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Welcome to this Service of Worship Scripture Readings: Exodus 19 :1– 20:21 Sermon: “The Covenant of Grace with Moses” (Sermon 3 in the series “The God.

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2 Welcome to this Service of Worship Scripture Readings: Exodus 19 :1– 20:21 Sermon: “The Covenant of Grace with Moses” (Sermon 3 in the series “The God who Relates”) Speaker: Mr Philip McClelland FOG Club prayer meeting after this morning’s service T ODAY

3 The Tearfund collection today will be used to support Tearfund’s partners who are providing essential practical help to thousands of families who have suffered so much as a result of the Syrian conflict which has now spread to neighbouring countries. It is wonderful that God’s love can shine in the midst of such an evil war. Prov 3:9 “Honour the Lord with your substance and with the first fruits of all your produce.” Tearfund—following Jesus where the need is greatest. T ODAY

4 6:30pm Scripture Readings: Matthew 5 : 6 Sermon: “Hungry and Thirsty?” Speaker: Very Rev Dr TN Hamilton Elevation AM and PM are on T ODAY

5 M ONDAY No Mums in Touch Through Prayer until 20 April 7:00pm Session Meeting in Primary Room

6 T UESDAY No Craft Class in Dixon Room 10:00-11:30am Ladies Community Bible Study, crèche available 8:00pm Halls & Caretakers Committee in Toddlers Rm 8:00-9:15pm OMF Prayer Meeting in Dixon Room

7 No Tiny Tots 1:45-3:15pm Friendship Group “Joy of Gardening” Girls Brigade 6:30pm – 7.30pm Mini & Explores 3-7 years 6.45pm – 9.00pm Juniors 8-10 years 7.30pm - 9.30pm Seniors 11-13 years 7.30pm – 9.30pm Brigaders 14+ years W EDNESDAY

8 10:00am Chat ‘N Chew “Special” with Norman Murphy when Norman and Bobby Murphy will tell of their work in Thailand. Norman grew up in our Congregation where his father, John, was a member of Kirk Session. Please do make a big effort to come along to hear their story. Whether you are a regular or a first timer, you will be most welcome. Voluntary donations will be received for the Mission work in Thailand. 7:30pm Choir Practice T HURSDAY

9 7:00pm Youth Club Trip to Pirates Adventure, meet in Avenue 7:30pm 50TH Annual GB Display will be, girls should be in the halls by 7pm sharp. A warm invitation is extended to all to attend. There is also a special Thanksgiving and Praise service for the 50th Anniversary on Sunday at 3pm in the Church. F RIDAY

10 10:00am Congregational Prayer Meeting in the Dixon Room 11:00am Rev Dr WJM Parker 6:30pm Mr Philip McClelland Elevation AM & PM are ON 19 th April 2015 S UNDAY


12 If you would like people from this church to pray about something or someone you are concerned about put your request in the box at the front of the building. You can give as little or as much information as you wish. All requests are being prayed for and confidentiality kept. P RAYER P OINT

13 We had planned to launch the first step of the community audit this weekend, but we just need a little more time to complete the online version of the congregational questionnaire, thank you for your patience with us. Please pray for Heather Grills as she works on the online version and continue to pray for the Audit team as they guide the congregation through this exercise. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to any of the team. Thanks: Jonny Alexander, Lorraine Burnett, Lyle Creighton, Charlie Henderson, Gillian Laverty, Margaret Matthews and Irene McMahon. C OMMUNITY A UDIT

14 Elevation AM will be on 12 and 19 April and then it will be finished for the summer break. E LEVATION AM

15 A total of 122 chicks have been knitted by people in our Church and these will be used in Tiny Tots, the Adult Centre, the Neo- natal unit and the Easter Community event next week. A big thanks to all those who gave of their time and energy to make these little gifts! THANKS E ASTER C HICKS

16 Choir Festival Thurs 23 April @ 7:45pm in Greystone Rd PC. Members of the Congregation are invited to attend the Annual Festival of Praise. C HOIR F ESTIVAL

17 We would like to sincerely thank everyone who helped with this outreach event which was attended by some 140 adults and children. The message of the gospel in word and song was well received and practically all the Christian literature available was taken as people left for home. Do pray that the Holy Spirit will work on in the lives of the unsaved and draw some into the family of God. C OMMUNITY F INGER B UFFET

18 Our sincere thanks are due to those who provided, prepared and served food, prepared the halls, provided flowers, provided PA and computer facilities, helped look after the kids and crèche, prayed and gave donations towards the costs. May all involved experience the riches and fullness of God’s blessing. Nora, Norman and Angus. C OMMUNITY F INGER B UFFET


20 To see this and much more go to

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