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The State of the Arts Galveston Independent School District 2010-2011.

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1 The State of the Arts Galveston Independent School District 2010-2011

2 Ball High School Fine Arts Numbers 1028  Band 82 67 winds and percussion 15 Color Guard  Art 628 (177 in Ceramics classes)  Choir 50  Dance 154 (includes Color Guard and Ballet Folklorico)  Theatre 164

3 Austin Middle School Fine Arts Numbers 665 (+54)  Band 170  Art 240  Choir 0 (eliminated by principal)  Dance 54 (PE credit – no TEKS until 9-12)  Theatre 255  Austin is on an A/B schedule allowing for eight class periods during a week.

4 Central Middle School (7/8) Fine Arts Numbers 283  Band 35  Art 127  Choir 37  Piano Class 39  Theatre 45  Central dropped from eight to seven courses per day and has double-blocked math and required AVID of many students. There is virtually no space for many of them in the Fine Arts electives (one of which is required by TEA.)

5 AIM Fine Arts Numbers 31  AIM shares an Art teacher with Central Middle School. There are 31 AIM students enrolled in Art.

6 Galveston Early College HS Fine Arts Numbers 406  Band 100  Art 100  Choir 54  Theatre 152

7 Weis Middle School (5/6) Fine Arts Numbers 253  Band 34  Art 79  General Music 66  Theatre 74

8 Crenshaw School (pK-9) Fine Arts Numbers 271  Band 53 Band and Choir (5-9)  Art 40 (5-9)  Theatre 16 (Done as a service by the ELA teacher)  Elementary Art 81  Elementary Music 81  n. b. all elementary students take Art and Music

9 Elementary Schools(pk-4) Fine Arts Numbers 3764  Morgan (once every 7 school days) Art602 Music 602  Oppe(once every 7 school days) Art665 Music665  Parker(once every 6 school days) Art615 Music615 n. b. All elementary students take Art and Music.

10 Early Childhood University Fine Arts Numbers 1296  Music 432  Art432  Theatre432  n.b. All students take Art, Music and Theatre classes – Once every two weeks.

11 Totals Fine Arts by Discipline 8047  Art3640  Music3115  Band (454)  Choir (161)  General Music (2500)  Dance154  Theatre1138  GRAND TOTAL of Student’s in classes 8047

12 Instruments not replaced by insurance (thus far)$500k total loss – $88k replaced Meinl Weston 25 4/4 BBb Tuba Model: TU 25 BB 1 ¾ Tubas Yamaha YBB 105 series 3 Short Reach Fox Bassoon CVX bocal Fox 51 1 Bb Trumpets Yamaha YTR461h25 Tenor Trombone Bach TB20007 Bb Clarinets Yamaha YC5g 11 Bb Bass Clarinet Yamaha YCL 2211 Eb Alto Sax Yamaha YAS 4757 Bb Tenor Sa Yamaha YTS 4753 White Baby Grand replace with DU1A or DU1E3 Diskclavier1 Mahogany Grand Piano replace with DU1A or DU1E3 Disklavier1 Upright Piano replace with Yamaha Clavinova CVP501 or CLP 3201 Roland FP4 Digital Piano1 Remember that we were planning to replace many instruments even before IKE. Many are at the end of their useful service.

13 Wenger Soundproof Booth (can switch for a tuner and metronome?)see below Handbells 5 octave Schulmerich tables cushions cases Peterson Strobe Center 5000-II Tunerabout 5000 Item Number: 210015 | Model: 403475 and 2 metronomes: Digitmet III Indoor-Outdoor Metronome DC9060 / $895.00 in place of the Wenger Sound Booth Strings Viola 15” Lisle Model 212 1 Violins Lisle Model 112 o/f 4/4 9 Cellos Lisle model 30 ¾ size 2 All would need cases and bows – academy graphite bows are acceptable Upright Piano replace with Yamaha Clavinova CVP501 1 Bass Drum CB perc 153650 1 Gathering Drum Remo Lynn Kleiner LK 5840-1G 1 Tambourines Rhythm Band (RBI) SA1003 Percussion set Lyons Rhythm Kit EL 46811 Recorders with cases Yamaha YRS 24B (Baroque fingering) 150 Electric Piano Yamaha PSR 310 – replace with PSR E223 with kit 2 Upright Pianos replace with Yamaha Clavinovas CVP501 2 Bongos Rhythm Band RBI 303 7 Cymbals Rhythm Band RBI 732 6 Keyboards RBI 2155 (bell sets) 4 Tambourines RBI 541003 Large Cow Bells LP ES 3 Salsa Bongo Cowbell4 Hand Drums Rhythm Band 12” 2

14 General Concerns Number of teachers per student in programs  We could make better use of the teachers if all were used as teams like the Band Directors. It has been very successful, bringing us up from 19 students registered in the Ball High Band to 82. (With one Senior and expecting a minimum of 25 next year in the Freshman Class we should arrive at 100+ on the field – in three years.  Choir is in serious disrepair – consolidating and using the directors across the district is a very good idea (we could have done so this year – and would be able to for the second semester). All of our elementary programs have at least six days between sessions. It is very difficult to teach a child every 6, 7 or 10 school days.

15 Art Concern number of students in class  CEDFA recommends 20 students per class in art. Currently we have many sections at Ball with 30 or even some with more (33 is the highest). The high number of students makes it extremely difficult to also serve Special Ed students who truly need hand-on-hand help if their art is to be meaningful. This is true both at Ball and at Austin.  Art is the strongest of our disciplines – it draws students who are interested in working individually. Our ceramics program is exceptional, but overcrowded.  Oppe is the only site without a kiln at this point.

16 Band Concerns  Continued ability to deliver Band across the district by using directors in a flexible way. Principals and HR both have some reluctance to do this – it is a lot more paperwork, but it is working.  Number of students at Weis and Central – reduced by the 7 period day, double blocking of math and requiring students to take AVID.  The possibility of adding Strings/Mariachi as a full fledged class rather than as a ancillary to band.

17 Choral Concerns  Difficulties in creating a program when counselors and principals do not seem to understand the difference between choir and general music. The choir director alone should choose the students for the UIL choir which should meet every day if at all possible as a single class.  Lack of connections between the buildings is a great concern.  Sharing of directors and team teaching could truly help here.

18 Drama Concerns  Number of students wishing to take drama (many students!)  Ability for drama teachers to have a UIL group within the day as a class (just as Band and Choir should).  Support for the All District Musical (extra pay?)  Appropriate lighting and spaces for all schools. Austin never had its lighting ordered before IKE, Weis’ lighting is questionable.

19 Dance Aspirations  Hopefully the state will provide TEKS for Dance for grades earlier than 9-12 (currently only 9-12 can have Dance as a Fine Art). If so – providing Dance across the district would be something I would be very interested in doing. We have two certified Dance instructors: Ms. Alice Cain and Ms. Lindsay Griffin. Both have expressed an interest in developing a dance program across the district both horizontally (at all Middle Schools) and vertically from Elementary through Ball High. If we were to share Middle School Drama Teachers, we might be able to cover this.

20 Some Positive thoughts: Fine Arts for the Future  Use all disciplines across the district as the Band Directors are used.  Have a Department for Each Discipline this way with its own head. Art, Band, Choir, Dance, Drama  Place the Fine Arts directly under the Director of Fine Arts as if it were an Academy across the district. Allow the Director of Fine Arts to place teachers as needed and not put the fate of programs across the district in the hands of individual principals who may not be able to see other possibilities (using one person in two locations rather than cutting a program).  Continue the public relations we have begun and the work with other groups – UTMB/ Galveston County Museum/ GIAA/ Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo etc.

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