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Welcome to Scott Johnson Middle School

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1 Welcome to Scott Johnson Middle School

2 Administrative Team Principal – Melinda DeFelice/Kathy Foster
Assistant Principals – Alan Arbabi, Michael Bennett Counselors – Barbara Currence, Steve Gaffney Library Media Specialist – Jennifer McClelland Special Education Lead – Victor Gore 504 Coordinator – Jana Walters

3 Goals for Tonight Get information regarding academics
Get information regarding electives Alleviate fears about the transition to middle school Answer questions individually at the end Basket

4 Materials Review Registration Form (GT) Fine Arts Flyer Course Description Guide List of Clubs

5 Every student takes: Core Courses Language Arts (2 blocks)
Math Core or Pre-AP (2 blocks) Social Studies Science PE

6 Pre-AP Courses Challenging courses for motivated students
Course content at greater depth and pace than academic courses More of a requirement of individual because of analytical assignments and work outside of class 6th grade: Math only 7th and 8th grades: ELAR, math, science, and social studies

7 Why is math the only sixth grade Pre-AP course offered?
Accelerated content is necessary to enable students to reach AP math classes in high school. Content of the 6th grade Pre-AP math class is different from that in an academic class. 6th grade ELAR, science, and social studies: Instruction provides every student with the same critical foundation skills and concepts to succeed in any course in 7th grade.

8 Pre AP Contract Required
Signed at the beginning of the school year. Students must maintain an 80 average or higher. Parental choice to go into Pre-AP but school choice to come out.

9 Math Curriculum Sequence
Grade Core Pre – AP 6th 6th Grade TEKS 6th & 7th Grade TEKS 7th 7th Grade TEKS 8th Grade TEKS Students take the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT at the end of 7th grade for recommendation of 8th grade course). 8th Pre - AP Math Algebra I 9th Geometry 10th Algebra II 11th Pre-Calculus 12th Algebra III or Statistics Statistics Calculus or Statistics

10 Other Levels of Courses
ESL: Non or limited English speakers. Special Education: Continuum of services. Gifted and Talented: Identified GT students.

11 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th Reading Writing English Language Arts Math Science Social Studies

12 Typical 6th Grade Day Language Arts: Every day for 98 minutes.
Math: Every day for 98 minutes. Science: Every day for 47 minutes. History: Every day for 47 minutes. PE: Every day for 47 minutes. Elective: Every day for 47 minutes.

13 6th Grader Schedule 1st & 2nd Period English Language Arts
3rd Period Elective 4th Period Science 5th Period Social Studies 6th Period PE 7th/8th Period Math

14 Electives Art/Drams (One semester of each) Band Choir Orchestra All electives full year

15 Parent Information Communication Email Distribution List—Tiger Tales
Web Site Progress Reports sent home with students Report Cards mailed home Student Planners Parent Internet Viewer

16 Student Information School Times Lockers/Backpacks Changing Classes
Lunch Getting Involved Pep Rallies…Student Council…Talent Show Assemblies…Sporting Events…School Socials…Several School Clubs

17 Clubs at JMS Photo Club Student Council Recycle Club FCA NJHS
Craft Club Garage Band Anime Show Choir Jazz Band Tiger Techie Step Team

18 Decisions To Make Which level of academic class in math is most appropriate for your child? Which elective (Art/Drama, Band, Choir, or Orchestra) is most appropriate for your child?

19 Need More Information? Band—Paul Stephens/ Carlos Chipps
Choir—Kirk Anderson Orchestra—Michael Link/Margaret Johnson Art—Greg Castillo/Andrea Hair Pride Patrol—Jennifer Zornes

20 Registration Fill out the form and return to your child’s 5th grade teacher by February 11. We will take care of moving Cockrill students over. For more information about rezoning, check the MISD website

21 Schedule Pick Up Date August 13 WELCOME TO JOHNSON!

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