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Summary/Analysis -Writer’s Notebook Activity

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1 Summary/Analysis -Writer’s Notebook Activity
Summary/Plot: Go through chapters 1 and 2 and record 5-8 important events and/or information Identify four characters that are introduced – name, description, allegory role, and one quote to represent them Analysis: Now – explain what is revealed to you through these events/details about: Themes Symbolism **When you are done we will go over the chapters together!

2 Lord of the Flies Chapter 1&2 Notes
Chapter 1: The Sound of the Shell Summary: *opens with Ralph and Piggy meeting & their conversation provides background info *midst of nuclear war and boys are being evacuated, plane crashes leaving boys stranded w/o adults *Ralph is delighted about being on island and Piggy is pessimistic *platform and conch *boys ages 6-12 gather including “the choir” *Ralph voted as chief over Jack – choir becomes “hunters” *search party to determine it is an island (Jack, Ralph, Simon) Piggy hurt he is left *encounter with the piglet – Jack vows he will follow through next time

3 Analysis: Ch. 1: The Sound of the Shell
Theme: evil, as a destructive force in man, society, and civilization, is present in us all civilization versus nature adults versus children hunters versus gatherers intellect versus physicality Symbolism – conch and platform = civilization (order, authority and politics) dynamics of democratic politics – elect leader for superficial reasons Characters: Ralph – chosen as “chief” b/c personable, handsome, charisma, entertaining, strong physical stature, and holds conch Piggy – his idea to use conch, intelligent but has weakness (asthma and physical stature) represents adult world/realistic grasp of situation Jack – threatening, choir leader, carries a knife and volunteers to form an “army” choir – in dark cloaks represent the military and Jack is the voice of aggression (evil and dark side of humanity)

4 Chapter 2: Fire on the Mountain Summary:
*Ralph, Jack and Simon declare it is an “island” *Jack interrupts Ralph with the importance of hunting resulting in Ralph’s rule that the one with the conch can speak (attempt at order) *Piggy takes conch and tries to be the voice of reason - no one knows where they are *the “beastie” – seen by the littuns and older boys assure them it is not real *fire – Jack charges up the mountain and the kids follow including Ralph (Piggy follows last calling them children due to their impulsive behavior) - start the fire with Piggy’s glasses and soon burns out and then sparks spread and there is a forest fire -Piggy scolds them and reveals that some of the littuns were playing in the forest and are probably dead -Ralph attempts to blame Piggy for not watching them and says that maybe they headed back to the platform-no one is convinced but all are reluctant to face the truth

5 Analysis: Ch. 2 The Fire on the Mountain
Characters: Jack –followed up the mountain / once someone comes forth and makes himself heard over the rest of the crowd, the crowd views him as larger than life and expects big things – good or bad -(level of celebrity based on awe and emotion) *Piggy is missing the emotional connection to Jack and the kids will not listen to him even though he has the intellect and plans - he holds the conch seriously & what it represents - Jack running up the hill defies the conch and the kids follow him / Ralph loses control ****foreshadowing  The Beast – represents evil (seen by the youngest of the boys) Fire on the Mountain – first it represents hope and aspiration for the future -then it represents savagery “Life became a race with the fire” - - foreshadowing !

6 Symbols to take note of:
Ralph –the responsible leader who attempts to organize the boys for their survival and rescue / appears to be practical, capable of using Piggy’s advice, able to avoid superstition and fear, and capable of developing processes for advancing their limited society Jack – the evil that lurks within humankind, the most in tune with his primitive urges and instincts - aggression Piggy – the intellectual who is physically inept, the least capable of surviving on this island under these circumstances Simon – the artistic, sensitive mystic The conch – represents authority and civil debate Candles - light in the darkness of life especially individual life and holy illumination of the spirit of truth The snake-like images – the scar and the creepers represent aggression, fear and evil

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