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THE DIVINE OFFICE The Spirit of Jesus in us prays to God the Father.

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1 THE DIVINE OFFICE The Spirit of Jesus in us prays to God the Father

2 DIVINE OFFICE DIVINE OFFICE official community prayer inspires: mental prayermental prayer pastoral activitypastoral activity

3 CHORAL PRAYER not the same prayer as: quiet, personalquiet, personal shared, spontaneousshared, spontaneous but it includes them

4 CHORAL PRAYER the Fraternity’s prayer strengthens communion of: faithfaith missionmission

5 PRAYER OF THE CHURCH PRAYER OF THE CHURCH The Liturgy of the Hours Connected with the Eucharist expands its meaningexpands its meaning when togetherwhen together we offer the Eucharist

6 PRAYER OF THE CHURCH the prayer of: Jesus, the HeadJesus, the Head us, the membersus, the members

7 PRAYER OF THE CHURCH comply with the obligation to satisfy spiritual need to satisfy spiritual need

8 PRAYER OF JESUS adoresadores thanksthanks praises God the Fatherpraises God the Father

9 OUR PRAYER the prayer of Jesus t to God the Father o one in the Holy Spirit

10 OUR PRAYER Psalm 141 Jesus sings in us we sing in Jesus

11 VATICAN II VATICAN II Constitution on the Liturgy, n.83 Jesus introduced heaven’s hymn joins us to his song

12 OUR DIVINE OFFICE The prayer of Jesus Christ He prays in usHe prays in us we pray in himwe pray in him for the needs of the world

13 OUR DIVINE OFFICE OUR DIVINE OFFICE Creation’s worship silentsilent we give it a voicewe give it a voice

14 OUR DIVINE OFFICE the text is excellent renew our dispositions renew our dispositions

15 OUR DISPOSITIONS In God’s presence leave preoccupationsleave preoccupations physicallyphysically mentallymentally

16 OUR DISPOSITIONS arrive earlyarrive early recollect selfrecollect self “We adore you, O Christ …”

17 RECOLLECT SELF prepare bookmarks The leader: announces the pagesannounces the pages chooses the textschooses the texts

18 RECITE IN CHOIR sing, chant, or say Avoid: Dissonant voicesDissonant voices Lethargic spiritLethargic spirit

19 ST FRANCIS advises, more than melody: devotion before Goddevotion before God consonance of mindconsonance of mind recollected prayerrecollected prayer

20 Bl. JUNIPERO SERRA advises, more than mood: remain in choirremain in choir regardless of proper moodregardless of proper mood

21 CHORAL PRAYER disciplines individualismdisciplines individualism requires patience, tolerancerequires patience, tolerance builds fraternitybuilds fraternity

22 CHORAL PRAYER listen to otherslisten to others keep in timekeep in time harmony of voiceharmony of voice

23 CHORAL PRAYER take sufficient time Avoid: crammingcramming hurryinghurrying

24 CHORAL PRAYER Silent pauses after: PsalmsPsalms ReadingsReadings ResponsoryResponsory

25 PRAY THE PSALMS express: our own sentiments the needs of others the needs of others

26 PRAY THE PSALMS share the sentiments of Jesus, who: prayed the Psalmsprayed the Psalms continues to pray in uscontinues to pray in us to God the Father

27 PRAY THE PSALMS PRAY THE PSALMS Psalm 85 we pray to Jesus, God, Creator.Jesus, God, Creator. Jesus, creature, servant,Jesus, creature, servant, prays in us

28 JESUS CHRIST makes us one with himself we recite the Psalms in him he recites the Psalms he recites the Psalms in us

29 FRATERNITY PRAYER attend faithfullyattend faithfully perseverepersevere with one another

30 FRATERNITY PRAYER affects our: life of faithlife of faith union with the Risen Lordunion with the Risen Lord adoration of God the Fatheradoration of God the Father

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