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 Rick Phillips ◦ Director of Student Activities ◦ ◦ 924-2551  Stacy Konkol ◦ Activities.

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2  Rick Phillips ◦ Director of Student Activities ◦ ◦ 924-2551  Stacy Konkol ◦ Activities Secretary ◦ ◦ 924-2551

3  NCAA/SAT/ACT  Booster Club  Trainers  Coaches Introductions  Role of Parents  Presentation  Prizes  Team Meetings

4  This information is provided by:  Camie Bechtold  Sr. Associate Athletic Director  Student and Compliance Services  Phone: 406-994-3947  Fax: 406-994-7280   Copy this link onto your search bar : Copy this link onto your search bar :  ion%204%208-8-2013/ATH_HS_EC_Presentation_4_8-8-2013_- _MP4_with_Smart_Player_(Small)_-_20130808_10.13.41AM.html ion%204%208-8-2013/ATH_HS_EC_Presentation_4_8-8-2013_- _MP4_with_Smart_Player_(Small)_-_20130808_10.13.41AM.html

5  SAT Test Date Registration Deadline  SAT & Subject TestsOctober 11, 2014September12, 2014  SAT & Subject Tests November 8, 2014October 9, 2014  SAT & Subject Tests December 6, 2014 November 6, 2014  SAT & Subject Tests January 24, 2015 December 29, 2014  SAT Only March 4, 2015 February 13, 2015  SAT & Subject Tests May 2, 2015April 6, 2015  SAT & Subject Tests June 6, 2015May 8, 2015  Website: Website:

6  ACT Test Date Registration Deadline (Late Fee Required)  September 14, 2013 August 8, 2014August 9- 22, 2014  October 25, 2014 September 19, 2014September 20-October 3, 2014  December 13, 2014 November 7, 2013 November 8-21, 2014  February 7, 2015January 9, 2015January 10-16, 2015  April 18, 2015March 13, 2015March 14-27, 2015  June 13, 2015 May 8, 2015May 9-22, 2015  Website: Website:

7 President – Don Marks Vice-president – Kevin Bethke Treasurer – Chanelle Sanders Secretary – Denise Linton Membership - Lisa Carter Meetings – 1 st Monday each month Location to be announced Next meeting Monday, September 8, 2014

8 Members wanted! Private Membership - $35 Green Membership – $100 plaque/year tag/ booster sticker Gold Membership - $200 green membership items + 2 T-shirts Platinum Membership - $500 all above membership items + 2 adult passes or 1 family pass

9 WHEN: AUGUST 22 th FROM 5:00-9:00PM WHERE: BELGRADE HIGH SCHOOL-SPECIAL EVENT CENTER 5:00-6:00VOLLEYBALL Intro & Scrimmage (Special Events Center) 5:45DINNER (Special Events Center Lobby)  MEAT, DRINKS, PLATES, UTENSILS WILL BE PROVIDED  Please bring the following to share: Boys: Salads / Girls: Desserts  Sign up for Booster Club Memberships at Spirit Night. 6:00FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Intro & Scrimmage (Football Field) 6:30-7:15GOLF Intro & Chipping Contest(Football Field) CROSS COUNTRY Special Introduction(Football Field) GIRLS SOCCER Intro and Skills Demonstration(Football Field) BOYS SOCCER Intro and Skills Demonstration(Football Field) 7:15-7:20CHEERLEADERS Dance performance 7:30FOOTBALL SCRIMMAGE (Football Field) 9:00-11:30DANCE - COURTYARD Come check out our new Panther clothing and accessories in the Special Events Center Lobby.

10  Belgrade has a reputation for hosting outstanding sporting events and programs.  This cannot be accomplished without the help of many volunteers.  If you desire to help in anyway, ◦ complete the booster sign-up sheet or ◦ contact the Activities office:  924-2551 ◦ we are in need of help all the time,  especially in our PRO SHOP!…  please call to volunteer!

11  Help needed: ◦ Parking -6 ◦ Course -10 ◦ Finish line – 6 ◦ Scoring Tent – 4 ◦ Please contact Rachel White or Stacy Konkol

12  Volunteers needed ◦ Group Markers - 10 ◦ Scorers – 2 ◦ Medals – 2 ◦ Lunch - 5

13  ALL SPORTS PROGRAMS Panther Card “BLITZ” ◦ Tuesday, August 19, 2014 ◦ 5:00 – 8:00 PM ◦ Meet in the auditorium @ 4:30 ◦ Let’s pull this off! ◦ One large fundraiser for all programs!

14  Sarah Lang, ATC/L ◦ Head Athletic Trainer  Team Physicians ◦ Alex LeGrand, M.D.  Bridger Orthopedic and Sports Medicine ◦ Josh Flohr, D.C.  Spine and Sports Chiropractic Clinic

15 1450 Ellis Street, Suite 201 Bozeman, MT 59715 (406)587-0122 321 West Main Street Belgrade, MT 59714 (406)388-1446  Josh Flohr, D.C. ◦ Chiropractic physician ◦ Certified in whiplash injury ◦ Therapeutic skills  Graston  Kinesiotaping  Alex LeGrand, M.D. ◦ Orthopedic Surgeon ◦ Fellowship Trained in Sports Medicine ◦ Knee and Shoulder Surgery ◦ MSU and US Ski Team Physician

16  Water and electrolyte replacement  Half Gatorade/Half Water  Approx. 1 Gallon of water/night  Electrolytes ◦ Calcium ◦ Potassium ◦ Sodium

17  Breakfast!!! ◦ Milk  Well balanced dinner ◦ Milk  Slightly higher in salt  Food with calcium  Snacks ◦ Pretzels ◦ Yogurt ◦ Oranges ◦ Bananas ◦ Bagels ◦ Peanut butter and jelly

18  Please remember that your child could suffer a serious injury at anytime.  If your child does become injured and I deem it necessary for him to see a physician or you take him to see a physician, I cannot legally, or ethically, allow him to return to play without a licensed medical provider. ◦ Communication is very important in your child’s health  Unfortunately, I cannot accept a letter from mom or dad stating it is okay for your child to play, unless of course you are a physician.

19 Must be cleared by a licensed medical provider Education Law, Chapter 7, and Protection of Youth Athletes, Part 13, Montana Code Annotates (MCA 20-7-1301 through 20-7- 1304).

20  NO ATHLETE SUSPECTED OF HAVING A CONCUSSION IS PERMITTED TO RETURN TO PLAY THE SAME DAY AND NO ATHLETE IS PERMITTED TO RETURN TO PLAY WHILE SYMPTOMATIC FOLLOWING A CONCUSSION.  This protocol allows for a gradual increase in the amount and intensity of activity during the return to play process following a concussion or head injury. The athlete is monitored for any concussion-like signs and symptoms during and after each exertional activity. IF AT ANY POINT DURING THIS PROCESS THE ATHLETE BECOMES SYMPTOMATIC, THE ATHLETE SHOULD STOP THE EXERTION AND BE RE-ASSESSED DAILY UNTIL ASYMPTOMATIC. ONCE ASYMPTOMATIC, THE ATHLETE SHOULD BEGIN THE RTP PROTOCOL FROM STEP 1 AGAIN.  The athlete should be monitored daily by the athletic trainer until asymptomatic and throughout the return to play process. There should be approximately 24 hours (or longer) allowed for each stage without return of any signs or symptoms prior to moving forward to the next stage.

21 RETURN TO PLAY STAGES:  Rest until asymptomatic (physical & mental rest)  Light aerobic exercise (e.g. stationary cycle, weight training without Olympic lifts)  Moderate aerobic exercise (i.e. jogging, weight training with Olympic lifts, etc.)  Sport-specific exercise  Non-contact training drills  Full contact training  Return to competition

22  State Law :The Dylan Steigers Protection of Youth Athletes Act.  All supervisors working with K-12 students must complete NFHS Concussion course.  ImPACT test all HS athletes –  “When in doubt –sit them out!”  Must be symptom free and cleared by medical personnel.  Pass ImPACT post concussion test.  Ease back into participation.

23  Cheerleading ◦ Brittany Martello ◦ Ashlie Portnell  Cross Country ◦ Rachel White  ◦ Frank Jacques  Cheer and Cross Country Coaches

24 ◦ Eric Kinnaman  ◦ Andy Damjanovich  ◦ Steven Hunter ◦ Scott Palmer  ◦ Josh Lewis ◦ Toby Robinson ◦ Tucker Vezina

25  Golf ◦ Joe Rossman  ◦ Mike Deming   (Volunteer)

26  Soccer ◦ Ric PlanteBoys Coach  Ben KleinAsst. Boys Coach ◦ Ashley PlummerGirls Coach   Daniel McDonaldAsst. Girls Coach

27 ◦ Jade Schmidt  Jessica Peaslee   Sarah Fowler 

28  A parent should realize that he/she is taking everything too seriously and has not released their child to the activity when: ◦ They are trying to continue to coach their child when the athlete probably knows more about the activity than they do. ◦ They are nervous before the child’s game ◦ Have a difficult time bouncing back after their child’s team suffers a defeat. ◦ Makes mental notes during a game so they can give their child advice at the conclusion of the game ◦ Becomes verbally critical of an official or coach. ◦ “Young people need models not critics !”  John Wooden

29  Attend as many games as possible!  Do everything possible to make the athletic experience positive for your child and others!  View the game with team goals in mind.  Attempt to relieve competitive pressure, not increase it.  Encourage multiple sport participation.  Release your child to the coach and the team.  Look upon opponents as friends involved in the same experience.  Accept the judgment of the officials and coaches, remain in control.  Accept the results of each game, do not make excuses.  Demonstrate winning and losing with dignity.  Be an encourager.  Be a good listener.  Accept the goals, roles and achievements of your child.

30  Bus Decorating ◦ Done only for divisional playoffs and state ◦ -ALL PARENTS help  End of Season Awards Gathering ◦ Senior Parents within each sport organize and set date with Activities office  Lockers ◦ Parents decorate their own child’s locker, but know that there are parents willing to help if a parent can’t do it  Team Dinners ◦ Schedule these within your own sport

31  Monday Night, August 25 ◦ 6-7:30! ◦ If unavailable please contact the Activities Office to schedule another time! 924-2551  Please pick up after yourselves.  No Balloons outside of lockers!  No Glitter!  Locker Sizes (approximate) ◦ Upstairs 9.5” x 69” ◦ Downstairs 9.5” x 34.5” (two sets - top/bottom)

32 (new web address) HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE ◦ Daily and weekly events ◦ Ability to print your own schedule ◦ Receive notifications of upcoming events ◦ See handout for more information on how to get the full benefit of this website!

33  Robert Evans - 388-0572 ◦ Transportation Supervisor We give them the departure destination and leave times and they do all the rest!

34  All participants must travel to and return from all out of town activities with the team, unless prior written permission is granted by their parents, and the coaches/advisors/directors have given their approval.  Participants may be released to travel with their parents/guardians only. They must sign out, on a travel release form, with their coach/advisor/director  Teams are built when they have camaraderie that is developed after a victory as well as after a defeat.

35  Promote Learning  Citizenship  Sportsmanship  Life Skills  Healthy Lifestyle

36 Promote Learning Students should acquire new knowledge of skills that will lead to long-term changes in behavior. This learning is not limited to the development of physical skills and should facilitate the social, personal and psychological development of each student.

37 Citizenship Students should acquire knowledge, attitudes, experience and skills that will prepare them to be a proud and responsible member of society.

38 Sportsmanship Students should learn respect and concern for rules, officials, opponents and the spirit and conventions of sport.

39 Life Skills Students should learn how to balance their life, emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth and decision-making skills

40 Healthy Lifestyle Students should become committed to an addiction free, physically active and long- term healthy lifestyle.

41 ◦ Academics  Must have received 2.0 credits the previous semester  Must have a minimum GPA of 1.8 the previous quarter  May not be failing any class during their season

42  John Doe Semester Credit ◦ EnglishD.5 ◦ Physical EducationF0 ◦ ArtF0 ◦ HistoryD.5 ◦ MathD.5 ◦ ScienceD.5 ◦ ChoirF0 Credits Received2.0

43  John Doe 3 rd Q 4 th Q Semester ◦ EnglishB DC ◦ Physical EducationA F C ◦ ArtD FF ◦ HistoryA DC ◦ MathC DD ◦ ScienceD DD ◦ ChoirB FC 3 RD Q GPA 18/7=2.57 4 TH Q GPA 4/7=.57 Credits earned2.5

44  Begin two weeks into the start of each grading period.  First week a student/ athletes is on the list they are placed on notice.  Second week in a row they appear ion the list they are ineligible for any activity/competition for the next week!

45  Lists are printed on Tuesday!  Eligibility runs from Wednesday – Tuesday  Weekly Ineligibility List 9/16 ◦ John Doe (English) on Notice ◦ Nazo Smart(English, History) on Notice  Weekly Ineligibility List 9/23 ◦ John Doe(Art) ineligible ◦ Jane Smith(History) on Notice ◦ Nazo Smart(Math, Science, History) ineligible  Weekly Ineligibility List 9/30 ◦ John Doe(English) ineligible ◦ Nazo Smart(PE) ineligible

46  Will not be tolerated!  Please bring any information regarding this to the attention of the administration. ◦ Recognize it! ◦ Stop it! ◦ Prevent it!

47 MUST BE COMPLETE IN ORDER TO COMPETE Deadline for Fall Booklets – Day before your activity is scheduled to begin… Thursday, August 14, 2014

48  Parents and student signatures are required throughout the booklet. ◦ Agreement of Policies ◦ Consent and Insurance Verification ◦ Concussion Statement ◦ Medical Release Form ◦ Pre-Participation Physical  Please do not forget the information box on the front of the physical and at the bottom on the back of the physical!

49  Must be completed on this form or a copy of this form…no exceptions!  No form…No practice or tryout!

50  All students participating in high school athletics will be required to pay an activities fee. The money raised from this fee helps with the financial support of the activity that the student benefits from, though it pays for only a small portion of the actual expense of the activity.  The amount is $65.00 per child per activity.  $35 for managers  Band/Choir - $45/year  (Fees for Activities with tryouts will be collected after tryouts!)

51  Medical insurance must be provided in order for the students to participate.  For more information for supplemental insurance go to: 

52 I understand the Belgrade High School Coaching Staff will take all reasonable precautions to insure that the risk of injury to their athletes is minimized. However, even though these precautions are taken, there is still a chance of injury and death. I have been informed of these risks, understand them and feel that the benefits of participation outweigh the risks involved. My signature below gives my child permission to participate in a Belgrade High School Activity. (Copied from the form in the booklet)


54  Probably the hardest thing a coach has to do is to finalize his/her team.  They understand, that many times, the players involved have dedicated endless hours, even years, to their development.  Then it becomes the opinion of the coaching staff as to who they will keep on their team.

55 Coaches weigh many factors in their decision and it is not always based on skill alone. ◦ Attitude ◦ Dedication ◦ Hustle ◦ Team chemistry  All are contributing factors Will hear more about this in your team meetings!

56  If the players and parents desire a conference regarding their child following the finalization of teams, we as an athletic staff would be more than happy to accommodate you.  Please contact the Coach or the Activities office to set an appointment. ◦ Activities Office 924-2551 ◦

57  Please address any concerns with the person you have a concern with first. If you feel uncomfortable with that, talk with their superior and arrange a conference with all parties involved. ◦ Always wait 24 hours before talking with the person. ◦ Please do not talk to them on the field, course or court after a contest.  I believe in our coaches and expect them to be professional in all aspects of their duties.

58  If you are coming to Belgrade from outside the district, please stop by the activities office.  A transfer form will be completed during this meeting.  This needs to be completed before they are allowed to complete!

59  Get your tickets out!  Family pass (1)  Student passes (4)  Booster prizes (?)  Gift bags (4)

60  Cross Country -Room 213  Football -Auditorium  Golf – Room 220  Boys Soccer - Cafeteria  Girls Soccer-Library  Volleyball - Choir Room

61  CONGRATULATIONS!  If you know someone who has missed this presentation they can view the power point by going to the District webpage:   Schools, high school, athletics, parent meeting  They can then sign off they have viewed this presentation.  Follow the directions at the end and return the form to the Activities office.

62 I have attended/viewed the Fall 2014 Informational Meeting/Power Point presentation. My child’s name is: ___________________ Sport(s) participating in: ______________ My name is (please print): ___________________ Parent signature: ____________________ Date: _____________ Please print and return this page to the Belgrade High School Activities office prior to the start of the season!

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