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Purpose Member Selection Process Officer Election.

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1 Purpose Member Selection Process Officer Election

2  “To inspire music participation, create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, and promote leadership in the music students of secondary schools”- Tri-M Program Guidelines

3  Maintain appropriate grade-point average  Consistently show proper conduct and lead by example  Organize and run Music Concerts/Events  Take on leadership projects such as:  Running sectionals  Leading a small ensemble  Performing as soloists  Give lessons to peers or program feeder students, etc.

4  Current and continuous enrollment in one or more of the following classes for one or more semesters:  Chamber Singers  Treble Choir  Diablo Chorus  Concert Choir  Symphonic Band  Orchestra  Jazz Ensemble  Wind Ensemble  Marching Band AND Winter Percussion Ensemble (drum line)

5  Music Participation  Academic Achievement (3.0 GPA)  Leadership  Service  Character  Monthly Meeting Attendance During Tutorial  $40 Annual Dues

6  Grow your knowledge and diversity of music  Improve individual leadership skills  Membership in a nationally recognized Music Honor Society to use on your transcripts and college applications  Official Tri-M Graduation Cords worn during the High School Graduation Ceremony

7  Application packets are available from Mrs. Norris or on the choir website   Completed packets must be turned in to Mrs. Norris’ mailbox by FRIDAY, MAY 22 nd  Accepted applicants will be notified by Friday, May 29 th


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