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CLASS OF 2019 What’s an endorsement? Why do I need one?

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1 CLASS OF 2019 What’s an endorsement? Why do I need one?

2 DISTINGUISHED ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAM W/ ENDORSEMENTS (26 CREDITS) English (4 Credits) English 1, English 2, English 3 & English 4 Mathematics (4 Credits) Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 & one advanced math classes Science (4 Credits) Biology & Chemistry or Physics & two advanced science class Social Studies (4 Credits) World Geography, World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government & Economics Fine Arts (1 Credit) World Language (2 Credits) Physical Education (1 Credit) Electives (6 Credits) Endorsement: Students must also fulfill the requirements of 1 or more endorsements.

3 PROCESS Today: Conversation with high school counselors about grad plan and endorsements. This Spring: Meet with 8 th grade counselor to make initial endorsement decision and complete 4 year plan. End of February: Meet with high school counselors to finalize and submit 9 th grade course selections. Fall 9 th Grade: 9 th grade guidance on endorsements and grad plan. Fall 9 th Grade: Confirm endorsement selection and 4 year plan with counselor and parents. 10 th through 11 th Grade: Yearly update during registration process.

4 ENDORSEMENT OPTIONS Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Business & Industry Public Service Arts & Humanities Multidisciplinary Studies

5 STEM: POSSIBLE CAREERS Engineering & Technology Aerospace Engineers Agricultural Engineers Chemical Engineers Computer Hardware Engineers Environmental Engineers Fire-Prevention Engineers Mapping Technicians Nanotechnology Engineering Robotics Engineering Science & Mathematics Agricultural & Food Science Technicians Atmospheric & Space Scientists Biostatisticians Chemical Technicians Computer Programmers Geneticists Industrial Ecologists Natural Sciences Managers Water Resource Specialists Statisticians Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

6 STEM: ENDORSEMENT OPTIONS Four credits in Career & Technical Education including a minimum of two courses from the Engineering & Technology courses on the next slide. Five total math credits including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and two additional classes from the previous slide. Five total science credits including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and two additional science courses from the previous slide.

7 STEM: EMS OPPORTUNITIES Engineering & Technology Concepts of Engineering & Technology Engineering Design & Presentation Advanced Engineering-Aeroscience (HCTC) Engineering Mathematics (HCTC) Manufacturing Engineering (HCTC) Robotics & Automation (HCTC) Mathematics Advanced Quantitative Reasoning Engineering Mathematics Pre-Calculus Calculus Statistics Science Anatomy & Physiology Aquatic Science Environmental Systems AP Environmental Science Forensic Science Medical Microbiology/Pathophysiology AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Physics 1 AP Physics 2

8 BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: POSSIBLE CAREERS Architecture & Construction Architectural Drafters Landscape Architects Surveyors Business Management & Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Service Advertising & Promotions Manager Budget Analysts Energy Auditors Natural Science Managers Financial Analysts Financial Managers Market Research Analysts Marketing Managers Sales Representatives Arts & Audio/Video Technology Audio & Video Equipment Technician Broadcast Technician Film & Video Editors Graphic Designers Media & Communication Workers Sound Engineering Technicians Hospitality & Tourism Food Service Managers Meeting, Convention & Event Planners Travel Agents/Guides Chefs & Head Cooks

9 BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: POSSIBLE CAREERS Information Technology Computer Systems Analysts Computer User Support Specialists Information Technology Project Managers Software Developers Computer Programmer Video Game Designer Manufacturing Engineering Technicians Machinists Metal Worker Welding Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Aircraft Mechanics Automotive Body & Service Technician Logistics Manager Storage & Distribution Manager Transportation Manager

10 BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: ENDORSEMENT OPTIONS Four credits in Career & Technical Education including a minimum of two courses from the Business & Industries courses on the next two slides from the same career cluster. Four English elective credits including three levels in debate, newspaper or yearbook.

11 BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: EMS OPPORTUNITIES Arts & Audio/Video Technology Digital & Interactive Media Audio/Video Production Advanced A/V Production (HCTC) Radio Broadcasting (HCTC) Practicum in A/V Production (HCTC) Animation (HCTC) Advanced Animation (HCTC) Graphic Design & Illustration (HCTC) Advanced Graphic Design & Illustration (HCTC) Business Management & Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Service Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance Business Information Management I Business Information Management II (Dual Credit) Business Management Business Law Money Matters Accounting I Accounting II Advertising & Sales Fashion Marketing Sports & Entertainment Entrepreneurship

12 BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: EMS OPPORTUNITIES Hospitality & Tourism Principles of Hospitality Lifetime Nutrition Culinary Arts (HCTC) Practicum in Culinary Arts (HCTC) Restaurant Management (HCTC) Information Technology Principles of Information Technology Web Technology Computer Technician (HCTC) Networking Technologies (HCTC) Manufacturing Principles of Manufacturing Manufacturing Engineering Welding (HCTC) Advanced Welding (HCTC) Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Automotive Technology (HCTC) Advanced Automotive Technology (HCTC) Advanced Aircraft Technology (Dual Credit) Practicum Aircraft Technology (Dual Credit)

13 PUBLIC SERVICES: POSSIBLE CAREERS Education & Training Coaches & Scouts Daycare Provider/Director Fitness & Wellness Coordinators Librarians School Counselor Social Worker Teachers Health Science Medical Scientists Healthcare Practitioner Radiologic Technician Surgical Technologists Rehabilitation Counselors

14 PUBLIC SERVICES: POSSIBLE CAREERS Human Services Customer Service Representatives Sales Manager Counseling Recreation Workers Social Workers Cosmetology Law, Public Safety, Correction & Security Correctional Officers & Jailers Probation Officers Paramedics Fire Inspectors Firefighters Retail Loss Prevention Specialist Lawyer Criminal Investigator

15 PUBLIC SERVICES: ENDORSEMENT OPTIONS Four credits in Career & Technical Education including a minimum of two courses from the Public Services courses on the next two slides from the same career cluster. Four credits in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

16 PUBLIC SERVICES: EMS OPPORTUNITIES Education & Training Principles of Education & Training Counseling & Mental Health Human Growth & Development Instructional Practices in Education & Training Practicum in Education & Training (HCTC) Health Science Principles of Health Science Medical Terminology Anatomy & Physiology Medical Microbiology Pathophysiology Health Science Rotations (HCTC) Practicum in Health Science (HCTC) Sports Medicine (HCTC) Fire Fighter I (Dual Credit) Human Services Principles of Human Service Cosmetology I (HCTC) Cosmetology II (HCTC) Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Forensic Science (HCTC) Law enforcement I (HCTC) Law Enforcement II (HCTC) Court Systems & Practices (HCTC) Fire Fighter I (Dual Credit)

17 ARTS & HUMANITIES: POSSIBLE CAREERS Performing Arts Acting Choreographers Directors Musician Set & Exhibit Designers Writers & Authors Visual Arts Art Directors Fashion Designers Graphic Designers Photographers Social Studies Archeology Political Scientists International Relations Legislators World Languages Translator Interpreter Linguist

18 ARTS & HUMANITIES: ENDORSEMENT OPTIONS Five credits in Social Studies including one elective credit from the list of courses on the next slide. Four credits of the same language in a language other than English. Example: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3 & Spanish 4 Four credits from two different world languages, two credits in each. Example: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, French 1 & French 2 Four credits from one discipline of fine arts. Example: Choir 1, Choir 2, Choir 3 & Choir 4

19 ARTS & HUMANITIES: EMS OPPORTUNITIES Performing Arts Band 1-4 Choir 1-4 Theatre 1-4 Dance 1-4 Visual Arts Art 1 Art Drawing 2-4 Art Photography 2-4 Art Sculpture 2-4 Social Studies Psychology Sociology AP European History World Language Spanish French German

20 MULTIDISCIPLINARY: ENDORSEMENT OPTIONS Four credits in each of the four foundation subject areas to include English 4, Algebra 2 and Chemistry or Physics. Four credits in Advanced Placement or Dual Credit selected from English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Economics, Language Other Than English or Fine Arts.

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