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WELCOME The Oswego High School Vocal Music Department proudly presents our.........

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3 The Oswego High School Vocal Music Department proudly presents our.........

4 Directed by Frank J. Tieri Accompanied by Miss Michelle Smith Annual Spring Concert

5 Teryn Young “Hey Ya” a song by Outcast

6 Combined Choir Bass Ensemble Treble Choir Concert Choir

7 Andrea Alvarado Emmily Broom Andrea Buenrostro Alexandrea Canaletta Krystal Donnelly Haley Douglas Cynthia Eady Sara Espinosa Chloe Fu Taylor Goodall Carley Graber Reilly Greenfield Sierra Isberg Haylie Kremnitzer Andrea Perez Bridget Robinson Paige Spuhler Roshall Steele Kaitlynn Szymczak Becca Taylor Vanessa Villegas Soprano Alto Mariana Alyo Hannah Brasher Kayla Corsere Daisy Cuevas Isela Flores Katie Furman Teagan Hively Tawaii Johnson Nia Kelly Katie Kunde April Papke Tiffany Ronning Marissa Trichardt Danielle Vazzano Destiny White

8 Tenor Johnathan Barker Enrique Corral Gustavo Guillen J’Onta House Sam Johnson Myles Kramer Chris Pagan Trevon Smith Dan St. Clair Anthony Zgobica Bass Travis Brown Damion Cobb Brandon Davis Ben Hawks Brandon Heinz Nick Jackson Jairo DeJesus Mason Lausier Malique Ross Kevin Saavedra Andy Salazar Jacob Sall Brett Tomter William Vela

9 Operator arr. by Kirby Shaw Soloist: Roshall Steele

10 Blue Skies arr. by Roger Emerson Soloist: Carley Graber

11 Carissa Robbins and Cary Nagel “Who I Am” a song by Jessica Andrews

12 Bobby Taves “ In Whatever Time We Have” From Garden of Eden a musical by Stephen Schwartz

13 Women’s Choir

14 Soprano II Allison Bockay Rachel Herr Kelly Martin Kaitlyn Matthews Teresa Ruffo Teryn Young Soprano I Dominique DeLay Alannah Franklin Kristina Rome Kirby Shramuk Lizzy Smith Meghan Wheele Alto I Cait Avery Erin Best Taylor Laverdure Lauren McCusker Marci Olson Alto II Karly Collman Natalie Kilpatrick Diamond Owens Mindy Pajor Katie Schonder

15 How Merrily We Live from “Renaissance Women ” arr. by John Leavitt

16 Je le vous dirai! from “Renaissance Women” arr. by John Leavitt

17 La, la, la, Je ne l’o, Je le l’ose dire La. la, la, Je le vour dirai, Il est un homme en notr’ ville, Qui de sa femme est jaloux. Il n’est pas jaloux sans cause, Mais il n’est pas beau du tout! Il l’apprete et s’il la mene au marché S’en va a tout, La, la, la, do not dare, do not dare, Do not dare, I say it La, la, la, I will tell you now There’s a man, lives in our village, Who is jealous of his wife He’s not jealous without reason, For he’s not a handsome man As she leaves to go to market, He will follow by her side.

18 Psalm 23 z. Randall Stroope

19 Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home arr. by Greg Gilpin

20 Abi Hummel Dream a Little Dream of Me a song by Ella Fitzgerald Saxophone accompaniment: Dougan Smith

21 A Cappella Choir

22 Soprano I Lynn Hardy Asia Lundein Torie Hinz Maria Sanchez Soprano II Marci Olson McKinley Paratore Taylor Boothby Kara Neitzel Alto I Maureen O’Hara Sara Rozhon Katie Meyer Lillian Roth Brooke Boothby Alto II Cary Nagel Bri Driggers Carissa Robbins Sydney Blount Katie Wright

23 Tenor Denzel Valenti Jason Becker Drew Tadych Bobby Taves Kyle Meyer Matt Hughes Nate Gonzalez Anthony Ortiz A.J. McCoy Bass Nick Shilney Cristian Sanjuan Tony Deluna Julian Hernandez Jack Kwiatkowski Ben Brawner Tyler Hummel Brandon Mabrey

24 Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho arr. by Jester Hairston

25 Alleluia Randall Thompson

26 Daemon Irrepit Callidus György Orbán

27 The Demon sneaks expertly Tempting the honorable heart; He sets forth trickery amidst praise, song and dance. However amiably the Demon acts, It is still worth less than the heart of Jesus. The Flesh is tempted by sensuality; Gluttony clings to our senses; It overgrows, it encroaches, it stretches. However appealing the Flesh is, It is still worth less than the heart of Jesus. Through the Universe may confer Thousands upon thousands of praises, They neither fulfill nor put out the desire of the heart. However appealing the whole Universe is, It is still worth less the heart of Jesus.

28 Ask Me No More Text by Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson Music by Ruth Morris Gray

29 Battle Hymn of the Republic Arr by Peter J. Wilhousky Please join us near the finish of the song. We would love to hear you sing!

30 Audience : (syllable per note) Glo-ry ! Hal-le-lu-jah ! Glo-ry ! Hal-le-lu-jah ! Glo-ry ! Hal-le-lu-jah ! His truth is mar-ching on !

31 10 minute intermission Please feel free to pay a visit to our fine sponsors









40 Welcome back! Please, enjoy the second part of our concert!

41 Stay Tuned

42 Soprano Katie Matthews Lizzy Smith Alannah Franklin Natalie Thompson Alto Giselle Gaztambide Cary Nagel Sara Rozhon T enor Matt Hughes Dougan Smith Victor Vavrinek Bass Ben Brawner Julian Hernandez Tyler Hummel Brandon Mabrey

43 And So It Goes arr by Bob Chilcott Soloist: Brandon Mabrey

44 Bésame Mucho (Kiss Me Much) Arr by Kirby Shaw Soloist: Natalie Thompson

45 Cait Avery “He Will Not Relent” a song by Hillsong

46 Ambiance

47 Liana Chirkina Kayla Codina Maddie Cullick Soraya Dean Sobeidy DeJesus Maya Dougherty Ariadne Egan Jazmynn Frye Lexi Gravis Kim Hack Bre Herr Maddie Hulke Abi Hummel Tyjae Jackson Amanda Jorgenson Lexi Julius Sara Lemerman Margaret Orick Maria Sanchez Alyssa Scaramuzzi Stephanie Smith Mikki Torres-Turnage Torie Trenter

48 Heartbreaker Arr. By Anita Cracauer Soloist: Kayla Codina

49 Bad Case of Lovin’ You arr. by Anita Cracauer Soloist: Liana Chirkina

50 Natalie Thompson “Maybe This Time” By Fred Ebb and John Kandor

51 Senior Moments Seniors would please come to the stage

52 Booster Time with Mrs. Paratore

53 WANTED !!

54 Your student’s Jr. year Co-President - 2 year term, 2nd year you would be the Sr Co-President. This person needs to be available during the school day to meet w/Mr Tieri and students. Also, we are in need a secretary, which is a 1 year commitment. The positions are outlined in the email that Mr Tieri sent on Monday. If you're interested see me after the concert or email me at


56 Girls Ashley Browning Kayla Corsere Maya Dougherty Alannah Franklin Giselle Gaztambide Lexi Gravis Abi Hummel Kelly Martin Cary Nagel Maureen O’Hara McKinley Paratore Carissa Robbins Sara Rozhon Maria Sanchez Alyssa Scaramuzzi Lizzie Smith Natalie Thompson Torie Trenter

57 Guys Jason Becker Nick Cabrera Enrique Corral Brandon Davis Gustavo Guillen Julian Hernandez Jairo DeJesus Tony Deluna Matt Hughes Brandon Mabrey Kyle Meyer Anthony Ortiz Nick Shilney Dan St. Clair Bobby Taves Denzel Valenti Victor Vavrinek Anthony Zgobica

58 INSIDE OUT (Beautiful Oblivion) arr. by Joshua

59 Remember When It Rained arr. by Anita Cracauer Soloist: Brandon Mabrey

60 Hit You With The Real Thing arr. by Anita Cracauer Soloist Natalie Thompson

61 Thank you to: Mr. Michael Wayne, Principal – Oswego H.S. Mrs. Julie Pavlini, Assistant Principal of Curriculum – Oswego H.S. Mr. Craig Watson, Assistant Principal for Finance/Building and Grounds – Oswego H.S. Mr. Michael Skura, Department Chair for Fine Arts – Oswego H.S. Mr. Brian Wussow, Theatre Manager – Oswego H.S. Auditorium Mrs. Stephanie San Roman, Band Director – Oswego H.S. Mr. Kevin Schoenbach, Assistant Band Director – Oswego H. S. Mr. Eric Arambide, Theatre Administrative Manager – Oswego East H.S.

62 Thank you, Parents! Thank you for always being there to support your students !

63 Like…. right now as you wait for them to help us clean up the auditorium and pack up the staging….

64 Now go get some ice cream! You deserve it…….. …just wait ‘til they’re done.

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