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Association of Church Choirs and Musicians - ACCM

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1 Association of Church Choirs and Musicians - ACCM
The Association’s briefing presented by President, Mr. Nkululeko Cebesha. Zimbabwe, June 2012

2 Table of contents Background. Establishment. Executive Structure.
Association’s Organogram. Mission Statement. Core Business – Music. Meetings. Number of Choirs and Presbyteries. Social Responsibility. Conclusion.

3 Background In the 1890’s preparations were made through out the British Empire to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee on the 22 June After reining for 60 years the Queen was now well-known throughout Europe and the British Empire. Her reputation as “The Great White Queen” had reached even remote parts of Africa. In the Transkei, a small part of the British’s Cape Colony in South Africa, the CHOIR WAS FORMED to join in these Jubilee celebrations in the United States of America. One of the choir members was a young man called John Boyana Radasi, who happened to be a grandfather of the two of Orlando elders in Mr. Simon and Mr. Peter. He was later to become the first missionary of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland in what was once called Southern Rhodesia but now known as ZIMBABWE. No one knows exactly when John Radasi was born but it was probably sometime during He was brought up in a Christian home in Seymour, Transkei. His father was a Godly man and a preacher who also worked for the Government. He was a court interpreter, but he also had a contract to carry letters and parcels between his home village and Readesdale, some miles away. He owned 40 acres of land and obviously a man of ability and enterprise.

4 Background After spending time in United States of America and in Scotland, Mr. John Radasi was sent to Zimbabwe by the New Presbyterian Church of Scotland to do missionary work. We was to build Schools and Churches and preach the gospel. During 1905, Mr. Radasi began to teach the people how to sing Psalms from the Bible, even though it was very difficult as most of them did not know how to read and write. But because of the love he had for CHORAL MUSIC, he was determined to succeed in teaching them how to sing. He would first sing the songs and the congregation would sing after him, UNTIL PEOPLE KNEW HOW TO SING. This is basically a short background of where choral music comes from in our church, with an exception of the actual formation of the Association of Church Choirs and Musicians.

5 Establishment The Association was founded in 2004 with its first conference sitting within the bounds of the Lekoa Presbytery at St Paul in the Vaal. Even though the Association is turning 8 years this year, choral music within our church dates back as far as the 1800’s as stated in the background.

6 Sequence of Conferences held over the years
2005 Central Cape 2004 Lekoa 2012 Amatola 2009 Central Cape 2008 Lekoa 2011 UThukela 2010 Tshwane 2007 Amatola 2006 Tshwane

7 Executive Structure President Deputy President Deputy Secretary
Nkululeko Cebesha Deputy President Nontobeko Kweza Deputy Secretary Dikeledi Madumo Treasurer Green Moeketsi Music Convener Vuyani Mahleza General Secretary Sindiswa Sandla Administrator Olga Nthite Merchandize Vuyo Grootboom IT Joy Vuyi Peter

8 Association’s Organogram
ACCM Denominational Executive Committee Local Choir Presbyteries

9 (e) To establish music library.
Mission Statement AIMS (a) To encourage musicians and church choirs formed in congregations to bear witness to Jesus Christ. (b) To promote measures within each congregation to enhance the quality and meaningfulness of religious music. (c) To further a common purpose in all the choirs service and discipline. (d) To hold annual church choir festivals/competitions with each other. (e) To establish music library. (f) To encourage ACCM choirs to take part in the National and International competitions outside the church, subject to approval of the Denominational Structure with regards to the rules and regulations as it shall be determined by the council from time to time. VISION Uniting all Presbyterians in the country and neighbouring countries through music. To be an association that does not only focus in music but seeks to form and develop choirs in various branches. This will in turn improve the quality of music in the church at large. We also seek to implement social responsibility within our communities. VALUES Music distinction - Integrity and respect for CAC and other associations - Freedom and accountability musically - Individuality and collective effort Unity in diversity - Tolerance and love Mission We are committed: - To attend and sing regularly in our branches. - To encourage formation of Presbytery choirs in various Presbyteries. - To improve music by means of annual choir competitions. - To adopt needy organizations through our social responsibility programs.

10 Conferences that took place
Core Business - Music The core business of the Association is music. With musical conferences (Competitions) sitting during the month of August every year Conferences that took place During the year 2010 and 2011

11 Meetings Council DEC Meetings
The council meetings of the Association sit twice a year. The one sitting before the AGM and the other one after the AGM for the conference Council The Annual General Meeting of the Association sits on the third week-end of April. It sits in Bloemfontein because it’s a central venue for all

12 Number of Choirs and Presbyteries
We have 7 Presbyteries Central Cape Presbytery Tshwane Presbytery Amatola Presbytery Lekoa Presbytery UThukela Presbytery Highveld Presbytery Egoli Presbytery Choirs Choirs Participated St Matthews Jonas Lediga M. Makwetu Memorial (Formerly - KwaZakhele) DM Katiya memorial JJR Jolobe Memorial Mabopane Mamelodi Gardens Mamelodi East St Thomas Madadeni St Peters Soshanguve Orlando Rustenburg JY Hliso St James Zwide Congregation DM Soga St Anthony St Silas St Timothy

13 Social Responsibility
The Association’s Social Responsibility is done at our conferences. We request the hosting choir to identify the charity of their choice around the community to receive donations in food parcels and clothing from participating choirs

14 The President General Secretary Treasurer
Conclusion The Association would love to extend its invitation to our Brothers and Sisters from Zimbabwe and Zambia to be part of its activities in South Africa, more especially our Annual Conferences. We acknowledge the fact that there are financial constraints but we would love to have at least 1 choir from Zimbabwe and 1 choir from Zambia to take part in our Conferences LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU The President General Secretary Treasurer

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