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London New Year’s Day 2015 Trip Information Parent & Student Meeting August 25, 2014.

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1 London New Year’s Day 2015 Trip Information Parent & Student Meeting August 25, 2014

2 Travel Details Depart Sunday December 28, 2014 Return Sunday January 4, 2015 Times will be afternoon and evening using multiple airlines including Delta, British Airways, and United Valid Passports and Visa’s are required Includes 1 Checked Bag up to 50 pounds and Shipping of Instrument Economy Travel Also includes transfers to and from London Airports

3 Tour, Travel, & Hotel Groups Due to schedules, students will sign up for tour groups based on their performance requirements for the trip. Tour groups are based on a 2 chaperone per 7-8 student ratio (give or take) based on performance group sizes. Can be co-ed. The groups will be: Chorus (2 to 3 groups) Orchestra (2 to 3 groups) Non-Marching Wind Ensemble (1 to 2 groups) Marching Wind Ensemble (6 to 7 groups) Marching Band (18 to 20 groups) Students will need to be in hotel rooms with people in their tour groups (there will be some exceptions for odd numbers and Male / Female) Chaperones & Student Sign-ups (be understanding)

4 Packing for Travel Everyone is allowed 1 personal sized carry-on and one small roll-aboard carry on, plus 1 checked bag. In some cases, instruments are one of these carry-on items. Flutes, Oboes, & Clarinets: can fit your instruments into your carry-on items, or your instrument counts as your personal item Trumpets, Alto Saxes, Violins, & Violas: your instruments count as your “roll-aboard” carry-on. All other instruments will be packed and shipped prior to travel. This includes sticks and mallets. Cellos, Bass, and non-marching percussion will be provided in London. Packing of instruments will occur on Monday December 15. Return will occur around January 12 & 13 (All State Audition Conflict).

5 Seating on the Plane To every extent as possible, we will travel by tour groups. This way the chaperone(s) responsible for your children on the trip are not having to switch students. We will do our best to put family members on the same planes with their students, but are limited to seat availability. We don’t get extra seats, so each seat they give us must be filled. We can’t negotiate for different numbers of seats on flights. Trip Extensions & Land-Only people will have an affect on groups and seat availability. Tour groups will sit together first so that chaperone responsibility is easiest. Families will sit around as much as possible.

6 Travel Extensions & Land-Only Packages Anyone who is booking their own flight is considered Land-Only. Trip extensions occurring prior to the travel dates must be considered Land-Only because all flight itineraries booked by the LNYDP must have the same departure day. Trip extensions occurring after the travel dates can be booked as full packages. You will need to send me your desired return date and the LNYDP will book the return flight and charge any necessary surcharges based on increased fares. The LNYDP folks can also assist with flight plans if you are wanting to extend after in a different location. Land Only Package people are responsible for transfers to and from airports.

7 Getting Around London Travel by Motor Coach only when indicated in the itinerary. At all other times, travel is by the London Subway or “Tube”. It’s a lot easier than it looks… just move fast and MIND THE GAP! Hotel is located within a one block walk from the Edgware Road Tube stations for the District, Circle, and Bakerloo lines. Always allow 45 minutes travel time by tube to get anywhere on-time as delays can occur.

8 The Tube

9 The Hotel

10 Hotel Information Three Towers. Students & Chaperones will stay in the East Tower, Family members in the West Tower, and Staff in the North Tower. We will have a private room for dining and meeting. Rehearsal Rooms for all LNYDP rehearsals are at this hotel, so no travel is needed. Dr. Tim Seminar will be at this hotel. 5 other bands will also be at this hotel including Fleming Island, FL, and Greater Atlanta Christian. WiFi Policy

11 Cadogan Hall Wind Ensemble & Orchestra (tenative) performance on Tuesday December 30. Members will have a scheduled rehearsal in the hall in the afternoon that day. Instruments will be left there until performance time. There is a warm-up room. Seating for the performance is somewhat limited. Choir members and parents of performers will have first priority. I imagine we will be able to take around 100 people to the performance. Performance length for our group will be 20 – 25 minutes, 4 songs. 6 groups perform that night. This is the second night of performances and the last night. Anne Martin will be playing a concerto written for wind band and oboe.

12 Westminster Central Hall Site of the London International Choral Festival. Six Choirs (including ours) will be participating. Members will have scheduled rehearsals on December 31 and January 1 with a dress rehearsal in the hall on January 2. The concert is on the 2 nd at 7:30 and is attended by the Lord Mayors of all of the districts of London and their invited guests. Seating for the performance is limited because of the Lord Mayors. Parents of performers and Wind Ensemble members will have first priority. We will have 80 total tickets. Performance length is 2 hours. Performance is with a full orchestra. It is conducted by Justin Doyle, the Conductor of the University of Manchester Chorus, a singer at Westminster Cathedral, and was Conductor of the BBC Singers.

13 The Parade Starts at the Ritz Hotel located at Piccadilly & Berkley Square Turns Right at Piccadilly Circus Turns Left towards Trafalgar Square Follows Whitehall to the end One Right Turn, One Left Turn, & One Dog-leg. 2.2 Miles mostly downhill Two stops for performances, and TV Finale. 9 TV Commentator positions with cameras

14 Pre-Parade Chorus, Orchestra, Parents, Chaperones, & Non-Marchers will travel by tube to the designated Grandstand area. Marchers, Staff, & Select Chaperones (four) will travel via motor coach with the band. Select Chaperones must have a black Stampede golf shirt and black pants. A group picture will be taken, then travel to assembly area for warm-up. Performers will be provided a sack lunch. Warm-up can be done with jackets and extra gear. Before Step-off, chaperones will collect all extra gear and place it in labeled trash- bags which will be transported to the hotel. Performers can only march in uniform and clear poncho (if raining).

15 Parade Route

16 Post-Parade We will be held at the start line for the TV broadcast performance where we will re- form our ranks. Drumline will cadence us in, we will have ranks on left and right side with movement performers in the center with drumline. We will perform a 90 second piece with movement & drill. If we are not last, we will then run off and exit. Total time from start line to exit is two minutes. If we are last, we will stay in the TV area, reform ranks again, and cadence the other finale bands onto the area. We then perform in the parade finale conducted by Dr. Gary Locke of Riverside Community College and the Blue Devils.

17 Itinerary – Day of Departure Drop off will be at Atlanta Airport International Terminal 3:30 hours before first flight. We will have a group meeting, 3:00 hours prior to first flight. All people will go thru check-in and security together based on flight schedule by groups. Those with later departing flights will be able to relax in the airport. If taking Marta, remember that you have to catch a shuttle to the international terminal that takes 30 minutes.

18 Itinerary – Day 2 Monday December 29, 2014 Arrive in London and travel by motor coach to hotel 11:00 (subject to flight schedules) – Orientation meeting receive itinerary books, mp3 players, oyster cards 12:30 – Travel by Tube to 1 of 2 audio tours (Lunch at leisure) Parade Route Guide (wind ensemble must choose this one) or Princes, Palaces, and Power 5:30 – Travel back to hotel 6:30 – Dinner in your hotel 8:15 – Dr. Tim Clinic 9:15 – Clinic Ends 10:30 – In Room and Lights Out

19 Itinerary – Day 3 Tuesday December 30, 2014 7:00 – Wake-up & Breakfast 9:00 – London Coach Tour with Blue Badge Guide (Photo Stops) 1:00 – Tour Ends, Lunch at leisure, Groups Split Wind Ensemble Rehearsal at Cadogan Hall All others, the audio tour not selected yesterday 4:30 – Travel back to hotel 5:30 – Dinner in your hotel 6:30 – Depart for Cadogan Hall by motor coach 7:30 – LNYDP Festival Concert Series Begins (Those not going can do some London night sight-seeing) 10:00 – Back in Hotel 11:00 – In Room and Lights Out

20 Itinerary – Day 4 Wednesday December 31, 2014 6:30 – Wake-up & Breakfast 8:15 – Marching Band will collect instruments (all others hang out at hotel) 8:30 – Grand Finale Rehearsal 9:30 – Rehearsal ends and pack-up 9:45 – Depart via coach for Hampton Court 10:30 – Tour Hampton Court, Royal Palace, & Gardens 12:30 – Depart for Windsor, Lunch at leisure upon arrival 3:15 – Choir members depart Windsor 4:00 – London International Choral Festival (LICF) Rehearsal 5:30 – Rest of group departs Windsor 7:00 – LICF Rehearsal ends, travel back to hotel 7:30 – Dinner served in hotel 8:30 – New Year’s Party Begins with other bands in hotel 12:30 –In Room and Lights Out

21 Itinerary – Day 5 Thursday January 1, 2015 8:30 – Wake-up & Breakfast 10:30 – Anyone not in parade departs by Tube for assigned grandstands Marching Band Departs via coach for Parade 11:30 – Arrival in Assembly Area, lunch, warm-up (others lunch at leisure) 12:00 – Parade Starts 1:30 – Approx. Step-off Time… TBA 3:15 – Grand Finale begins 3:30 – Choir members travel by coach to LICF rehearsal Band returns via coach to hotel and packs instruments 4:00 – London International Choral Festival (LICF) Rehearsal 5:00 – All others travel by Tube to Audio Tour 3 (Dinner at leisure… Vouchers) Jack the Ripper (only opportunity at night for theater / seniors) or London Rocks! 7:00 – LICF Rehearsal ends, (Dinner at leisure… Vouchers), Sight-seeing 9:30 – Travel back to hotel 11:00 –In Room and Lights Out

22 Itinerary – Day 6 Friday January 2, 2015 7:00 – Wake-up & Breakfast 9:00 – Depart by Tube for Free Day in London. Shop Harrods or Selfridges, take a trip on the Eye, do other Audio Tours including UK-USA-250, London Rocks, Harry Potter’s London, or Art-rageous London (Lunch at leisure) 12:30 – Choir Return to Hotel 1:30 – Choir depart by coach for Dress Rehearsal at Westminster Central Hall 4:00 – Rehearsal ends, Dinner at leisure…Vouchers 5:30 – Choir supporters travel back to hotel via Tube 6:30 – Choir and Supporters depart via coach for Westminster Central Hall 7:30 – LICF Gala Concert begins 10:00 – All return by Coach (concert) or Tube (others) to hotel 11:00 – In Room and Lights Out

23 Itinerary – Day 7 Saturday January 3, 2015 6:30 – Wake-up & Breakfast 8:30 – Join your Blue Badge Guide via coach for a short trip to the port 9:00 – Board Boat for a Cruise on the River Thames to Greenwich Tour Royal Observatory, Maritime Museum, and Prime Meridian 12:30 – Depart Greenwich 1:00 – Arrive at Tower of London, Lunch at leisure 2:00 – Guided Tour of the Tower of London including Crown Jewels 4:30 – Those going to the Theatre & Band Seniors, return to Hotel to change Others walk to Whitechapel for the Jack the Ripper Audio Tour Dinner at leisure… (Vouchers), Night Sight-seeing 6:15 – Threare Patrons travel by Tube to Theatre 7:30 – Theatre productions begin 10:00 – All travel back to hotel via Tube 11:00 – In Room and Lights Out TBA – Band Seniors Return

24 Itinerary – Day 8 Sunday January 4, 2015 7:00 – Wake-up & Breakfast Depart for Airport based on Flight Schedule Lunch and Snack served in-flight Upon arrival in Atlanta, parents will pick-up their child at the Airport in the International Terminal. Parents will sign for their child from the chaperone in charge of their group. Once you have signed, you are free to go.

25 Spending Money & Cell Phones Check with your bank for fees and exchange rates Most are 3% and $5.00 per transaction Varies by carrier Anna Charles Schwab – NO FEES Types of Accounts Phone must be global ready to accept phone calls TURN DATA OFF! USE WIFI which is available many places SKYPE, FACETIME, GOOGLE HANGOUT Chaperones must have global ready cell phones

26 Inclusions

27 Blue Badge Guided tours of: London Greenwich, Royal Observatory, and Prime Meridan Guided tour of Tower of London Cruise on the River Thames Entrance to Hampton Court & Windsor Unlimited Tube travel every day MP3 player and ear-buds and loaded audio tours Dr. Tim Clinic Free Admission to Parade and LNYDP & LICF Concerts Breakfast every morning (continental with protein) 3 Dinners in hotel 3 Dinners with Vouchers (36 pounds total used anytime) Airfare & Hotel with 2 meals on each flight Hotel Security New Year’s Party with other bands in hotel Marching Band Picture and LCIF Picture Travel Insurance Policy

28 Code of Conduct ALL FORSYTH COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION RULES APPLY TO STUDENTS AND CHAPERONS We are invited guests by the Government of London Higher Standard… I don’t care what everyone else does! Chaperons are the “law” of their group Family Members… When you are around our group, you are a member of our group. This includes the hotel! Same Day rule for going out, Don’t “Advertise” Worst Case Scenarios… RESPECT AT ALL TIMES!

29 Cost Total Maximum for all persons $3,100 Total cost does depend on exchange / surcharges NO SURCHARGES YET September ’13: 1 pound = 1.58 dollars August 21 ’14: 1 pound = 1.67 dollars Difference of $270 based on $3,000 (max was 1.71 in June, so it has fallen.04) So, to help cover the difference the Show is optional Estimates of maximum cost (before fundraised money) Full Package $3,060Land-Only $2,060 Will get final cost on September 26 Schedule for Payments September 2 - $600 October 27 – Final Payment As of September 2, all paid in full will total $1,500

30 Fundraising Total so far is around $13,000 More is still coming and can be found… PLEASE! Corporate Sponsorships 20% to credits securing Trying to schedule a Drive One Event for September and a couple of spirit nights / eat at nights Specific Sale Fundraiser Kick-off $18.00 – $28.00 per item Deadline for factoring in fundraised money is Sep. 30 Remember you can use credits from booster clubs Remember you must be in good standing with your booster club… all fees must be in.

31 Questions September 2 Next Payment $600 & Form October 1 Photo Copy of Passport & Visa October 27 Final Payment & Instrument Info Chaperone’s Meeting – September 29 7:00pm

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