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1 Log on to the survey now at

2 Broad Descriptors— not genre specific No reference to established rubrics Ratings tend to be highly subjective Ratings ranges are too narrow Same qualitative and quantitative scale is applied to all groups

3 The Current Evaluation Form All Purpose Form Generic Language that encompasses all Genres (Band, Orchestra, Choir) Four Captions: Quality of Sound (30 pts) Technique (30 pts) Musicality (30 pts) Other Factors (10 pts) Five Ratings: Superior Excellent Good Fair Needs Improvement

4 Incorporates rubrics to substantiate the rating Uses language in rubrics that is specific to each genre: Instrumental, Choral, Jazz Uses an Adjusted Point Scale for different levels of groups Uses Broader Ratings Ranges for greater flexibility in assigning ratings Evaluation Rubrics and Score/Comment Sheet are All-in-One


6 Three Classifications Directors Select Classification when Registering Groups

7 Adjustable Point Scale

8 Captions feature genre-specific descriptors

9 Applying the Point Scale with the Rubric

10 Other Factors 5 points is the Baseline score Award points for excellence Subtract points for deficiencies Other Factors becomes a more important category in which points are earned by the group as opposed to being an automatic award

11 Expanded Ratings Ranges Superior: 80-100 Excellent: 60-79 Good: 34-59 Fair: 6-33

12 Revised Comment/Score Sheet Revised to reflect individual genres Evaluation Form will be on the reverse of the Evaluation Scale/Rubric Easy access by Adjudicators and Directors



15 Adjudicators will have to adjust- easy with practice Overall numeric scores will trend lower Numbers will more honestly reflect level of performance Directors and Students can see room for growth Adjudicators will have specific vocabulary and phrases at their fingertips during the performance. Can circle phrases on the sheet Adjudicators will have more flexibility with the new scoring system Directors and Students will be able to reference the rubrics as they listen to recorded comments and read written comments

16 All groups would be required to sight read at Bay Section Music Festivals – Emphasizes importance of developing fluency in the language of Music – Aligned with the CA State Standards – Makes scheduling and Adjudicator routing easier

17 SIGHT READING PROPOSAL Procedural Changes (Instrumental & Jazz) that places responsibility to interpret notes and rhythms with students Director has 2 minutes to study the score Director has 5 minutes to discuss selection with group – Director may not sing lines, clap rhythms or demonstrate the music in any way – Students may sing, clap, finger but may not make any sound on instruments – At end of 5 minutes, Adjudicator reads statement to group reminding them of importance of going without stopping.

18 New SR Form 70 point scale Descriptors are specific to genres (Instrumental, Choral, Jazz) Expanded ratings ranges Option to SR for Comments Only Adjudicator uses 5 points as Baseline for each Caption

19 Pilot Programs involving “Shadow” Adjudicators at the following festivals: Jazz West— Aragon HS Jan. 31 Band/Orchestra North— Terra Linda HS Mar. 20 Choral East— Acalanes HS Apr. 25

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