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Hudson Middle School Parent Orientation

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1 Hudson Middle School Parent Orientation
KW Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2 Faces to Know Dr. Kim Cockley Mrs. Karen Weber Mrs. Bobbi Wallack
KW Dr. Kim Cockley Mrs. Karen Weber Mrs. Bobbi Wallack Building Principal th Grade Principal th Grade Counselor

3 Middle School Philosophy
HMS staff …. Is centered on the whole child Understands the social, emotional and physical changes of students this age Places emphasis on developing personal organization systems and responsibility Places an emphasis on academic success Offers varied experiences for our children to try new things and succeed 4 KIDS, plays, composting/recycling KW

4 Communities 6th 7th 8th Integrity Mix Respect Service KW

5 Community Population *Number of students per community
KW – sped ed issues *Number of students per community

6 Important Information
Transition Between Buildings— Philosophy of Sixth Grade Teachers -whole child -promote respect and responsibility -encourage belonging -recognize individual needs Middle School Schedule KW

7 Types of Classes 5 Core Classes Encore Classes Language Arts Band Math
Science Social Studies Unified Arts (12 weeks each) Art General Music Informational Literacy Encore Classes Band Choir Orchestra Study Hall /Team Support PE (not optional) Notes: Library is not a scheduled class; services are interwoven through-out the MS experience. Study Hall is a large group study time in the Commons during 1st period Encore. Team Support is a small group study time in a teacher’s classroom during 5th period Encore. KW

8 Sixth Grade Schedule Period Type of Class / Length 1 Encore (40) 2
3 4 Lunch (30) 5 6 7 8 Advisory/ Focus / RTI 30 BW

9 6th Grade Daily Schedule
M HR 7:50 1 Encore 7:56-8:36 (40) 2 Core 8:39-9:29 (50) 3 Core 9:32-10:22 (50) 4 Lunch 10:25-10:55 (30) 5 Encore 10:58-11:38 (40) 6 Core 11:41-12:31 (50) 7 Core 12:34-1:24 (50) 8 Core 1:27-2:17 (50) 9 Advisory 2:20-2:50 (30) T 9 FOCUS 2:20-2:50 (30) W 2 Core 8:39-10:19 (100) 4 Lunch 10:22-10:52 (30) 5 Encore 10:55-11:35 (40) 6 Core 11:38-1:18 (100) 8 Core 1:21-2:17 (56) R 3 Core 8:39-10:19 (100) 7 Core 11:38-1:18 (100) F BW

10 Sixth Grade Electives Band : every day for the entire year
Orchestra : every day for the entire year Choir : every other day for the entire year M/W or T/Th Weeks: (PE, Study hall, Choir, etc.) M, W and every other Friday T, Th and every other Friday. BW

11 Guidance Information Our guidance counselors stay with students for their 3 years of middle school. This rotation allows for the development of a trusting and stable relationship for parents and students. In addition, it allows for the continuity of important information regarding students between each grade level. Role of the Guidance Counselor: Support the academic, personal, social & emotional growth of students Advocate for students/meet with students Liaison between teachers and family Create and manage student schedules Present classroom guidance lessons BW

12 Communication Students Planners E-mail (
8 total letters (7 letters of last name/first initial) Home Access Center ( Homework Assignments and Information Register on website for announcements/alerts Lunch Payments/ Fee Payments ( KW

13 Important Dates April May August mark your calendars now!
6th Grade Counselor meets with 5th Grade teachers May 5th Grade Tours of Hudson Middle School August mark your calendars now! Community Postings – Friday August 7th after 4 pm 6th Grade Registration – August 13th @ HMS (Schedule, Lockers, Pictures) 6th Grade Ice Cream Social– Monday August 17th @ HMS KW

14 Questions ????

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