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W. Charles Akins High School BIG and BOLD! BLUE and GOLD!

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1 W. Charles Akins High School BIG and BOLD! BLUE and GOLD!

2 Akins Fine Arts Faculty Here Today: Art- Vivian Holland Medina Band– Tate Fincher Dance- Alley Gates Orchestra, Guitar &, Music Theory - Cathy Bennett

3 Band Tate Fincher Paul Crocket John McClain Marching Band Instrumental Ensemble Band 1,2,3,4 (aka Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band) Color Guard

4 Orchestra Cathy Bennett Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Advanced Orchestra (Symphony) Intermediate Orchestra (Philharmonic)

5 Guitar Guitar 1,2,3,4 Collaboration with Austin Classical Guitar (ACG) Cathy Bennett

6 Choir Catherine Ballard Ladies Choir Men's Choir Choir 1,2,3,4 Music Theory 1,2 AP Music Theory

7 Dance Ally Gates Morgan Eddy Diamond Dazzlers Sapphires Dance 1(PE Substitute) Aerobics (PE) Dance 2,3,4

8 Art Vivian Holland Medina Eric Cannon Verna Gumbs Art 1 Drawing 2,3,4 Printmaking 2,3,4 2D and 3D Design (AP Studio Art) Ceramics 2,34 Jewelry

9 Speech & Debate Jesus Valles Christopher Aguilar Pros & Poetry HI (Humorous Interpretation) DI (Dramatic Interpretation) Duo (Duo Interpretation) Extemporaneous Commentary Lincoln Douglas Debate Public Forum Debate Student Congress Policy Debate

10 Film Studies & Costume Design Mellissa Royer History Through Film Documentary Analysis World Documentaries Film Analysis TV Making Film Making 1,2 Costume Design 1,2

11 Journey Theater Maureen Siegel Erica Vallejo Theater 1,2,3,4 Technical Theater 1,2,3,4 Theater Productions 1,2,3,4 Musical Theater

12 Academies Arts & Humanities (AHA) Social Services (SSA) T-STEM (STEM) New Tech High (New Tech) Agriculture, Computer, & Engineering Science (ACES) Academy of Business, Leadership, & Legal Enterprises (ABLLE)

13 Arts & Humanities (AHA) “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things” AHA presents opportunities for students to read widely and to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings through painting, writing, music, drama, design, and the study of the human condition. This academy strives to understand deeply, express creatively, and to live fully the examined life. Majors: Art Digital Media Print Journalism Humanities Performing Arts Mission:

14 Fine Arts Faculty Band- 3 Teachers Orchestra & Guitar- 1 Teacher Choir- 1 Teacher Dance- 2 Teachers Art- 3 Teachers Speech & Debate- 2 Teachers Film Studies & Costume Design- 1 Teacher Theater- 2 Teachers

15 House Bill 5 Info can be found at:

16 Akins Academy information can be found at:

17 SO WHAT NEXT? Think about it! Make a decision about where you are going! What is your future!

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