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Celebration of Faculty 2014. Malone University Department of Social Work Faculty awarded regionally by the National Association of Social Workers - Ohio.

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1 Celebration of Faculty 2014

2 Malone University Department of Social Work Faculty awarded regionally by the National Association of Social Workers - Ohio Chapter Elizabeth Patterson awarded ‘Social Worker of the Year’ Jane Hoyt-Oliver awarded ‘Lifetime Achievement’

3 Amy M. Yuncker (Reference Librarian/Archivist, Instructor of Library Science) recently received her Archival Certification through the ACA (Academy of Certified Archivists)

4 From July 8-22, 2013, Jay Case (Professor of History) participated in a seminar entitled “Evangelical Christianity and Social Change in Brazil,” co-sponsored by the Nagel Institute and the Plowshares Institute, under the endorsement of the CCCU. This seminar brought together two dozen evangelical scholars from institutions in the United States and Brazil for a series of discussions and consultations with evangelical reformers, politicians, church leaders and community organizers in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and the Amazon region. Scott Waalkes (Professor of International Politics) was selected to participate in a CCCU Faculty Development Seminar on "Nuclear Weapons in a Globalizing World" from August 2 to August 13. Along with approximately 20 other CCCU faculty members, Scott traveled to Japan in order to be present in Hiroshima on August 6 and Nagasaki on August 9 during the annual Peace Day commemorations of the atomic bombings of those cities. As a result of the trip, Scott and colleagues from Cornerstone University, Houghton College, and Westmont College, will be guest editors of a special issue of Christian Scholar's Review on the The Nuclear Age at 70: New Global Issues and Enduring Concerns. Summer Scholar Research Grants - 2013

5 Jesse Ayers (Professor of Music) Two of Jesse's major works were named finalists for the American Prize in Composition— Band Division. Seven works in all nationally made the finals list in this division, and two of the seven were Jesse's: Jericho and And They Gathered on Mount Carmel. Jesse was the winner of the American Prize for Orchestral Composition in 2011 for his work The Passion of John Brown. This is the first year the American Prize has offered an award for concert band composition.JerichoAnd They Gathered on Mount CarmelThe Passion of John Brown

6 Tom Kratzer (Professor of Business Administration) has been awarded the Business, Society, and Government Consortium’s Best Paper Award for 2014. The paper, “Ethical reflections on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in the food supply” will be published in the 2014 Business, Society, and Government Conference Proceedings. These proceedings will be published on the Business, Society, and Government Consortium website ( after the conference.

7 Nathan Phinney (Dean, College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences; Associate Professor of Biblical Studies) has been recently appointed to the Council of Colleges of Arts & Sciences (CCAS) Standing Committee on Private Institutions for 2014.

8 Moses Rumano (Assistant Professor of Education) co-authored the book, Educating Zimbabwe for the 21st Century: What Every Educator Should Know.

9 Kara Kaelber (Associate Professor of Counseling & Human Development) Has been voted in as the President-Elect for the Ohio Counseling Association for 2014-2015. She will be the President of the Ohio Counseling Association from 2015-2016.

10 Jack Ballard (Professor of Music) Jack’s work has been chosen by the International Trumpet Guild to appear on one of two New Works Recitals at the 2014 ITG Conference in Valley Forge, PA.

11 Two Awarded Beth Clark-Thomas (Professor of Education) Beth plans to examine the literacy supports during Spring 2015 within a school district with culturally and linguistically diverse populations. Jack Harris (Professor of Business Administration) Jack will spend the Spring 2015 semester in Salzburg, Austria working on a master’s degree in intercultural studies. for 2014-15

12 Laura S. Foote Promoted to Assistant Professor of Management Studies (School of Business and Leadership) Debra A. Lee Promoted to Associate Professor of Nursing and granted Tenure (School of Nursing and Health Sciences) Cherie A. Parsons Promoted to Associate Professor of English and granted Tenure (College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences) Lora L. Wyss Promoted to Professor of Nursing (School of Nursing and Health Sciences)

13 Kyle Calderhead (Associate Professor of Mathematics) recently participated in a special session that brought together mathematics, mathematics education, and fiber arts at the Joint Mathematics Meeting held in Baltimore. Recognition and a slide show presentation can be found in Scientific American.

14 James Glasgow (Associate Professor of Computer Science) was elected as Sigma Zeta’s President Elect. He will serve the organization over the next three years as President Elect, President, and then Past President.




18 Jon Peterson (Assistant Professor of Music) named All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir Director by the Ohio State Fair officials. He will recruit, prepare and manage a talented ensemble of more than 200 high school vocalists selected to represent Ohio’s diverse population in the famed All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir. The Choir will perform six to eight times each day during the 12-day Fair.

19 Susan Wechter (Clinical Instructor of Nursing) successfully defended her doctoral dissertation and will receive her official degree in May 2014 from the University of New Mexico.

20 Greg Miller General Education Committee Steve Jensen Faculty Senate Charles Lartey Assessment Implementation Committee Matt Phelps Faculty Development Committee Lauren Seifert Human Research Committee (IRB)

21 David Entwistle & Suzanne Nicholson First Year Faculty Orientation Program Diane Chambers Honors Program Steve Moroney & Patty Long Faith Integration 2 nd Year Seminar Marcia Everett The College Experience Jack Harris Global and Off-Campus Programs Cindy Ries The Writing Center

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