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Tohickon Chorus.

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1 Tohickon Chorus

2 This class is unlike any other you will take….
How well you do doesn’t just affect your grade, it affects how we all sound. How much fun we have is up to you.


4 What does RESPECT mean for us?
Respect each other Encourage and support peers, especially when someone is singing. Respect the teacher Listen attentively to directions. Respect the music Work hard, be prepared, be engaged.

5 Procedures 1 person may use the bathroom at a time.
Sign the board on your way out. You may excuse yourself, but only if no names are already on the board. Pick up a pencil and your music folder on the way into class. Return these items and straighten your chair before leaving.

6 Performances Winter and Spring concerts are mandatory and count towards your grade. Each concert will have two mandatory after-school rehearsals which also count for your grade.

7 Extra-Curricular Ensembles
Tohickon Singers Performs in Winter and Spring Concerts, RADfest, and other venues Women’s Choir Performs primarily in Winter and Spring Concerts Future ensembles -TBD

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