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BELIEVE Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores Church the Una Voce Choir

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1 BELIEVE Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores Church the Una Voce Choir
and the Una Voce Choir proudly present BELIEVE A Night of Inspirational Music November 8, 2009 (Sunday) 7:00 p.m. Proceeds of the concert will be used for outreach ministry

“One Voice” in praise and glory to God. The Una Voce Choir is a group of students, teachers and professionals in diverse fields who aims to spread the Good News of God through music. The choir regularly sings at our Parish during the 5:30 p.m. Saturday anticipated Mass and has been invited to sing in different occasions and events. In its 5th year, the choir aims to recognize the individual talents of its members and some friends in this concert. CHOIR DIRECTOR Norman Babia KEYBOARDS Angelo Jasa Raffy Salayon DRUMS GUITAR April Bensan Bert Salonga GUEST CONDUCTOR Rodney Cahinhinan SOPRANOS Bernadette Alcantara, Glori Bensan, Irene Keogh, Edna Jasa Demiella Joya, Jeannette Salayon, Geline Young ALTOS Sally Babia, Glynis Donaldson, Ysabel Jasa, May Ordonez Nerizza Santos, Sierra Sevilla TENORS Elmer Alves, Pasky Jasa, Raymond Mathews, Mike Ordonez, Randy Santos, Butch Young BASS Jovie Eugenio, Albert Florencio, Basil Palomar

3 PROGRAMME Welcome Address – Rev. Fr. Lito Abad
Opening Prayer (N. Babia) – Butch Young I Will Sing Forever (M. Francisco S.J.) The Prayer (C. Sager/D. Foster) When You Believe (S.Schwartz) Ysabel Jasa You (G. Paraiso) Pascual Jasa Perhaps Love (John Denver) Basil Paoloma Ain’t No Mountain (Ashford/Nikolas/Simpson/Valerie) May Ordonez Some One Who Believe (C. King) Jovie Eugenio Your Love (Alamid) Mike Ordonez Candle of the Water (A. Kasha/J.Hirschhorn) Simone Joya/Tasi Petra Taking Chances (D.A.Stewart/K. Dioguardi Angelo Jasa I Believe in Dreams (J. Benin) Elmer Alves Believe (Bukas Palad) Bernadette Alcantara Believe (G. Ballard/A. Silvestre) St. Thomas Aquinas School Historia Dun Amor (C. Almaran) Butch Young A Whole New World (A. Menken/T. Rice) Ethan Garcia I’m Gonna Love You (C. Canute/J.L. Hewitt) Hazell Ko Greatest Love of All (M. Masser/L. Creed) Gabby Paytner I Will Be Here (S. Chapman) Randy Santos The Climb (J. Alexander/J. Mabe) Hayley Ko Footprints in the Sand (P.M/A. Krueger/S. Cowell) Irene Keogh Everything (M. Buble/A. Chang) Albert Florencio I Hope You Dance (M. Sanders / T. Sillers) Sierra Sevilla Go The Distance (A. Menken) Raymond Mathews You Raise Me Up (B. Graham/R. Loyland) I Believe (Lettermen) I Will Sing Forever (Reprise)

4 PRODUCTION STAFF Musical Director: Norman Babia
Technical Director: Raffy Salayon Artistic Director: Bernadette Alcantara Master of Ceremony: John and Doris Bukikosa Set Design: Basil Palomar Set Decoration: xxxxxxxxxxx Sound Technician: Chris Bensan Spotlight: xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx (SJS) Visual Display Concept: Elmer Alves Visual Display Operator: Bernard Bensan Backstage Manager: Denise Mathews Backstage Assistant: XXXXX (SJS) Hair and Make up: Phyllicia Saltzgaber and Tanna Tarpley Costume: Glori Bensan and May Ordonez Poster and Ticket Design: Elmer Alves Program: Edna Jasa Solicitations and Tickets: Ida Leon Guerrero Refreshments: Sally Babia and Geline Young Ushers: Margaret Aguilar, Maily Cristi , Bernadette Tasaka Video: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Photography: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5 Law Office of Atty. Robert Keogh
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This production is made possible by the joint efforts of our Sponsors, the Production Staff and the unwavering support of our pastor, Rev. Fr. Lito P. Abad, the parents, friends and parishioners who BELIEVE in Una Voce’s collective and individual talents in bringing praise and glory to God through its music.. Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Herbert and Ludy Ko Silver Sponsors Law Office of Atty. Robert Keogh Guam Dental Office Bronze Sponsors

Thank you for your continuous support !

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