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Endeavour Academy, Huntington Beach

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1 Endeavour Academy, Huntington Beach

2 Einstein Campuses Einstein Academies Valencia 7-12 San Diego K-12
Santa Clarita K-6 Agua Dulce K-5 Westlake, Ohio Huntington Beach K-5

3 What is a Charter School?
Are open to the public Are tuition-free Participate in State Tests Employ credentialed teachers Do not discriminate

4 WASC Our founding school is fully accredited by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). All AEA/Endeavour schools will go through the accreditation process when eligible.

5 Why Do We Offer More? “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid.” --Albert Einstein

6 Einstein Model High Academic Standards Safe Environment
World Languages Interdisciplinary Curriculum S.T.E.A.M Leadership Community Service Performing Arts Parental Involvement

7 What is our Mission? The Endeavour Academy seeks to prepare students for 21st century careers and lives as members of a democratic society through an interdisciplinary educational experience that is rich in exposure to high priority languages, which may include: Mandarin, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and/or Arabic. In addition, the academy’s curriculum will provide students with tools to develop their intellectual, artistic, physical, technological, and social competencies, allowing them to graduate with a deep understanding of the relationships among disciplines, and the ability to continuously develop their intellectual integrity and curiosity through a lifelong love of learning.

8 Our Faculty Highly qualified-CA credentialed
Charismatic, dynamic, innovative Happy, caring, creative, engaging Professional, organized, dedicated Love learning! Love Kids! Passionate about education We hand select our teachers!

9 Campus Safety Schools should be physically secure and emotionally safe environments where learning can occur. Visitors must sign in Bully-free zone

10 Theory into Practice K-12
Core Subjects: Enrichment Subjects: ● Math ● Art ● Music ● Language Arts ● Drama ● Character Ed. ● Science ● Sci. Lab ● P.E. ● Social Studies ● World Languages ● Community Service ● Field Trips ● Guest Speakers Our goal is to provide a well-balanced curriculum

11 Elementary Requirements
Math Language Arts Science & Lab Social Studies S.T.E.A.M. – applications/projects Visual/Performing Arts World Language Physical Education Character Education Community Service (10 Hours/year)

12 Middle School Requirements

13 High School Requirements

14 Einstein Requirements for Graduation

15 Sample Electives/Enrichment
Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Three Dimensional Arts, Set Design Camera: Photography, Filmmaking, Film Aesthetics, TV production Performing Arts: Theatre, Musical Theater, Dance, Skits Music: Voice, Choir, Guitar, Piano Technology: Computer Science, Web design, Video Game Design, Robotics, Animation Communication: Journalism, Creative Writing, Speech and Debate, Yearbook, Newspaper

16 Clubs & Extracurricular Activities
Launch Pad Spirit Club Spirit Assembly News Reporter Community Service Club Cheerleading Sports Dance Homework Club Music Girl Scouts

17 Field Trips Elementary Middle and High School Primary Grades:
Local Trips Zoo & Safari Park Lego Land Butterfly Sanctuary Aquarium Sea World Intermediate Grades: Local and Distant Trips CA Adventure Park Sacramento Museums/Colleges Biz Town Star of India Colonial Days in Hemet Local Businesses Middle and High School Local and Distant Trips Colleges Museums National and International Travel Theme Parks Competitions Local Businesses

18 Interdisciplinary Approach
One concept covered over many subjects to show the interconnectedness of material Crosscutting Concepts: Patterns Cause and Effect Flows and Cycles Nothing occurs in a vacuum

19 World Languages Greek, Latin, Mandarin, Arabic, and Hebrew are in high demand by the US Government (FBI & CIA) Ties in with: Music Visual and performing arts History Culture Cultural appreciation

20 S.T.E.A.M A Framework for Teaching Across the Disciplines
Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements.  STEAM Education aims to bring FUNctional literacy to all. It promotes bridging the gap between business and educational goals to create a more productive and sustainable global culture based on teamwork. This educational framework is for all disciplines and types of learners with the goal of being more engaging and naturally successful for all members of any educational system.

21 Performing Arts In class performances Drama class/club Talent show
Readers’ Theatre Debate Drama class/club School wide performance Fundraising opportunities Talent show Dinner Theatre Skits Thespian Society

22 Visual Arts Art in class Art class Scene and set design Graphic art
Follows standards Support curriculum Scene and set design Graphic art Costume design Film Photography

23 Music Music in daily lessons Used as a memorization tool Choir
Music in performance art/dance Clubs Orchestra and band

24 Community Service Elementary: 10 Hours/year
Middle School: 15 Hours/year High School: 25 Hours/year The purpose of community service is to instill a sense of pride in the community and our role in that community. Think globally, act locally Paul McCarthy

25 Sample Calendar Work Days: August 6-16 Student Orientation: August 15
Start Date: August 19 Labor Day: September 2 Fall Break: September 3-6 Veterans Day: November 11 Thanksgiving: November 27-29 Winter Break: December 23, 2013 – January 3, 2014 Martin Luther King: January 20 President’s Day: February 18 Cesar Chavez Day: March 31 Spring Break: Memorial Day: May 26 Last Day of School: June 12 180 Days of instruction No minimum days Fall, winter, and spring break

26 Sample Elementary Schedule
Primary Grades 7:30-7:55 Drop off 8:00-9:10 Language Arts 9:10-9:30 Recess 9:30-10:15 Math 10:15-11:00 Rotation 1 11:00-11:45 Lunch 11:45-3:15 Rotations Science, Lab, Social Studies, Language, Art, P.E. Intermediate Grades 7:30-7:55 Drop off 8:00-9:30 Language Arts 9:30-9:50 Recess 9:55-11:15 Math 11:15-12:00 Lunch 12:00-3:15 Rotations Science, Lab, Social Studies, Language, Art, P.E.

27 Sample Middle School & High School Schedule

28 Endeavour Handbook Rules Procedures Policies Dress code
Behavior expectations Academic standards FAQ Available online

29 Dress Code

30 Endeavour Parent Organization
Technology Assistance Assist teachers Field trips Copies, prep work, etc. Office Lunch Service Fundraising Campus Safety Performances Community Service Yearbook/newspaper

31 Enrollment and Lottery
Application online Lottery occurs when demand exceeds our capacity at a grade level and/or class. Founding parents status: parents who donate 200 hours of community service are exempt from the lottery process. Children are guaranteed admittance. Students not admitted will be placed on a waiting list in order.

32 (formerly LePort Academy)
Contact (657) 721 Utica Avenue Huntington Beach 92648 (formerly LePort Academy)

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