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Culture education system of Latvia –

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1 Culture education system of Latvia –

2 Arts Education System – a Component of Education System in Latvia:
traditions and development is based on several political planning documents

3 Centre of Culture and Creative Industries’ Education of Latvia
a state civil-institution subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of Latvia coordinates and monitors Arts education system In Latvia Address: Antonijas iela 9, Riga Latvia, LV1010

4 The personnel of the Centre of Culture and Creative Industries’ Education
elaborates and implements culture policy of Arts education consults schools on issues related to the school management, pedagogy, methodology and further education plans and organizes schools’ accreditation, analyzes and summarizes statistical data, organizes competitions, seminars and festivals,

5 The personnel of the Centre of Culture and Creative Industries’ Education
participates in elaboration of draft legislation relating to culture education organizes elaboration of profession standards and educational programmes coordinates international cooperation, etc.

6 Art’s Education in Latvia develops in 3 directions:
Training of professional, creative, mobile and competitive culture specialists; The development of an educated user of culture product; The development of a personality who is creative.

7 Art’s Education is available at:
Higher education Professional education Non-formal education General education

8 General Education Visual Art Visual Art Music Music Culture History
Basic Education (age 7-16) Secondary education (age 16 – 18) 5 Compulsory lessons in Arts 2-3 optional lessons in Arts Visual Art Music Crafts Visual Art Music Culture History Amateur art

9 Non-formal education:
‘Education of interests’ (age 6-25) about 60% students Choirs, dance groups, folk groups, ceramics, textile, Theatres, kite design, animation, jewellery ... at schools, special centres and culture institutions

10 Non-formal education:
The 9th Youth festival of song and dance in Riga no – 35013 children from 264 municipalities The next Festival will take place in Riga, in July 2010.


12 Non-formal education:
Statistics about the last Festival: 731 folk dance group (1052 groups took part at the pre-festival competitions), participants; 368 choirs (467 choirs took part at the pre-festival competitions), participants; 45 brass orchestras (1481 participant); Children's symphonic orchestra (63 participants); Folk music concert (157 participants); 44 modern dance groups (574 participants); 56 folk groups (805 participants); 300 participants of visual arts groups in the Arts’ program; 280 participants at the theatre program; 58 groups from the professional orientation Art schools at the Handicrafts’ programme (711 participants)



15 Professional Art Education
Professional Orientation Art Education Programs (age 7-18) about students or 10% Music Art Dance

16 Professional Art Education
Vocational Secondary Art Education Programs (age 16 – 25) more than 2000 students Music Instrumental music Vocal music Music theory Choir conducting Art Visual Art Design Craft Dance Ballet-dancer

17 Professional Higher Culture Education Library science and information
Latvian Culture College (Age 18- …) about 500 students Culture management with specializations on music management, culture tourism, advertising management in culture sphere amateur theatre direction, festival direction Contemporary dance Tourism management Library science and information

18 Higher Bachelor and Master Art Study Programs
(Age 18- …) about 2000 students Culture Culture theory and Management Culture Sociology and Management Latvian Folklore and traditional Culture Intercultural Relations Audiovisual Culture Museum and Gallery Management Theatre Arts Art Visual Art Design Art history and theory Music Instrumental Music Vocal Music Conducting Music History and Theory Composition General Education Music Teacher Professional Music Subject Teacher Choreography

19 Professional Art Education
Music Art Culture Culture 3 Academies 1 educational institution of the 1st professional level’s study programmes 16 Vocational Secondary educational institutions 140 municipal professional orientation educational institutions

20 Professional Art Education
The State spends on the needs of professional art’s education about 18,2 Mio Ls a year that is about 0,6% from the yearly budget.

21 Professional Art Education in Latvia

22 Economical and social problems
migration of citizens weak links between cultural and educational policy different dynamics of economic development in regions limited mobility of population

23 School Gallery Art school Supermarket Municipality Library NGO Museum Music school Culture centre

24 One of the positive example of implementing Intangible Culture Heritage in Arts Education Art School of Rujiena Project “Belt of Lielvarde”






30 Art’s Education

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