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Course Selection Parent Information Session

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1 Course Selection Parent Information Session
School Year

2 High School Administration
Mr. Jeffrey Hughes - High School Principal Seniors Mr. Joshua Weitzel - High School Assistant Principal and Assistant Athletic Director Freshmen Mr. Christopher Fultz - High School Assistant Principal Sophomores and Juniors

3 High School Counselors
Ms. Locker - Students with last names A-G Mr. Iezzi - Students with last names H-M Mrs. Brown - Students with last names N-Z Miss Hackett - College Advisor

4 Graduation Project, Testing, and Academic Opportunities

5 Graduation Project Students in the Classes of 2015 and 2016 must successfully complete a graduation project as outlined by Manheim Central School District The project begins in the freshman year and is completed by the junior year Students are assigned to homerooms to help guide them through the process Students will complete a project based upon job shadowing or community service Mr. Brothwell - Graduation Project Coordinator Link to the Graduation Project website can be found on the high school home page

6 Keystone Exams In addition to the graduation requirements defined by Manheim Central School District Policy 217, students must now demonstrate a level of proficiency on end-of-course exams, titled Keystone Exams. Starting with the Class of 2017 these assessments will be a mandatory State requirement for graduation. Members of the Class of 2015 and 2016 must take the Keystone Exams. Per the graduation requirements defined by Manheim Central School District, students must be proficient in both Algebra I and Literature to earn a Manheim Central High School diploma. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has developed a project based assessment (PBA) that is aligned with the modules of each Algebra I, Biology, or Literature Keystone Exams for students who are unable to demonstrate proficiency on a Keystone Exam or Keystone Exam module. Successful completion of a project based assessment (PBA) aligned to the Keystone Exam or Keystone Exam module on which the student did not demonstrate proficiency shall satisfy the Keystone Exam graduation requirements.

7 PSAT Testing Test is administered at Manheim Central High School
Test is given in October on the Wednesday test date PSAT is given only once a year The district requires all sophomores to take the PSAT Helps to familiarize students with standardized tests It is recommended that juniors take the PSAT a second time Helps to prepare students for the SAT Qualifies the student for the National Merit Scholarships Cost of test is approximately $15.00 Sign-ups are announced on the high school announcements When students receive their PSAT scores they will receive a password for a College Quick Start account

8 SAT and ACT Testing College board recommends that students take the SAT for the first time during the spring of their junior year Many students take the SAT’s more than one time How a school interprets scores varies by individual schools Signing up for SAT’s is done on the internet at Must create a College Board account Save your username and password somewhere safe Students who qualifiy for free and reduced lunch may attain an SAT fee waiver from their school counselor Question of the Day Register for the ACT at Colleges accept either test

9 Dual Enrollment Opportunities
Manheim Central offers Humanities, Agriculture Sales and Marketing, Project Lead The Way courses: Introduction to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Aerospace Engineering Courses are taught at Manheim Central but students have the opportunity to earn college credit The district has dual enrollment agreements with Harrisburg Area Community College, Lebanon Valley College, Millersville, Clarion University, Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. Students have the opportunity to take a college course Opportunity to take the course is dependent upon the student’s schedule Student must pay for the course

10 Lancaster County Career and Technology Center (LCCTC)
Students may elect to go to LCCTC during their senior year Students must complete an application that will be reviewed by the LCCTC to determine acceptance

11 Scheduling Details School Year

12 Grading Scale For the purpose of calculating class rank and honor roll, letter grades earned will be converted to the following numerical equivalents. Percentage Grade Numerical Equivalent 100-94 A 4.0 93-90 A- 3.67 87-89 B+ 3.33 83-86 B 3.00 80-82 B- 2.67 77-79 C+ 2.33 73-76 C 2.00 70-72 C- 1.67 67-69 D+ 1.33 63-66 D 1.00 60-62 D- 0.67 59 and below F 0.00

13 Course Weighting Class of 2015 and 2016 Class of 2017 and 2018
Only AP courses and College in the High School courses will be weighted 1.4 weighting Class of 2017 and 2018 AP courses 1.3 weighting Core curriculum Honors courses 1.2 weighting College in the High School World Language level 3 and 4

14 Graduation Requirements
Course Required Credit Earnings Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017 & 2018 English Language Arts 4 Credits Mathematics Social Studies 3 Credits Science Physical Education 1.5 Credits (3 Classes) 9th Grade Course(s) 1 Credit (Nutrition, Technology Systems, Agriculture Exploration, and Life Essential Art) 0.5 Credit Ecology, Environment, and Engineering Computer Application 0.5 Credit 0.5 Credit or Test Out of Microsoft Office 2010 Health 10th Grade Course(s) 1 Credit (Careers, 10th Gr Life Essentials Music, and Personal Financial Management) 0.5 Credit (Careers and 10th Gr Life Essentials Music) 0.5 Credit Humanities Family Consumer Science 0.5 Credit (FCS Connections) Elective Courses 9 Credits 9.5 Credits 10 Credits

15 Sample 9th grade schedule
Semester 1 (August – January) Semester 2 (January – June) Term Term 2 Block Term Term 4 Physical Science 1 EEE Elective Microsoft Physical Office Education 2 9th grade Language Arts Math (Concepts, Alg 1 or 2) 3 American History Elective (Examples: chorus, intro to ag mech, language) 4

16 Credit Values 9 week course - 0.5 credit 18 week course - 1 credit
Marking period 18 week course - 1 credit Semester

17 Prerequisites

18 Changing Levels To move up levels, students must:
Meet the prerequisites for the course outlined in the curriculum guide Parent/Guardian’s signature on course selection sheet Levels will not be changed if these steps are not followed If the student does not meet the prerequisites for the course The student cannot change levels without having a parent/guardian sign a course override sheet The student must see their counselor for an override sheet

19 What if I haven’t had the class long enough to make a decision?
Sign up for the level you are currently in In the late spring, review the curriculum guide and the prerequisites for the course The student should make an appointment with their counselor to make the change If the student does not meet the prerequisite for the course the student and parent will need to fill out a course override form

20 Advanced Placement Courses
Students enrolled in an AP course will have option of taking the AP Test The district no longer pays for the AP exam Students selecting to take an AP exam will need to pay for the test Students will be reimbursed for the cost of test if they score a 3, 4, or 5 on the exam

21 Summer Reading/Assignments
Honors Language Arts and AP English Honors Social Studies and AP Government

22 Required 9th Grade Courses
All students must schedule a minimum of 8 credits 1 credit English Language Arts 0.5 credit Physical Education 1 credit Mathematics 1 credit Science 1 credit Social Studies 0.5 credit Microsoft Office 2010 0.5 credit of Environment, Ecology and Engineering 2.5 credits of Electives

23 Required 10th Grade Courses
All students must schedule a minimum of 8 credits 1 credit English Language Arts 0.5 credit Physical Education 0.5 credit Health 1 credit Mathematics 1 credit Science 1 credit Social Studies 0.5 credit of Humanities 2.5 credits of electives

24 Required 11th Grade Courses
All students must schedule a minimum of 8 credits 1 credit English Language Arts 0.5 credit Physical Education 1 credit Mathematics 1 credit Science 1 credit Social Studies 0.5 credit F.C.S. Connections 3 credits of electives

25 12th Grade Required Courses
All students must schedule a minimum of 8 credits 1 credit of English Language Arts 1 credit of Mathematics 6 credits of electives

26 9th Grade English Language Arts
Honors 9th Grade Language Arts th Grade Language Arts, Lvl 1 th Grade Language Arts, Lvl 2 0203/ th Grade Language Arts, Lvl 2 Part 1 and 2

27 9th Grade Mathematics 0406 - Algebra I, Part 1*
Algebra II, 9th Grade Geometry* Honors Geometry*

28 9th Grade Science 0550 - Honors 9th Grade Physical Science*
th Grade Physical Science, Lvl 1* th Grade Physical Science, Lvl 2 Environment, Ecology and Engineering Honors Biology I* (elective)

29 9th Grade Social Studies
Honors American History II* American History II, Lvl 1 American History II, Lvl 2 Pennsylvania Studies (elective) This class cannot count as a required Social Studies course but can be taken as an elective

30 9th Grade Wellness and Fitness
Intro to Physical Education Required 9th grade Physical Education course Ball Games (for music students only) Wellness: A Guide To Fitness* – this course requires a nurse or Physical education teacher recommendation

31 9th Grade Business Electives
Introduction to Business Stock Market Investing Careers and Your Money

32 9th Grade Computer Education Courses
Microsoft Office 2010 9th Grade students are required to take 0904 Advanced Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 st Century Skills for Success

33 9th Grade Agriculture Electives
Honors Agriculture Science 1 Agriculture Science 1 Honors Ag Mechanics 1 Agriculture Mechanics 1

34 9th Grade Music Electives
1312/ Concert Band 1314/ Orchestra 1360/1361/ Choir & Band 1370/1372/ Choir & Orchestra 1381/1382/ Band & Orchestra 1390/1391/1392/ Choir, Band, & Orchestra Concert Choir Choir, Semester 2 1321 – Chansodie*

35 9th Grade Music Electives Continued
Music Technology May count as Humanities requirement Arts Connection Musical Theater

36 9th Grade Technology Education and Engineering Electives
Digital Design/Print Media Digital Photography Energy, Power & Control Transportation Systems Materials and Production Tech Intro to Electronic Media PLTW-IED (Introduction to Engineering Design)* PLTW-POE (Principles of Engineering)*

37 9th Grade Art Electives 0724 - Drawing and Painting 1
May count as Humanities requirement Drawing and Painting 2* Computer Art – Graphic Design Computer Art – Animation Computer Art 2* Ceramics 1 Ceramics 2* Sculpture 1 Sculpture 2*

38 9th Grade World Language Electives
World Language Electives require English Language Arts teacher recommendation French I German I Spanish I

39 9th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences Electives
Personal Financial Management Foods I Survival 101 Contemporary Fashion

40 Learning Support 1812A - Skills For Living 1814A - Vocational Math
1815A - Vocational English 1918A - English 1926A - Mathematics 1930A - Science 1935A - Social Studies 1919A/1925A - English and Mathematics, Full Year Careers and Your Money

41 Academic Language Acquisition
Academic Language Acquisition, Fall A Academic Language Acquisition, Spring A Academic Language Acquisition, Fall B Academic Language Acquisition, Spring B

42 Ranking Electives and Choosing Alternates
Rank 3 of your electives (circled on sheet) beginning with your least favorite. These are the courses that we will consider dropping first when resolving course conflicts. Least favorite to favorite List 3 alternate courses that will be used to resolve a schedule conflict. Do Not Circle the Alternates on Your Sheet.

43 Lunch Schedule Lunch is scheduled during 3rd block
Four different lunch periods a day

44 Advisories Enrichment Homeroom
Assigned based on standardized testing results Assigned based on student selection Homeroom Assigned by grade and alphabet Contact person for graduation project

45 Course Selection Due Dates
Signed course selection worksheets due: Friday, February 28, 2014 in the Guidance Office Students who do not turn in a course selection sheet will have their courses selected for them. Courses will not be changed for students who do not complete the process.

46 Final Course Selection Deadline
Last day to make course selection changes: Thursday, July 24, 2014

47 School Counselor Recommendations
Choose a well balanced and challenging schedule each year Select courses that build a strong academic foundation to prepare for post-secondary education and employment opportunities In addition to a strong academic schedule consider involvement in a variety of school activities Encourage your student to connect to the school and the larger community

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