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Prospects Work Programme-Urban and Rural Delivery

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1 Prospects Work Programme-Urban and Rural Delivery

2 Prospects Services Ltd
Work Programme prime contractor South West Large sub-contractor for Work Programme in East London and West Country (Bristol) Largest provider of National Careers Service (NCS) CIAS provider, Greater London Largest Ofsted Early Years Inspection Service provider Prospects Events CfA Recruitment Gabbitas School & Academy Improvement services,1000 schools Prospects Academy Trust Family Engagement (LPPA) 800 schools, 60,000 plus families

3 Prospects Work Programme Principles
Holistic approach to ‘worklessness’ Removes barriers through black box approach Consequences and rewards No one gets left behind-bespoke paced for individual abilities Deals with the issues of unemployment prior to helping people into employment-motivation, structures, notable influencers

4 The Customer Journey

5 Customer Focus Customers must be:
Challenged on their restrictive behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles Given new direction, motivation and confidence-use of CBT Able to reflect on progress made Provided with bite size goals Recognised for their achievements Encouraged to remain motivated

6 The Ascent Programme

7 Example Ascent Diagrams
Following interventions Initial Assessment Referral to EST

8 Ascent Interventions Reality Camps Heroes to Inspire
The Ascent Programme customer journey showing interventions and support available for all customers – timeline is for a JSA customer Customer Journey example Ascent Interventions Reality Camps Heroes to Inspire Ascent Skills Enhancement Projects, Café Motivational Speakers Aspiration – Consequence & Reward Relocation, Relocation, Relocation Ascent Sports Teams Online Multi-media Support throughout Customer Journey and Post Employment, providing 1:1 assistance via Telephone & Web Chat Mon - Friday

9 Ascent Interventions Achievement Projects Ascent Workshops
Intervention Key Reality Camps Ascent Skills Enhancement Projects Relocation, Relocation, Relocation Ascent Sports Teams 36 x Ascent Workshops Life Checks Ascent Radio Ascent Assessment Heroes To Inspire Aspiration - Consequence & Reward Motivational Speakers Achievement Projects Come Dine With Me Workshops Community Events Well Being Groups Ascent Interventions Achievement Projects Ascent Workshops Come Dine With Me Life Checks Community Events, Choir, Environment Projects Ascent Radio Well Being Groups

10 Progress to date 11,363 referrals-10,738 attached Sustaining at 93%
Circa 11,000 on Programme in South West Circa 6,000 on Programme in London

11 Characteristics of both rural and urban delivery
Unemployment black spots e.g. Plymouth, Hackney, Brixton Areas of high deprivation Neighbourhood and community issues High cost of housing making relocation difficult High competition for entry level jobs High youth and over 50’s unemployment Parochialism

12 Differences in Rural and urban delivery
South West Unemployment rate 6.1% Rural sparcity and need for dispersed services Availability of public transport Seasonal employment Lack of professional and well paid employment Access to jobs and training Low wage economy London Unemployment rate 9.7% Delivery in urban areas but access issues High cost of travel Clients often lack workplace skills/qualifications Competition at all levels from rest of UK and internationally (Euro Crisis)

13 Questions Thank You and any questions?

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