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An Academy for Students At Manchester High School West.

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1 An Academy for Students At Manchester High School West

2 A way of thinking about school A way to collaborate A way to get started on college A way to start your career

3  What is missing in school now? ◦ Consistent hands-on, minds-on activities ◦ Using content and applying it to real life ◦ Time to get away and practice skills  What STEAM Ahead can offer! ◦ Creative, hands on approach to work ◦ Collaborative process with teachers and classmates ◦ Thematic units focused on STEAM ◦ Internships ◦ Free College Courses

4 Mr. Colburn, Mrs. Mulleavey, Ms. Ratliff, Ms. Henkle, and Mrs. Aspinwall Engineering, Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Science The STEAM Ahead NH Team of Teachers

5 Up to one year of college for free! Different pathways based on your interest Dual Enrollment credits

6 Internships through community partners! Job Opportunities College and Career Counseling Who would like to work at a place like Dyn?

7  Anyone interested in a STEAM field ◦ Science ◦ Technology ◦ Engineering ◦ Arts ◦ Mathematics  Anyone interested in the following Career Pathways: ◦ Allied Health ◦ Computer Science ◦ Performing Arts ◦ Engineering

8 Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12 Common Experiences and Possible Core Course Sequence English 1 Biology Pre-Algebra or Algebra Civics & Economics Career Readiness Survey English 2 Physical/Earth/Space Science Geometry or Geometry Skills World History & World Geography Job Shadow/Cohort Seminar English 3/AP Lit. and Comp/American Studies Anatomy/ Physics/ Chemistry Algebra II & Trigonometry U.S. History Junior Internship English 4, AP Language and Comp / College Composition AP Biology/AP Physics/ AP Chemistry Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or Business Math Crime and Justice, Law, Psychology, Sociology, etc. Job and College Application process/ Senior Project Engineering Pathway Drafting Engineering Drawing/ Introduction to Engineering TBD (Principles of Engineering) TBD (Engineering Design and Development) Performing Arts Pathway Theatre 1, Band, Orchestra, Chorale Theatre 2, Band, Orchestra, Chorale Theatre 3, Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Choir, Chamber Orchestra Theatre 4, Band, Jazz Band, Chamber choir, Chamber Orchestra

9 College Opportunities! Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12 Fall Running Start/Dual Credit Options N/A First Year Experience (FYC 101) Allied Health: Intro to Psychology College Biology 1 Computer Science: Intro to Programming Intro to Psychology Allied Health: Medical Office Procedure Elementary Algebra Computer Science: Intro to C# College Algebra Spring Running Start/Dual Credit Options Allied Health: N/A Computer Science: N/A Allied Health: Medical Terminology, College pre-Algebra Computer Science: APP Development Allied Health: English Composition and Human Body Computer Science: Intro to JAVA English Composition Allied Health: Medical Terminology Phlebotomy Computer Science: Data Structures/ Elementary Algorithms Discrete Math

10 Sign ups are being done electronically. Visit for details! If you do not have a computer at home, ask your guidance counselor to help you sign up! If more than 75 students sign up, there will be a lottery to choose who will be accepted.

11  Technology  Updated Engineering Lab (est. cost – $40,000)  One to One Technology (est. cost - $27,000)  4 STEAM Classrooms  Including furniture, fixtures, Smart Boards, White boards, multi-media tables, etc… (est. cost - $60,000)  Professional Development  Conferences, site visits, consultants (est. cost - $25,000)

12 We are Full STEAM Ahead! For more details, please visit

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