traditional University Missions 2

3 3 Third Mission complements the mission of teaching and the mission of research. Third Mission supports the structures, processes and engagement between universities and the wider community. Third Mission activities of HEIs seek to generate, apply and use knowledge and other HEIs capabilities outside academic environments. The complexity of this issue reflects the richness of the bonds linking HEIs to the society at large. ( Adapted from the Final Report for Russell Group of Universities, 2002) THIRD MISSION

4 E XAMPLE OF OUTREACH P ROGRAMME : DIT- B ALLYMUN M USIC P ROGRAMME Orchestra, wind band, string band and choir in the primary and secondary schools in socio-economically disadvantaged area in Dublin Music as a vehicle for engagement in learning Students receive scholarships to DIT 1000 children per year benefit ‘Ballymun Lullaby’ CD and film Purpose-built Music Room in the community Key partners: DIT Conservatory of Music, DIT Access and Civic Engagement Office, primary and second schools in Ballymun Range of funders: government, corporate, local government, donations

5 DIT A CCESS AND C IVIC E NGAGEMENT O FFICE Role of Office: to facilitate, co-ordinate and support three stands of civic engagement and access programmes: 1. Community engagement through service learning, community-based research and outreach programmes 2. Widening participation via a range of access routes 3. Student engagement through curriculum-based service learning, innovative student support programme for access students, volunteering opportunities and student internships

6 Lifelong Learning Programme* 8 partners / 7 countries Participants Researchers: 20 Advisors: 2 Experts: 20 Timeline: Feb 2009 – Feb 2012 6 2012201020092011 E3M PROJECT *Project No: 143352-LLP -1-2008-1-ES-KA1-KA1SCR 6

7 7 2 1 3 4 6 5 7 8 PARTNERS Coordinator Advisors 7

8 Goal Generate a comprehensive instrument to identify, measure, and compare Third Mission activities of HEIs from a wide perspective Objectives Create European standard indicators to measure third mission activities Create a ranking methodology to benchmark Third Mission activities of European HEIs Describe good practices for institutional dialogue in a European Area of higher education framework 8 GOAL & OBJECTIVES 8

9 Questions to answer: What is included in Third Mission? How can we measure Third Mission? Who is working in Third Mission? What are some of the best doing? What can we recommend? Conceptualization of 3M Indicators set Database for 3M Best practices Green Paper 9

10 WHAT IS THIRD MISSION? 10 Applied Research Consultancy Licensing Start-ups Spin-offs Companies Business incubators Technology parks Cooperation Non-academic organizations Sharing of space Facilities Shared laboratories Mobility of people Sponsoring of education Collaborative research projects Continuing Education Technology Transfer & Innovation Social Engagement Patents e-Learning Programs Fee management Teaching Educational activities Life Long Learning Grants Sponsorship Business opportunities Seminars Access to libraries Volunteering Membership of Community boards Political participation Community service projects International cooperation Cultural events Senior populations 10



13 Dimension 2: Technology Transfer & Innovation (TTI) 13

14 14 TT&I Indicators – Examples

15 D ISSEMINATION Policy Seminars Papers Web page and Blog Final Conference Green Paper 15 What can we recommend?

16 16

17 Green Paper Perhaps the most important output of the process Paper targeted to policy makers and decision makers This paper has the objective to stimulate debate and launch a process of consultation at European level on third mission measuring (and ranking) methodologies Based on: Research conclusionsGood practices identified Study visitsPolicy Seminars Delphi experts feedback 17

18 K EY F ACTORS FOR D EVELOPING E NGAGEMENT IN HEI S Clear commitment to and belief in engagement in mission and values Strategy for engagement Senior management champions Staff to co-ordinate work Resourcing Key part of HEI communication Dissemination and promotion of engagement Included in all academic quality assurance processes and teaching and learning developments Part of staff recruitment, progression and training and development Interlink teaching, engagement and research Engagement factored into HE ranking systems 18

19 E XAMPLE OF CURRICULUM - BASED SERVICE LEARNING : S TUDENTS L EARNING W ITH C OMMUNITIES ► Community-based learning ► Staff/students collaborate with underserved community partners (local groups, not-for-profit organisations) to develop real-life course-based credit- bearing projects for mutual benefit. ► 1,300 DIT students, 100+ community partners. ► Module on 1 in 3 undergraduate programmes ► e.g: Leisure Management students train as Gaelic for Girls referees and coaches, and run G4G blitz days in inner-city clubs on work placement module


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