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2011 ICDA Conference Butler University Presented by Greg Moore.

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1 2011 ICDA Conference Butler University Presented by Greg Moore

2 Welcome! Let’s “Talk Travel…”

3  About Your Presenter: ♫ 26-Year Veteran of Performance Group Travel ♫ Planned Tours & Accompanied Groups to Various Domestic & International Destinations ♫ Traveled to all 50 United States, all 10 Canadian Provinces, and nearly 30 Countries ♫ Participated in Various Bands & Performance Groups throughout High School & College ♫ Reside in Fishers, Indiana with wife, Kelly, and four children – all students of music education

4  About Your Presenter: ♫ Graduate of Indiana University with B.A. in Germanic Studies ♫ President of Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA) 2002 – 2003 ♫ Senior Sales Manager for MusicAmerica and the WorldPass Travel Group

5  Why Travel with your Choir? ♫ Give them the Opportunity to Perform their Craft in front of a New/Different Audience ♫ Travel will Broaden their Horizons ♫Experience New Cultures – Domestic or International ♫Break down Barriers – Eliminate Stereotypes ♫ Allows for Greater Bonding within Group  Is it a lot of Work to Plan a Trip? ♫ Getting Organized and obtaining the proper assistance will certainly help, but it is rewarding!

6  What To Consider: ♫ Performance ♫ What do you as the director need to get from it? What do the students need to get? ♫ Destination ♫ Time of Year ♫Approved Time Off from School? ♫Spring Break vs. Fall Break vs. A Three-Day Weekend vs. … ♫ Budget $$$ ♫Determine what is realistic – know what the group’s limitations are

7  Performance ♫ Formal or Informal? ♫ Festival or Non-Festival? ♫ Competitive or Non-Competitive? ♫ Single or Multiple? ♫ Performance can also determine Destination

8  Performance – “Informal”

9  Performance – “Formal” ♫ Concert Halls ♫Carnegie Hall ♫Lincoln Center ♫Kennedy Center ♫ Churches & Cathedrals ♫Washington National Cathedral ♫St. John the Divine – New York

10  Performance – “Festivals”

11  Performance…and then there’s “Disney!”

12  Destination – Domestic

13  Destination – International

14  Searching for a Tour Operator  But wait, do I really need one??? ♫ Yes, unless you have unlimited hours of free time… ♫ Will save you Time ♫ Can even save you Money ♫ But I thought they are more expensive! ♫ Can provide Liability Coverage & Insurance Options ♫ Experts in the Field… ♫ You don’t allow just any teacher to teach choir, why would you allow just anyone to plan your travel?

15  Searching for a Tour Operator  How Do I Find One?? ♫ Call a Colleague or Friend… Who do they travel with and why? ♫ Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA) “The Voice Of Student & Youth Travel” SYTA is to the Student Tour Operator what MENC & ACDA are to the Choir Director…

16  Searching for a Tour Operator ♫ Call Me…

17  What’s Next?  You’ve Determined your Desired Budget  You’ve selected a Destination and/or Performance Venue  You’ve Determined which Group of Students the trip is for…  You’ve selected a Tour Operator  Time To Get Organized!

18  Getting Organized:  Request Your Tour Proposal  Be Specific: State the anticipated number of tour participants, number of director packages required, number and type of meals, etc.  Special Services Needed?  Private Security Guard(s) @ Hotel  Individual Payment Program  Optional Travel Insurance Plan(s)

19  Getting Organized: ♫ Getting Administrative Approval ♫ Consider an “In-House Trip Coordinator” ♫ Fundraising??? ♫ Determine a Deposit Due Date & Payment Schedule ♫ Review Cancellation Policy and Non-Refundability Issues ♫ Set a Meeting with Tour Operator and Trip Coordinator ♫ Set a Meeting with Tour Operator, Parents & Students (also arrange a mandatory pre-trip meeting with all tour participants, chaperones, parents, & staff approx 1 – 2 weeks prior to departure) ♫ Communicate!...with Students, Parents, Tour Operator

20  Questions? ? ? ?  Thank You! ♫ Performance Group Travel is Rewarding… ♫ Thanks to ICDA…

21  Greg Moore – Contact Info Greg Moore, Senior Sales Manager 800.553.4723 – x 147 317.432.6636 – cell

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