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Class of 2018 Lovejoy High School Registration 2014-2015.

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1 Class of 2018 Lovejoy High School Registration 2014-2015

2 Welcome Class of 2018 LHS Counseling Staff Amanda Breeden (A-F) Lissa Testa (G-M) Lance Hendrick (N-Z) Addison Snyder (A-K) College & Career Randy Trevino (L-Z) College & Career

3 Freshman Year At LHS Freshman Orientation will be held in mid-August  Freshman Essentials Get Involved Communicate with teachers Organizational skills Freshman year counts Non Cognitive Skills


5 House Bill 5 Information Intent What do we know Students will be required choose and endorsement area from the following Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Business & Industry Arts & Humanities Public Services Multi-Disciplinary Lovejoy ISD will be defining which endorsements will be available and which courses will satisfy requirements for each endorsement.

6 The current graduation requirements allow a student to earn at least 3 endorsements STEM Multi-Disciplinary Art & Humanities House Bill 5 Information

7 Graduation Requirements 26 credits required for graduation  What is a credit? Credits available at WSMS  Spanish 1  Algebra 1  Geometry  BIM  GTT Successful completion STAAR/EOC tests  English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, US History Senior Project

8 Current Credit Requirements Subject Credits Required English (I, II, III, IV)4 Math (algebra I, II, geometry, and an additional course)4 Science (biology, chemistry, physics, and a fourth year)4 Social Studies (world geography, world history, US history, Government/Economics)4 Language Other than English (LOTE) (3 years encouraged)3 PE1 Health0.5 Speech0.5 Technology1 Fine Arts1 Electives (4 if only 2 years of LOTE)3 Total26

9 Current Credit Requirements 8 periods a day 32 periods total over 4 years Plenty of time to take all that you need and want

10 English 9 th Grade Options PreAP English I PreAP/GT English I *All English courses require summer reading.

11 Math Sequence Math taken 8 th grade  Math 8 Pre-AP  Pre-AP Algebra I  Pre-AP Algebra 1  Pre-AP Geometry  Pre-AP/GT Geometry  Pre-AP or Pre-AP/GT Algebra II Math labs and/or double-block options are available per teacher recommendation. The math placement has been printed on each student’s registration card.

12 Math Required to Graduate Algebra I Geometry Algebra II 4 th year of math *All students are expected to continue with math through their senior year. 4 th Math Options PreAP Pre-Calculus AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP Statistics AP Computer Science Dual Credit College Algebra and Statistics *There are GT options available.

13 Science 9 th Grade Options PreAP Biology PreAP/GT Biology

14 Social Studies 9 th Grade Options PreAP World Geography AP Human Geography* AP GT Human Geography* *There will be a summer assignment.

15 AP Human Geography Prerequisites: none Tier 1 1.0 credit The purpose of the AP Human Geography course is to introduce students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of the Earth’s surface. Students employ spatial concepts and landscape analysis to examine human social organization and its environmental consequences. They also learn about the methods and tools geographers use in their science and practice.

16 Foreign Languages Spanish I, II, III, IV, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Lit. French I, II, III, and AP French Language (IV) Chinese I, II, III *American Sign Language I, II, III and IV *Consult prospective colleges to learn if ASL meets FL requirements

17 Technology Required 1.0 Credit Options Pre-AP Computer Science AP Computer Science A Business Information Management Digital and Interactive Media Animation Web Technologies Mobile Apps Development Video Technology Any PLTW course (Engineering) Journalism courses (including Newspaper, Yearbook, Magazine, Broadcast, and Photojournalism)

18 Fine Arts Required 1.0 credit Same course Options Band/Jazz Band Orchestra Choir Theater/Tech Theater Dance/Majestics Predance for Majestics Art AP Music Theory AP Art History

19 Physical Education Required 1.0 credit Options Athletics Athletic Training PE Foundations Team Sports Fall Band, Majestics, Colorguard Cheerleading Off Campus PE* (must fill out packet)

20 Other requirements Speech (Lovejoy Leadership).5 credit Debate I (1.0) can fulfill speech credit. Health.5 credit Principles of Health Science (1.0) can fulfill health credit

21 Elective Options Business Classes Health Science Classes Education and Training Classes Journalism Engineering Classes Agriculture Classes (as alternate only) CAT is not an elective option.

22 Elective Sequence \\File04\share\Counselors-LHS\Registration\Elective Course Options\Sequence of Elective Courses with out marketing.docx \\File04\share\Counselors-LHS\Registration\Elective Course Options\Sequence of Elective Courses with out marketing.docx

23 Suggested Class Schedule English I Math Biology World Geography Health/Speech Foreign Language Athletics Fine Art or Technology

24 Sample 4 year schedule (2 fine arts) 9 th 10 th 11 th 12th English IEnglish 2English 3English 4 Algebra 1GeometryAlgebra IIPre-Cal BiologyChemistryPhysics4 th science W. GeographyW. HistoryUS HistoryGovt/Econ Spanish 1Spanish 2Spanish 3 Elective Theater Choir PESpeech/HealthTechnology Elective

25 9 th 10 th 11 th 12th English IEnglish 2English 3English 4 Algebra 1GeometryAlgebra IIPre-Cal BiologyChemistryPhysics4 th science W. GeographyW. HistoryUS HistoryGovt/Econ Spanish 1Spanish 2Spanish 3 Speech/Health Band Baseball Elective Technology Elective Sample 4 year schedule (1 Athletic and 1 fine art all 4 years)

26 GPA Information Top 10% rule (Public State Universities) Automatic Admission (UT and A&M – top 7-8%) GPA vs Rigor GPA tables – pg 14 of the course guide Rank GPA vs Official GPA



29 Tier 1 – All AP Classes Tier 2 – All Pre-AP Classes Tier 3 – All other courses

30 Exclusions  Students must earn the 26 credits required for graduation. For each additional credit earned beyond the required 26, students may exclude a maximum of eight semester grades from his/her GPA calculation. Excluded grades may not include the required 26 credits.  Some classes are automatically excluded. ◦ Off Campus PE ◦ Correspondence Classes ◦ Summer School ◦ Dual Credit Classes ◦ ASC or CAT classes ◦ Math Labs

31 Exclusions Possible exclusions Electives Fine Arts Technology LOTE 5 th math or science class

32 Exclusions Timeline  First Time – June after Junior Year  Both Rank and Official GPA  Second Time – January (end of first semester Senior Year)  Both Rank and Official GPA  Third Time – After the 5 th six weeks Senior Year  Rank GPA only (this locks the rank for graduation)  Fourth Time – June after graduation  Official GPA only for final transcript



35 Friday, April 25 - Computer lab registration with LHS Counselors at WSMS (bring completed card with you to your science class) Late May - Course Verification Sheets will be mailed home—this is the last chance to make changes if needed to the 9 th grade schedule. No schedule changes until school starts in August!!!!! Dates to Remember

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