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Year 7 Induction Evening 15 th July 2014 Student Presidents Ashleigh Westgate Garion Wakley.

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2 Year 7 Induction Evening 15 th July 2014

3 Student Presidents Ashleigh Westgate Garion Wakley

4 Mr Chris Wade Headteacher

5 Our Values Every child will be successful A positive regard for all members of our community Students first Teach our students a moral purpose Develop independence and teamwork Inspire a lifelong appreciation of learning Involve parents/carers at all times

6 Our Vision High aspirations for every learner Provide an outstanding education Excellent pastoral support An ethos of equality of opportunity, honesty, and respect Create positive role models No student left behind

7 Mrs Sally – Ann Hancock Chair of the Governing Body

8 Marketing Care / Social work Health & Safety Human Resources Legal

9 Anna Richardson


11 Miss Rebecca Thomas Head of Dragon House & Mr John Chalmers Head of Phoenix House

12 Tutor groups 8 Vertical groups Dragon 7891011 b 32332 13 27 g 33233 14

13 Helps significantly to combat bullying Older students not seen as remote Allows students to associate with other students and share common interests regardless of age Helps students of various ages to work together in mutual co-operation Smooth transition through the years

14 Anti-Bullying Student Support Family Support Worker Student Counsellor Peer Listeners

15 House Competitions Inter-house events House Challenges House ethos

16 Structure of House competitions Fortnightly Department or House ran House LeadersRewards

17 Extra Curricular Opportunities Freshers Fair Freshers Fair in September Monday Maths Mayhem! Here 2 Here (Peer Support) Weekly House Challenge Jazz Band Orchestra Choir Dance Club Homework Club Book Fair Sewing Bee Sports Clubs Library

18 Mrs Nicola Shoesmith Head of Griffin & Mr Craig Mawford Head of Unicorn House

19 Regular progress reports Attitude to learning: A score 1 to 4 Academic attainment: Current NC Level (eg. 5a) Progress: Number of sub levels of progress made

20 Subject Teacher Initials Target level end of Y7 Currently working at level Sub -level (s) of progress made Predicted level at the end of Y7 Target level at the end of Key Stage 3 (Y9) Organisation Behaviour in lessons Engagement with Learning Working with others Quality of homework Subject learning skills average ArtKAG4B 1 5A333333.00 DramaJCB4C 24B5B444444.00 EnglishSW4C5B25A5B443343.60 GermanDMM4C 6 5B444444.00 GeographyELJ4B4A2 5A443443.80 HistoryRD4B 14A5A444444.00 ICTMJS4B4A0 5A444444.00 MathsPG5C4B4A6B343333.20 MusicNAM4B4C2 5A444444.00 PEKAO4A3A14C6C4434N/A3.75 ScienceJOC5A5C1 7C444433.80 TechnologySL4A 1 6C444444.00 PSHCEGLN2N/A264444 4.00

21 Parent Consultation evening An opportunity to discuss subject specific issues with your child’s class teacher Review of subject progress

22 Academic Monitoring Days 25 th November and 21 st April Discuss academic progress with your child’s Tutor Set Targets for the next two terms Review attendance

23 Year 7 students Sydney Fourie Joseph Pike Lyndsey Houlbrook Bethany Wood Jack Bidgood


25 High Standards

26 High Aspirations

27 High Challenge

28 Strong on teamwork

29 Good communication

30 Key People Tutor Head of House Curriculum leaders Deputy Heads Directors of Learning & Achievement SEN Team

31 4 th September – 1 st Day of Term: 8.30am start 16 th September– Progress Tracking presentation 29 th September onwards – Settling in phone calls 14 th October – PTA Wine tasting evening! 25 th March – Year 7 Parent Consultation Evening Key Dates

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