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2 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS 4 years English, Mathematics, and PE/ Health 3 years Lab Science and 3.5 History (1 world, 2 US, /Fin. Lit) 1 year Visual or Performing Arts, 1 year Career Ed, Consumer, Family, and Life Skills, or Vocational-Technical, Freshman Academy 1 year World Language – but 4 yr. colleges want 2 or more Pass the PARCC* Total 130 Credits

3 ROTATING SCHEDULE Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6 55 m - ADCB82 m AB BADCA/CB/D CBAD82 m CD LunchEnrichmentLab EHGFEF FEHGE/GF/H GFEHGH

4 COURSE LEVELS & GROUPING GPA calculated based on course levels; the WGPA used to determine class rank LEVEL III (+1.5) to 4.0 grading scale –AP courses LEVEL II (+1.0) to 4.0 grading scale –Pre-AP/Honors LEVEL I (Grade earned) –Academic, Career Prep, Remedial, Introductory, Modified (CST)

5 Blue Chip Road to Excellence The following recommendations are for students interested in becoming competitive at the national level Course load of Collingswood graduates who have been accepted to the top colleges and universities across the country including Ivy League institutions. LL – LEADERSHIP AND LONGEVITY – Vanderbilt University Freshmen : Pre-AP: Bio, English I, Algebra, Geometry, World History and Foreign Language Sophomore: Pre-AP: Algebra II, Chemistry, English II, US History I AP: Art History, AP Computer Science, Foreign Language Junior: AP: Chemistry, US History, Calculus AB, Pre-AP: English III, H. Pre- Calculus, Foreign, Language (honors at level iv) Senior : AP: Biology, Calculus AB or II, Statistics, English Lit, European History, Psychology – Foreign Language VHS Classes

6 S.T.E.M Students should consult their guidance counselor and teachers for specific recommendations. Many STEM careers fall under these groupings and should be used as a starting place for course selections. MEDIA – HANDS ON SCIENCE/MEDICINE – COMPUTERS HIGH TECH/ENGINEERING – PURE MAJORS

7 Course Placement Each student should challenge him/herself to take highest level course that can be handled—it will be beneficial in the future Remedial: based on grades and teacher recommendations Pre-AP and AP: Students will be recommended for Pre-AP or AP classes based on testing performance in class and teacher recommendation. Class of 2015 will be the last class that will need to pass the HSPA. Starting Spring of 2015 HSPA will become the PARCC* assessment.

8 College Placement The average % of students in NJ who attend college right from high school is 65%. 76.9% of last years CHS students went on to further their education, while an additional 5.3% joined the U.S. Military. It is our responsibility to prepare all students for post-secondary education or career readiness.

9 REQUIRED COURSE OPTIONS English 9, 10 ( Read 180, LL, A, Pre-AP) World History or US History I (A, Pre-AP) Mathematics (based teacher and previous math grade ) – Algebra I (A, H), Geometry (B or better in Algebra I - A, H) – Academic Support Math (recommended) Science – Biology/lab (A, Pre-AP) – Environmental Biology/lab (A) – Integrated Science (recommended) – Chemistry/lab (A, Pre-AP) Physical Education 9/10 and Health 9/ DE

10 REQUIRED COURSE OPTIONS Freshmen Academy Financial Literacy for upperclassmen World Languages –French (I, II, III) –German (I, II, III) –Spanish (Novice, I, II, III) –Latin (I, II, III)

11 ELECTIVE CHOICES (prerequisites need to be met) Art –Elements of Art (sem) –Mixed Media (sem) –Contemporary Crafts (sem) –Sculpture I, II (sem) –Photojournalism –Web-Based Graphic Design Business Education –Business Law (sem) –Introduction to Business (sem) –Entrepreneurship English Electives: –Journalism –Theatre –Novel Writing(sem) –Introduction to Film(sem) Family & Consumer Science –Basic Sewing (sem) –Sewing Lab (sem) –Foods I, II (sem) –Child Development –Independent Living (sem)

12 21 st Century Mass Media Academy Freshman-1st Year: Mass Media Communications TV I Sophomore Year: TV II Digital Photography/Motion Graphics Junior Year: Split Happens TV Production: TV III Computer Graphics: Graphic Design for Web Both take: Photojournalism and Music Recording and Production Senior Year: TV Production:Computer Graphics: TV IVAdvanced Graphics Both take: Independent Study

13 MORE ELECTIVES Music –Choir –Women’s Choir –Concert & Marching Band –Strings Instrumental –Music Theory Technical Education –Design Technology I –TV/Mass Communications –Digital Production & Audio Engineering Computer Science -Computer Programming I - Microsoft Office Certification - Introduction to HTML Virtual High School –Over 140 courses available –One course may be taken as a regular elective –Completed in school or home

14 ACADEMIC MONITORING Genesis-primary source recommended – Sign-Up! Tutoring AM/PM Interim Reports mid-marking period (given to student, phone call) Report cards (given to student) Parent/Teacher conferences (upon request) Counselor intervention

15 GRADING SYSTEM Grade equivalents –A = 92-100 –B = 83-91 –C = 74-82 –D = 65-73 –F = 64 and below –Summer school at CHS not an option for making up lost credit due to failing; approval is required for enrollment in SS at another school.

16 ACADEMIC IMPLICATIONS Athletic eligibility: NJSIAA requires a student to pass 30 credits per year to be eligible the fall semester, and 15 credits at the end of the 1 st semester to be eligible the spring semester. National Honor Society: requires 3.5 GPA, must demonstrate leadership, service and character NCAA – 2.3 OR TAKE A KNEE – 16 core classes

17 SCHEDULING PROCESS 1.Presentation of Program of Studies to students (It is currently on-line on HS page under School Bulletin Board.) 2.High school counselors will work with students individually 3.New Student Orientation on the evening of August 24 th 4.Review of final grades, and IEPs to determine final schedule, which may need to be modified over the summer 5.Final Schedule posted online and given to student at orientation

18 Scheduling Process Oaklyn 9th Graders: March 23, (Monday) 1:30 PM – 9th Grade Assembly for students presented by CHS Counselors in the Oaklyn School Cafeteria. March 30 (Monday) – Scheduling with counselors beginning at 9 AM for students regarding course requirements and course selection. Woodlynne 8th Graders: March 24, (Tuesday) 1:30 PM – 8th Grade Assembly for students presented by CHS Counselors in the Woodlynne School Cafeteria. March 31 (Tuesday) – Scheduling with counselors beginning at 9 AM for students regarding course requirements and course selection. Collingswood 8th Graders: Already occured- classroom visitation to Language Arts Classes by CHS Counselors. April 13-17, 2015– Scheduling done in high school counseling office during the school day. Good Shepherd 8th Graders: Please contact the Collingswood Counseling Office to schedule an appointment. *Please note: If a parent wants to schedule an appointment to meet with a Collingswood High School Counselor to discuss scheduling either during the school day: 7:30-3:00 or April 21 st or 23rd from 4:30-8:30, please call your child’s counselor at 856-962-5701

19 SCHEDULE CONSIDERATIONS Every student must take a minimum of 35 credits Schedule changes will only be considered for academic reasons (choose wisely) Use 4-year planner in back of Program Grade promotions –10 th grade requires 30 credits –11 th grade requires 65 credits –12 th grade requires 95 credits

20 COLLEGE PLANNING 16 academic units (minimum) –4 English classes –3 History classes –3 lab sciences –3 Mathematics –2 World Language courses (same language) –2 additional academic electives –Many must be taken before 7 th semester – for us Junior Year Naviance Additional considerations –GPA / rank –PSAT (10 th, 11 th grade) –SAT / ACT (11 th, 12 th gr.) –Apply now with Collegeboard –Extra-curricular activities –NJSTARS top 15%

21 SUPPORT SERVICES Counseling Genesis Counseling Tutoring I & RS Special Education

22 ATTENDANCE Limit = 12 days per full-year, 6 per semester course Excused days= with doctors’ notes, religious holidays, field trips Days over the limit result in loss of credit; credit completion is available for excused absences for limited number of days A total of 27 days, excused + unexcused, render a student in complete loss of credit Make-up work is the responsibility of the student Attendance is linked to student achievement! We need students to be here and behave!

23 7 Habits of Highly Responsible Students 1)They set goals: keep focused 2)They plan their time: budget time; organize 3)They study every day 4)They take notes in class 5)They have the tools they need: be prepared 6)They keep their commitments: be responsible 7)They get ready ahead of time: plan

24 COUNSELING DEPARTMENT (856) 962-5701 Ms. Karen Fischer x6010 A – Gh Mrs. Pat Schieb* 6/30 x6008 Gi – O Mrs. Kylie Smith* x6009 P - Z *interviews are currently being conducted Mrs. Barbara Wister x6011 Supervisor Mrs. Donna Willis x6006 Secretary

25 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Visit: HAVE A PLEASANT EVENING Barbara Wister, Supervisor of School Counseling


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