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 Who are we  What do we do  How do we do it  How can you help.

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3  Who are we  What do we do  How do we do it  How can you help

4  Who are we? ◦ A non-profit volunteer organization ◦ An arts based organization ◦ Serving the needs of the Greater Hartford community in partnership with others ◦ In our 15 th year

5  What do we do ◦ ANNUAL ‘FREE’ GOSPEL FESTIVAL AND FAIR   H.E.R.I.T.A.G.E. Show Choir Hebrew Wizards & LEVAS Choir

6  What do we do cont. ◦ ANNUAL ‘FREE’ GOSPEL FESTIVAL AND FAIR  Soide Yaveh Rodriquez Beyond the Veil

7  What do we do ◦ L.E.V.A.S. CHOIR

8  What do we do ◦ YOUTH ACTIVITIES ◦ SENIOR PROGRAMS ◦ PARTNERSHIPS  Conversations On Saving Our Youth

9  How do we do it ◦ Volunteer’s time and money ◦ Individual Donations ◦ City of Hartford ◦ Grants and other funding  Edward C. & Ann T. Roberts Foundation, Inc.  Evelyn W. Preston Memorial Trust Fund  Greater Hartford Arts Council  George A. & Grace L. Long Foundation  Robert and Margaret Patricelli Family Foundation  Knox Foundation  Ensworth Charitable Foundation  Carse Robinson Foundation  West Avon Congregational Church

10  How do we do it ◦ Fundraisers  Board Donations  Car Donation program - 1 877 CARS 4 US (227-7487) x 2291  Church donations  Stop and Shop Solicitation efforts  Souvenir Ad booklet  Tag Sales  LEVAS Choir performance donations  Other ideas………

11  How can you help ◦ Become a L.E.V.A.S. choir member ◦ Become a Partnership Liaison (volunteer)  Fundraising  Special Events  Community Outreach  Prayer Intercessor ◦ Become a Board Member ◦ Donations ◦ Become a Facebook friend ◦ Market L.E.V.A.S.

12 Volunteer/Community Service Opportunity Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Please print _____ Yes, Please consider me for  Board Member Candidacy OR  to serve as a Partnership Liaison Areas of interest (please indicate): ___Fundraising ___Special Events ___Community Outreach ___Prayer Intercessor Special Talents/Skills: _______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

13 ◦ Ideas Willing Hearts Plan of Action Recognition of Talents and Skills Within A ‘Will Do’ Attitude Desire to make L.E.V.A.S. better than it is today Willing Hands Keep Talking L.E.V.A.S.

14 Supporting L.E.V.A.S. is as easy as this: “There is no challenge too great for those who have the will and heart to make it happen.” – Anonymous

15 BOARD OF DIRECTORS (2009-2010) Carolyn Brooks-Burton, LLIF, President Larry Satchell, Acting Vice President Denisa Calloway, Acting Secretary Ranford Lilly, Treasurer Monica Carr Frank Carter Alexton Chance Myrian A. Garcia Tanna Howard, Co-Founder Edward Johnson, Co-Founder Tricia J. Johnson, Esq. Dean A. Jones Errol Lee Christopher L. McCarter

16 LEVAS Org., PO Box 194, Hartford, CT 06141-0194 Phone: (860) 243-8734 Fax: (860) 243-8643 E-mail: Website: WWW.LEVASGOSPEL.ORGWWW.LEVASGOSPEL.ORG Facebook URL: LEVAS Org. is a 501(3) c non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible

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